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Author; Angelina

Translator; Jlei2000

Editor; AiraVon16

莫名其妙 Baffling


The freshmen party gorgeously started. In addition to Freshmen’s, there were Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors both men and women who also began to stir [1]. Usually, around the start of the school year is prime time for romance and granted the freshmen are of course the most desirable [2]. This is not incomprehensible. Mo Ka is usually not interested in such things. In any case, there is no Mo Ka in places that are lively.


[1] 蠢蠢欲动 an idiom which is a metaphor for chaos/ for enemy is ready to attack or conspiracy to cause trouble


[2] This basically means that people will obviously go for people that are fresh i.e the sophomores, juniors and seniors will go for the freshman because they are fresh and new


At self-study night class, Mo Ka knew the evening party began when he heard the bursts of music and the sound of cheering in the distance. He looked at his watch, put away his books getting ready to go home. The moon hung in the sky bending body,the  huge night sky only had a few stars that had a weak radiance. Mo Ka is very unlucky in this life because he has never seen a meteor.


He kicked the stones on the ground, humming a ditty. Soon, he saw the small barber shop next to the stalls on the roadside, the shop entrance flashed with colourful lights. Mo Ka stopped and hesitated. Although recent campaigns against pornography are powerful, they will always be unable to sweep it away completely. This type of cheap little shop is especially suspicious. [3] When Mo Ka saw that there was only a middle-aged woman dressed very simply in the store, he calmed down and with valiantly high spirit went in with big steps.


[3] 扫黄行动 means campaign against pornography or to eradicate pornography and illegal publications. He thinks that the barbers are too suspicious and might be doing pornography or something since it’s really cheap.


The proprietor [4] is a good person, unlike other barber shops that has indifferent small talks, she just stood quietly behind Mo Ka earnestly cutting his hair. Although the technology is not superb, it’s is passable. Mo Ka looked at himself in the mirror, feeling refreshed. He paid and went out the barber shop satisfied. The barbecue shop’s smell from the roadside attracted Mo Ka, he felt that his stomach felt a bit hungry, so he decided to eat a big meal with this type of carcinogenic [5] food. People usually take chances like this, just like how people who smoke feel. Besides, so many people who smoke don’t have lung cancer.


[4] 老板娘 is basically a woman who owns a business. She would be called a proprietress in English or a lady boss.


[5] 致癌食物 food that can cause cancer.


If you don’t see a coffin you won’t have tears.

Mo Ka ordered his favourite food, sitting in the corner he ordered bottles of beer. At this time there were not many guests only one or two seats sparse dispersed sitting [6], the scene was somewhat deserted.


[6] the customers that are sat down are scattered so they aren’t huddled up in a group or something.


Eating alone is lonely but to this degree the loneliness has become a habit. He poured himself a glass of beer, the beer foamed from the cup overflowing and dripping on the table. He hasn’t drunk alcohol for a long time and today he particularly wanted to drink. Mo Ka looked up to drink the cup of beer and afterwards, he pressed the cup down heavily on to the table. Under the lights, a figure came from the direction of the school from fuzzy to clear Mo Ka still recognised Chen Ge in the dim light. Downy light hit Chen Ge’s pretty face. If Mo Ka said that his heart did not skip a beat, then he would be lying.


Chen Ge also noticed that Mo Ka had cast his sight at him, he went straight to Mo Ka and sat down beside him. The location is just right at the back of the streets. Mo Ka was surprised and thought that since he changed his hairstyle, has he become likeable? Immediately thereafter, two girls ran over.


“What? strange. I just saw Chen Ge, why isn’t he here.”


“Could it be your eyes were blurry.”




Until the two girls ran away only then did Mo Ka frustratingly found out the truth. He flattened his lips: “You used me.”


Chen Ge shrugged, refusing  to comment.


“Being chased by girls is normal, you should be happy.”


“It’s Annoying.”


Chen Ge who has always maintained a romanticists’ image actually said such a thing. Mo Ka patted the table in excitement: “I’m seeing through your human face with beasts heart [7], as expected.”


[7] 人面兽心 an idiom


“You can go and expose me.” Chen Ge stated jokingly,


“Be careful when you speak, I cannot be provoke.”


“How? The dog is anxious to jump off the wall?”


“You’re the dog.”


The boss put the barbecued food up interrupting their conversation. The Kind boss also handed a new pair of chopsticks and a cup putting it in front of Chen Ge. What did Mo Ka want to say, now seeing that Chen Ge did not refuse it but also did not talk?


Due to Chen Ge’s saving grace towards him Mo Ka helped him pour beer into his cup.




Chen Ge suddenly said making Mo Ka;s hand tremor spilling a few drops of beer on the table.


“Yeah, do you like it?” Don’t know if it’s because he drank a cup of beer or the environment  made Mo Ka blurt out this sentence.


Even Chen Ge didn’t think that Mo Ka would ask him this. He stared at Mo Ka, looking at his hair before slowly opening his mouth: “Just that.”


“I knew that your mouth doesn’t have good words. Can’t you also be a little good to me like how you are towards others. Although I’m a man, and cannot compete against those women, but I’m still your senior, don’t you think so?”


“Maybe someday when I feel good I will treat you as my senior.”


“Maybe, what day is someday?”


“Anyways, it’s not today.” It’s that sentence again, the most annoying. Usually after these words Chen Ge would not give him an answer.


Mo Ka simply ignored this matter, picked up the cup filled with beer: “Have a drink.”


It took a long time before Chen Ge lift the cup up. Mo Ka’s cup gently touched Chen Ge’s cup. When he drank the beer, he still did not forget to secretly look at Chen Ge. This guy, even when drinking beer, he is so good looking and elegant. It is simply a disease he was born with.


“Since you used me, you should treat me with this meal.”


“Ok.” Chen Ge, being satisfied, straightforwardly promised.


Mo Ka rubbed his hands, his little face was excited and he started laughing: “Then I won’t be polite.” After speaking, he eagerly ran over to the boss to order more food.


Chen Ge watched Mo Ka choosing food. This person never seems to be the same as everyone else, towards himself his request will not pester him. He has a low self-esteem, but he also has a stubborn character, he is always happy about little things. Even Chen Ge himself is also confused, why is he so relaxed in front of him. Chen Ge’s slender fingers circled around the cup, how long has it been since he had this type of feeling, a long time for Chen Ge to not remember. He always maintained his distance around people, not too far but not too close and this seems to be the distance that Mo Ka easily breaks down. Chen Ge could not help but chuckle, it seems like he cannot underestimate this guy.


His shallow smile did not escape Mo Ka’s eyes. Mo Ka was became absent-minded because of that smile. Chen Ge was almost not able to eat the food, it has all been completely devoured by Mo Ka. He was really hungry.


After eating the last skewer cake [8], Mo Ka sat back on the chair: “I’m finished, I ate too much. I want to vomit.”


[8] Skewer cake


“Are you stupid?” After speaking, Chen Ge stood up and paid the bill ready to leave.

Mo Ka stood up with difficulty, he hesitated for a long time, but he still spoke out: “Chen Ge, that, yeah. Can I go home with you?” Mo Ka only felt that the place they both lived was close anyway, so going home with a companion was not a problem. He thought like that, even Mo Ka himself felt that it was a bit funny. Is it because he’s lonely that he needs a companion? Or is it because the other person is Chen Ge so he found an excuse for his loneliness. It doesn’t matter whether it is or not because the barbecue stalls boss cast odd looks at them because of this sentence that Mo Ka had said. This look made Mo Ka realise what he said, he hurried to explain: “Boss. You’re. Me and him. That.” Mo Ka is not good at communicating with strangers, so his explanation is quite redundant.


Chen Ge frowned, somewhat impatient said: “Are you coming or not?”


At last Mo Ka felt defeated and followed behind Chen Ge. Only now did this snack street slowly began to liven up, full of students in various stalls.


Chen Ge and Mo Ka shuffled after each other in the middle of the crowd. Mo Ka watched Chen Ge’s back, obviously just as a little school brother. Why does he always feel much stronger compared to himself? Besides, this isn’t going home together this is only following behind him. How he sees himself, he’s much more like Chen Ge’s small attendant because Chen Ge is taller compared to Mo Ka so Chen Ge walked ahead. Mo Ka is almost running with small steps to catch up.


When they arrived at the bottom floor, Mo Ka is somewhat out of breath. He waved to give up: “Let me have a breath, the food I just ate has just finished digesting, isn’t this eating for free?”

“Mo Ka, Mo Ka Ka, Mo Ka Ka Ka.” A cry from behind, unable to keep a promise, he give up.

Mo Ka rolled his eyes and turned around, Hao Shuai already ran towards him. That brilliant smile is not a good sign. Hao Shuai saw Mo Ka’s new hairstyle first then saw Chen Ge behind Mo Ka. This time, Hao Shuai’s face changed from a brilliant enchanting smile into a sinister smile that harbours malicious intentions then, watching Mo Ka, he ridiculed: “You really went to get a haircut?”


Mo Ka was watched by Hao Shuai with a guilty conscience: “None of your damn business, why are you looking for me again.”


Chen Ge just swept a glance at the two-people chatting in a harmonious atmosphere, he went straight towards the elevator. Mo Ka watched Chen Ge go to the elevator and impatiently said: “Wait for me, you taking the elevator by yourself is not environmental-friendly.” After speaking, he ran to the elevator door standing in the middle. After going in, he said to Hao Shuai again: “If it’s nothing important, then I’m going up first.”


“Don’t. It’s like this. Last time you lent me money, Shan Shan said she didn’t have autumn clothing and that she was very cold, so I bought her clothes. You see today the moon is rarely so round, we both want to eat supper, lend me some again.”


“I lend you money, and you give it to that prodigal woman again. Isn’t this obviously cheating you on your money. Do you think you are wealthy? And I still need to lend you money to eat supper? Stop dreaming, eat shit.” looks like Mo Ka was so furious that he forgot that Chen Ge is also in the elevator.


“It’s a great night where do I eat shit. It’s the last time, I beg you Mo Ka.” Hao Shuai piteously begged because Gao Shan Shan is still waiting outside.


Mo Ka eventually still suffered from this close childhood friend. From his bag took out 400 Yuan throwing it at him simultaneously and not forgetting to vent out a sentence: “You sell your ass.”


Taking the money, Hao Shuai ran. Mo Ka let go of his hand getting in the elevator. He turned around to see Chen Ge’s expressionless face staring at him. Mo Ka was distracted, he was just like a boorish fellow, he was somewhat embarrassed: “I’m not usually like that, it made me angry, he’s confused.” Mo Ka attempted to save his last bit of face. He doesn’t know why he needs to explain this to Chen Ge, he just felt that he was supposed to explain it.


“You’re angry that he’s going out to dinner with a girl?”


Chen Ge’s sudden question made puzzled Mo Ka, but he still answered: “Of course I’m angry, you don’t know how fake that woman is. She’s so fake that you won’t believe it.” Mo Ka really hates Gao Shan Shan and even if she was not together with Hao Shuai, he will still hate Gao Shan Shan the same.




Another baffling question, Mo Ka asked: “Jealous, of whom? Gao Shan Shan? Do not make jokes. I don’t like Gao Shan Shan, why would I start a scrap with Hao Shuai through jealousy.” Looks like Mo Ka misunderstood Chen Ge’s question.


Chen Ge also did not intend to continue asking, his mood became annoyed. He looked up at the elevator, the digits did not move only to find that both of them didn’t press a floor. Chen Ge extended his hand to press 18th floor.


“Help me press 19th floor, thanks.”


“Press it yourself.”


Mo Ka was distracted for a bit, but bitterly pressed 19th floor, he thought that since they just ate food together, their relationship will be a little better. The result is still the same. This man’s heart is absolutely like a stone.


The 18th floor arrived, the elevator doors opened after the ding sound. Chen Ge went out.

Mo Ka said “Then, good night.”


“Who wants to say good night with you.”


Alone inside the elevator Mo Ka felt frustrated: What On earth is he angry about?

Chen Ge used force to insert the card into the lock, heavily opening the door: What on earth am I angry about?

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