The World is a bit sweet v2 ch 12 [complete]

[Full Chapter, for those who already read part one scroll down to the middle and you should see my T/N]   世界有点甜_NO.2 全是因为你 It’s all because of you   Recently slanderous gossip swept the whole campus again, it’s all because Chen Ge had unexpectedly increased the fixed distance between a girl. In the past there … Read moreThe World is a bit sweet v2 ch 12 [complete]

Blood Contract – Volume 1 Chapter 4

Stupidity and Punishment “Aah! You disgusting people! Let go of me!” A meaty hand grabbed Angelo’s behind, causing him to scream continuously. Just like this, they were surrounded by more lecherous men. “I’m warning you all…. Don’t come over!” Angelo yelled. His voice trembled behind his facade of false confidence. “Stupid.” Zero inwardly complained. Within … Read moreBlood Contract – Volume 1 Chapter 4

Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 23

Damn It! Zhan Beitian noticed Mu Yifan staring at the backseat: “What are you looking at?” He turned his gaze away: “Why did your friend give you a bunch of books? Didn’t he prescribe me any medications?” “What medication?” “To treat abdominal distension.” “….” He coldly eyed Mu Yifan’s bandaged face: “You’re allergic. There’s no … Read moreNumber One Zombie Wife – Chapter 23