Golden Assistant – Chapter 23.5

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: Mosstree Xiao Yi simply remained silent, it seemed that Luzhou being obedient like this wasn’t without a reason, moreover following director Guo, there seemed to be a lot of things which can be learned, although most of them can’t be used, but listening to how he taught actors, how to interpret the … Read moreGolden Assistant – Chapter 23.5

The world is a bit sweet v1 ch12

Author: Angelina English translator; Jia   Chapter 12 一起过平安夜怎么样? How about spending Christmas Eve together? Mo Ka and Chen Ge get along, but not much to finish fall. This year is a strange year, everywhere there is war and natural disasters. Mo Ka doesn’t know, he doesn’t understand, he also doesn’t want to understand. People … Read moreThe world is a bit sweet v1 ch12

The world is a bit sweet v1 ch11

Author; Angelina Translator; Jia   Chapter 11 判定男人的标准 determine a man’s standard This is already the second time that the both of them ate together on the same table, there’s not much awareness and courtesy, it’s all granted of course like it was orignally meant to be like this. Mo Ka broke the disposable chopsticks, … Read moreThe world is a bit sweet v1 ch11

Feng Mang Chapter 56 – How Could He Be Even More Twisted Than Me?

Translator: Polarbearadise Proofreader: VitaSchaus Editor: Mosstree Shortly after Feng Jun left, Zhang Xinghu excitedly came running back to Han Dong’s room. “Just now was that manager Feng?” Han Dong was astonished, “Didn’t you greeted him just now?” “I just wanted to ask……Do you know him well?” “Sort of.” Han Dong casually said a vague general … Read moreFeng Mang Chapter 56 – How Could He Be Even More Twisted Than Me?

Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 8

Translator: Polarbearadise Editor: Mosstree Who Are You? “Big young master, your thighs are getting more and more swollen, this means your bone cancer is getting worse, if you don’t go to the hospital to get medical treatment, I’m afraid that……” Li Qingtian said while examining Mu Yifan’s leg, speaking toward the end he stopped, he … Read moreNumber One Zombie Wife – Chapter 8