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Last update: 7/14/2018

Finish Reading 

  • War Prisoner – 95 chapters + 2 extras – Link
  • Hua Hua You Long – 2 volumes – Link
  • Mo Flower – 9 chapters + epilogue – Link ch1-2.3  Link ch.2-9 + Ep
  • The Blind Concubine – 29 chapters – Link ch.1-8  Link ch.9-end +Ep
  • I Will Wait For You Until 35 – Link
  • 7 Days – 7 chapters
  • Brother – 54 chapters – Link
  • My Husband is being unfaithful – 10 chapters + 3 extras
  • Let’s Break Up – 9 chapters
  • The Small Noodle Shop – 28 chapters
  • This World is Crazy! (这世界疯了!) – 74 chapters (One of my favorite XD)
  • Peach Blossom Debt – 78 chapters
  • Little God of Poor (小穷神)- 22 chapters + 1 extra + 1 cameo
  • Deceive – Oneshot
  • The Antelope and Night Wolf (网游之我不配) – 87 chapters (READ THIS ONE, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT! IT’S THE BEST ONLINE GAMING BL DANMEI I EVER READ!!!! XD)
  • I’m Just a Yan Hao (我只是看你颜好) – Book 1 (340 chapters + 32 extras), book 2 (187 chapters + 33 extras), book 3 (199 chapters + 22 extras) (Don’t let the number scare you, each chapter is REALLY short, literally one chapter is only 1 sentence lol. This is hilarious, definitely check this one out y’all!)
  • Entering Split Personality (走进人格分裂) – 94 chapters (Check this one out, this is really good + plus there is enough H scenes to satisfy you!!!)
  • Adultery arises from a diary – 64 chapter + 6 extras (I Love the couple and seme’s son is so adorable!)
  • Golden Fighter (金牌打手) – 120 chapters (PLEASE definitely check this one out, after reading it, this novel immediately jump up to my TOP 1!!!! I LOVE THIS NOVEL SO MUCH!!! The pain, the love, the hardship they have to endure in order to be with each other makes my heartache. This story is pure and too beautiful to be ignored! It’s now TOP 2)
  • Mu Ran (穆然) – 75 chapters + 2 epilogue (Warning: This novel will make you cry a bucket of tears T_T)
  • Six records of a floating life (浮生六记) – 40 chapters
  • Evil Wife of Buddhism (佛门恶妻) – 350 chapters (It’s good!! The author is my favorite! MC is EVIL!!)
  • 末世重生之炮灰逆袭 – 279 chapters + some epilogue (It was written long ago but it’s one of the best apocalypse novel. MC died and transport back to 1 month before the apocalypse, he has space and obtain power. He would spend all his fortune to stock up foods and supplies. MC have a baby face he would use that to his advantage. People would think he is a teenager and not 20+ years old lol. He uses that cuteness and baby face to grab on Gong’s thigh because gong has power that defied nature. Gong would lead humanity to victory against zombies)
  • 把虐文變成治癒文的正確方法 – 10 chapters (a sweet love story of a fanboy who reborn to save his idol from committing suicide because of betrayal from his boyfriend)
  • The price of rebirth (重生之代价) – 82 chapters + 5 epilogue
  • 盗墓之祭品 – 157 chapters + 5 epilogues (Grave Robber, it’s pretty scary if you read it at night T_T. Overall, it’s really good since it’s written by my favorite author haha XD)
  • Number One Dead Wife (zombie wife) (第一尸妻) – 376 chapters (MC entered his own novel, it was turned into BL. There is Mpreg. This novel has become my top 3. Definitely worth a try! One of the best apocalypse novel there is)
  • 机甲契约 (Mech Contract) – 303 chapters (Transmigrate, future setting, mecha, comedy, science fiction, human x beast. I LOVE THIS NOVEL WHOLEHEARTEDLY! This is my TOP 1 most favorite danmei novel. In my opinion, out of everything that I have read until now, there isn’t a novel that is as good as this one! It consists of everything I love, from the character’s personality to the plot, everything is very well-written)
  • If You Don’t Fall In Love Then Drop Dead (不谈恋爱就去死) – 91 chapters + 13 extras (Same author as Entering Split Personality (走进人格分裂). Beside the H was literally ‘……’ overall it was cute and entertaining)
  • 万千宠爱 by: 引路星 – 106 chapters (Gong live in the futuristic world where robot dominate human and only robot have names, because he rebel against the robot and failed, the robot erase his personality (shy, arrogant, cold, etc.). In Gong’s world everyone have super power and his have to do with mental power. With the help of his friends, who found a super computer, they search the whole galaxy to find the person who matched gong and found shou who matched him 99.999%. Shou died in a plane crash and gong take advantage of that and use his power to bind himself with shou and become his system. Gong give Shou the power that make everyone fall in love with him. Shou enter different world, from modern, ancient, apocalypse to ABO. His mission in each world is to make the personality of that world to fall in love with him, after reaching 5 stars, he will have to make that personality hate him, after that also reached 5 star, his mission is finished and he have to stay in that world for a while before moving to another world. It was a good read, but I feel like this novel have more potential. don’t get me wrong, it was well-written, but there could be more to it.)
  • 快穿之奇怪的任务 by: 尹一方 – 107 chapters + 1 extra


  • The Legendary Master’s Wife – Currently on ch.170
  • Feng Yu Jiu Tian – Currently on vol.4 ch.11
  • Golden Assistant – Currently on ch. 21
  • Waiting For You Online – Currently on ch. 42
  • Feng Mang – Currently on ch. 43
  • 火云歌 – Currently on ch. 72 (Beast x human, transport into another world and MPreg. This is the second beast x man novel I read and this one have officially got me into beast x man XD. TOP 3)


  • True Star (Love the plot, love the MC, but I don’t like NP)
  • 九天莲生 – Currently on book III (I only like 1×1. The reason why I drop it because, in order to obtain Gong’s last soul, shou accept the deal and slept with another man in exchange for the soul)

101 thoughts on “Polar’s Reading List

  1. hey!! if you like true star, i would recommend rebirth of chen an by same author, MC is more outspoken than tang feng! but the story gave similar vibe, except this is on firearm dealing, and interpol XD

  2. Polarbearadise😅 i got bored with nothing to read so i come here again to check which one is good read, i will try entering split personality, please keep update which one is good read, well i especially love system story like lei feng (???) From the same author you xu, if polarbearadise knew something similar to that please tell me hehehe. Thank you for interesting reading source.

    • I finally found one even though it is not system like you can do everything, 星际音乐大师 it is about star music master. It is a good story but my habit always skip the story made me unable to understand all the story. But when i skip to end it seems everybody has good ending (???). If polarbearadise get time please make the summarize hahaha, sometimes i much more like reading summarize here than to read too many chapters.

    • Hey Christina! I updated more novel I have finished, check it out, I hope you could find one interest you :). Can I have the title Lei Feng in Chinese? I’m currently reading novel where the MC/shou died and turned into a system. He signed a contract with gong and entered different worlds with him to do mission. It’s called Reborn as a system (重生成系统) I’ll update more soon :).

        • I read the summary, the plot doesn’t really interest me and it’s also slow romance which make me hesitate, but since you recommended I will give it a try. Thank you 🙂

      • If polarbearadise like you shu, i think should like lei feng, because one author style in writing would not be too different from his usual way of writing. I like the way of author of you shu write the mc, because the mc would always be strong and not blindly want to revenge for the thing happened in his first life (he is reborn) but well that another bl novel from the author you shu that describe the cold hearted father that finally love deeply his unwanted son

        • Yes, I agree with you! Most of the MC in 风流书呆’s novels have strong personality and not feminine or weak in any way. The author’s writing style are great and very descriptive (which make the novel tend to be very long, my eyes hurt just from looking at the total amount of words per chapter haha).

  3. Hehehe polarbeardise seems to read many novels already from the list. I only have little memo about what i could finished read. Well there is one novel that go into multiple realm, but i loved that story, but sadly the ending is to make the open-ending😧😧😧

    • Hmmm, i try to read the apocalypse mc that uses his baby face first. I love genre like entertainment (only the job be described much like how he act in movie and not only as side information), modern romance with fantasy element like system, supernatural power, apocalypse, future world like omega something like that. Hahha i just got nobody to discuss what i like to read so i come here hehehe. Well and now i prefer m-preg, since i thought it would be more happy or some eternal love that the couple forever together

      • I somehow tend to encounter a lot of novel about showbiz and all the other genre you listed above are also my favorite. There are a lot of good novel with system, but one with apocalypse are pretty rare. I actually haven’t read ABO (except in the entering split personality, the last world is ABO). There is some good one too, I’ll check it out and make a review or add to my reading list. As for MPREG. there is only 2 novels I have read that have MPREG, the first one is 扬书魅影 and Number One Dead Wife (zombie wife) (第一尸妻). Definitely check Number One Dead Wife (zombie wife) (第一尸妻) out, it’s really good XD. You’re always welcome to discuss it with me, I have no one else to talk about it either haha 🙂

    • Yes, haha, I love reading danmei! I would binge read and scarify my sleep over it XD
      It’s rare to find a good and long danmei these days *sigh*. I spend tons of time searching for danmei, if you need any recommendation, give me your favorite genre and I’ll make a list for you. I’m currently reading one right now, but I’m almost finish it T_T. May I have the name of the novel? I’m not a fan of OE, but if it’s good, I’ll check it out XD

      • OE???? What is that? Oh actually i only read omega in quick wear??? From author of you shu novel and another multiple world from other author. So i still never really read story from abo yet. Hahhha yeah lei feng is good but later i jump because the story is too long……😅😅😅 but oh that mc baby face apocalypse is really addicting, i couldn’t stop reading until midnight😂😂😂 number one dead wife, i will check it later when i finish this apocalpyse hehehe.

        • OE is short for open-ending. Her story is always long haha, but it’s good though. I totally feel you, that’s how I was when reading that one, I would stay up really late just to read it haha. I can’t wait for you to check #1 dead wife out, the author for that one is one of my favorite! Her writing is really good, I love the MC in all of her books XD

  4. Oh right, thank you for the reading list, because search which one is good to read always take long time and i hate it when i don’t know what is better to read

      • I don’t care with slow romance as long as the author good at to write it even i would prefer it to be like that since love at first time is somewhat feel doubtful except if they are reincarnated person like you shu, then it would be reasonable. So i would prefer how the way that male lead slowly fall in love with mc.

        • I don’t mind slow romance that much but there is a limitation to what I can take haha (there are some slow romance that doesn’t have much interaction between the main couple, but then toward the end of the story, somehow they got together, it seem forced), that apocalypse one with baby face MC is probably the first one with slow romance that I read so far. If it’s slow romance with the main couple getting to know each other and slowly falling in love with other like you say, then I don’t mind at all :).

  5. Oh 英勇赴死系统 this is the title from another multiple realm that i said, heroic death but later he would get key to rewind time back to the world that he has ever been to and it would be happy ending (the male lead is mostly rebirth in that world that he return back). But sadly the ending from this novel is open ending 😂 but the story really exciting to wait for another setting world.

    • Ah that one, I started on it, but stop at the 3rd world because I found something else to read XD. Have you read this novel called Reborn as a System (重生成系统)? MC died and become a system for gong. I don’t like open-ending, haha, the only oe one that I read is this manga called Let’s Dai. But ya, moving from one world to another is really interesting XD.

      • I haven’t because yesterday i just watched the lost tomb until sixth episode i become hook with the story,and know i would want to read the novel but i hestitate because reading ghost story would be bad for my courage, maybe i will try reincarnate into system or number one dead wife 😁

  6. Apocalypse with system????, hahha aftet i ready apocalypse without system, i think it is much more cool seeing them fight like apocalypse that mc fight with martial arts and this mc that uses speed to fight

    • But it still up to the writer how they write, sometimes something boring would become addicted by author’s work, and sometimes something interesting synopsis become not interesting by the author so it depend on the author how to write

      • Yes, I got mislead a lot by the summary and when I start reading the novel, it doesn’t turn out as good as I expect *sigh*. That’s why I always read a little of review/spoiler first, before starting on a novel.

  7. 又见篮球高手 this is from the same author as apocalypse that shou has cute face, it is about basketball, i just check it and the mc is male, i guess the story would turn out bl?

    • Ah after i patiently read all, it is not realy bl even though there are many clue that this will be bl because the author just end it all as the mc love for basketball with many of teammates that would wait for his coming back since the mc want to get treatment for his heart disease.

      • I mean well it is sure would be boy love if the author made it longer, it is ashamed the story just end it like that. But surely for basketball love the ending would be their love for baketball

        • Some of the website have the word ‘slash’ on that novel, so I thought it would be BL haha, sadly, it’s not, but there is definitely have some hints/JQ in it XD

  8. By the way i want to ask, do polarbearadise ever watch the lost tomb? I want to try to search novel that have protagonist wu xie there, but i am confuse which one that the tv adapted from the novel.

    • Yes!!! I ship Qilin x Wuxie so bad (you can tell from my wordpress wallpaper XD). Are you talking about the novel or actor? If the novel, it’s call the Grave Robber’s chronicles. There is only 6 books out of 11-12 that was translated into English. If you asked for the actor, his name is Li Yi Feng and the actor of Qilin name is Yang Yang.

      • Actually i want to watch the drama actor between yang yang and li yi feng longer but you know i doubt the china drama season two if it realize, i really doubt they would use the same actors😢😢😢 so i want to search the novel 😣

      • Are there really 11 until 12 books? I have been searched for wuxie x zhang qi lin so i have read someone post about them in short dialogue something like that not full story but it let the reader know what happened from nine books about zhang qi lin x wuxie, it is BE just from nine books, zhang qi lin need to guard something for ten years and he said before knocked out wu xie that if wu xie still remember him, he can come and take his place ten years later. And wuxie that awaken wait for three days in front of the gate and said if the nine families kept their promise then who should be guarding this gate now something like that.

        • Yes, for now, I think there is suppose to be 13 or 14 books if I’m not wrong. It’s not a BL, only contain BL hints so I wouldn’t be surprise that it’s BE/SE T_T. However, I heard that the author have placed ton of hints for Qilin x Wuxie for books 9 to the latest one and some of his fans was complaining about it haha. I have only read till book 5, I hope the translator will continue translating book 6 and on. If you want, I might be able to translate a ff of Qilin x Wuxie as my side project :).

  9. I already checked number one wife, wear into the book + apocalypse wow that is mix from the genre i like, the chapter is also short and straight to the point, from the chapter i read it also contains rumour. Hahaha so funny😁

    • Yes haha! I love it! XD
      The author writing this and Buddhism evil wife is my most favorite author. I love how her MC aren’t weak or feminine and Gong are cold/possessive and pamper MC a lot, it’s just my type XD.

  10. Hmm polarbearadise could you tell me about wuxie and qilin? Is this story bl or just friendship? And i haven’t watch the movie yet but i look at the comment, will qilin die??? Oh my i am so hook with the drama that i couldn’t get it out from my head. Please tell me as soon as possible when you have time.

    • It’s not BL, but it contains BL hints/JQ between Qilin and Wuxie and another couple. Qilin will not die, not in the movie/drama or books. from what I have read/watch so far. There will be season 2 for the drama, the actor playing wuxie will continue playing wuxie but sadly, the actor playing Qilin will be replaced. Check out my BL/Danmei gallery, there is this long picture that has scenes from the book :).

      • Yesss it’s okay as long as the qilin’s replacement great at appearances and acting. Because isn’t qilin is a handsome character? Even though i never read the novel

  11. Polarbearadise, could you add more new story at the list or make new list? Hmm i don’t know which one to read anymore. Oh yeah i ever reax fanfiction about harry potter but i thought it harem with one boys captures many girls heart. So i wonder if there are good bl fanfiction about naruto, harry potter or akatsuki no yona (i hate yona so i think maybe there is a fanfiction with better mc).

    • Hey Christina, I have updated 3 more novels, check it out :). Do you like NP or 3P/4P by any chance? (I personally only like 1v1, but there is this author name Neleta, she write really good NP, 3P/4P novel). There is A LOT of harry potter ffs in chinese, the popular ship is professor snape x harry, I was shock when seeing it haha. For Naruto, do you want ff of specific character or what? Because there is this ff on wattpad called Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios by 553butterfly553, I really love this ff, check it out XD. I didn’t Akatsuki no Yona haha so I drop it. I’ll look up some good Harry Potter ffs for you, what ship do you like?

  12. Hi, do you know a similar novel to number one zombie wife? I just finished reading it and I enjoyed it very much. I cried buckets of tears and woke up with swollen eyes, I had to wear sunglasses inside our house and hide inside my room for a day. lol I tried reading the one with cute face but I can’t seem to get into it. I want more BL apocalypse… >.<

    • I recommend 寒武再临, it has a lot of side couples. Also, do you like incest or novel with gong’s pov? Because I have read summaries of some and find it interesting. I will recommend more soon, I have to look it up since it has been quite a long time 🙂

      • Polarberadise, is there a novel bl in qidian? Because i feel like i would love to read story that has many chapter but short story just like the usual male mc or female mc in qidian but of course the story is bl.

        • Hey Christinia, I apologize for haven’t reply to your other comments, I been really busy school. As for as I know, Qidian doesn’t have any BL novels. If you referring to a long novel with little words per chapters, sadly, there aren’t many BL novel like that out there haha. The longest one I know goes up to 1,000+ chapters, but the word per chapter for one chapter as extremely long. However, there is this novel that have 100+ chapters and the word per chapter are similar to the female MC novel in qidian, it’s called 扬书魅影. I’ll look more up for you 🙂

  13. heey i have a question to ask. i’m trying to find bl novels with seme mc but i cant find a good one anywhere i jst found a few. could you send the links of them if you know some please?

  14. I really want to read Mu Ran (穆然) but I’m really scared that it’s BE (my heart won’t be able to take it). Could you please tell me if it is BE or HE?
    Also, are there any other BE stories in your list besides Decieve?
    Thank you!

    • Hi there, Mu Ran is HE, but there are some heartbreaking scenes/events throughout the story. This is one of the saddest story I ever read, I cried so much haha. But besides the sad part, this story also have really sweet side. I recommend you giving it a try, it’s worth it :).
      Actually, I’m currently translating Old Photo, another BE, but could be consider as GE, so stay tune~
      If more readers of my are into BE, I will be translating more BE, but until then, it will be 1-2 per side project period ^^.

  15. I was wondering if u could please upload The World I A Bit Sweet and Oh, My Dear! I waa reading them on Wattpad but then they were made private 😭😭😭

    • The World is a Bit Sweet is Jlei2000’s project, you can read it on wattpad by following her because it was set as private and only her followers can read it or wait until she post the chapters on here when she is free :).

  16. Errrr…. when i try to enter chapter 23.3 golden assistant, it seems need password? Is it pay chapter like qidian?

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