7 Days Chapter 3

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The Third Day



Doctor isn’t hard to find out there, in Shen Zhuan Jia there is even more, a handful in one grab.

In Jiang Hu there is variety of doctor from small to big with nickname like Xiao Hua Tuo or Er Pian Que and so on. In Shen Zhuan Jia, when big brother’s concubine have a headache, they would all swarmed around her like a group of bees.


(T/N: Xiao Hua Tou and Er Pian Que is the popular doctor in Chinese history)


My body always healthy, I never obtain any major injuries, therefore I didn’t have a chance to try these doctor’s skills in Shen Zhuan Jia, that’s why skillful or not, it isn’t my turn to speak.

But if I have to speak, then bringing a flower thief with critical injuries, who just wake up and immediately spit out bloods over to these doctors, who only stares at women all day, when it come to their main skills, I’m a little worried.

Outside there is some skillful doctors, I, Shen Heng in Jiang Lu, whether it is good or bad I already encountered it, nonetheless to say I do have some reputation;

But the problem is, currently Shen Zhuan Jia is  wind sighing and crane calling, if chose a doctor with ill-behavior and carried away by one’s wishful thinking toward my sister, then it is like bringing the wolf into the house.


(T/N: wind sighing and crane calling – Panic even with slight movement)

(T/N: carried away by one’s wishful – Being delusional)

(T/N:  leading the wolf into the house – invite someone with ill intention into the house)


Calculating back and forth, highly skilled and trustworthy, there is only one.

People in Jiang Hu called Qi Bu Xiao and honorifically called young master Qi, Ouyang Qi.


(T/N: Qi Bu Xiao – his nickname in Jiang Hu)


If talking about his reputation, then we have to talk about his rapid double-edge sword, if there is someone, who could under his control and block seven strikes, then they could laugh up one’s sleeve;


(T/N: laugh up one’s sleeve – secretly mocking/laughing at the other person)


There is also one more thing when speaking of his name, it is his medical ability, if one let him examined, in 7 steps, laughing one time, then no matter what level of illness one possess, they will be saved.

He isn’t really a direct descendant of Shen Zhuan Jia, but he have a good relationship with big brother, even better than Shen Pian and I, however, in order to deal with the flower thief, he was sent to the kitchen.

This is the first and last time I ever questioned big brother’s decision.

Everything about Ouyang is good, but there is one fault that’s hard to accept.

He cut people like an ordinary person cutting vegetable, cut vegetable like cutting people.




The sky was getting late, Shen Pian went back to his pig-pen first to greet the mother pigs, leaving me in the stable.

First serving Ta Xue to eat, then carrying the flower thief and straws over to a safe place where Ta Xue wouldn’t concern and put him down;

Waiting for the dawn to rise, I will then use the excuse of fetching water to bathe Ta Xue and sneak to the kitchen, tricking Ouyang to come over to treat his illness.

Conveniently I will also be bringing two steamed buns along.

Thinking like that, even I feel muddle-head.


(T/N: Shen Heng is the man of sword not strategizing, therefore thinking up of a plan is a bit hard for him, that’s why he feel dizzy)


In a haze, I can heard the flower thief’s breathing is quite weak, but there is still some air, occasionally blowing several piece of straws that irritatingly brushing against his body.




The next morning after I got up, I immediately went to the kitchen.

Ouyang is already woken up. He was holding a broom in the courtyard, in front of the kitchen door, dancing his famous 13-styles martial art, making the chicken fly and dog bark, dust hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Seeing me coming over, his eyebrows raised.

“The second young master isn’t feeding the horse, why coming to this place?

I rubbed my hands together and smile apologetically, he coldly interrupted me, saying: “Today I don’t have steamed buns!”

“……No, I……” I coughed twice, “Ouyang, I personally ask you to save someone.”




Generally almost all the skilled doctors, is unwilling to save a person. This is a default practice everyone in Jiang Hu silently agreed.

But Ouyang is an exception, he likes to save people. As long as the man allowed him to examine and made him laughed after.

Therefore, normally Ouyang don’t laugh, always look like a flat surface, although grew up very pretty, the corner of his eyes always carried a chill, causing other people glancing only one time and already feeling the chill inside.

However, living together for so long, when he catch a glimpse of some sort, in my head I already figure out some parts.

For example, when he saw me, is like seeing the enemy that killed his father.

But when he see my sister, is like seeing someone speaking comical dialogues.

It is easy to guard against the thief outside the street, but difficult to guard the thief inside the house.




I was able to dragged on, trying very best to persuade, finally make him reluctantly nodded, agreed to go and take a look.

Among other things, toward the flower thief’s appearance I have a bit of confidence; Although he is a man, perhaps Ouyang won’t act like seeing my sister, swaying back and forth, but if he can exchange for a smile, he can be considered saved.

But in the end I was wrong, when moved the straws aside, Ouyang didn’t laugh, but breathe in a mouthful of cold air.

“Such outstanding beauty……”

If I hasn’t heard Ouyang muttered out this sentence, I would really thought yesterday while sleeping, I was unaware and let Ta Xue stepped his hoof on Yin Cheng’s face.




“I’ll save him.” Ouyang said earnestly, “Over the years, this is the first time I met a man who make my heart beat like this.”

“What about my sister?” I asked with interest.

“The fourth young lady is delicate as a flower, refined as a precious jade, enchanted people.”

“What’s about third brother?” I remembered he saw Shen Pian, ten times, smiled nine out of that ten times.

“……Oh, the third young master is Godly handsome, cause others to admired from the heart.”

“How about big brother?” Ouyang’s slightly distorted for a moment.


“……Master, master he……he……his martial appearance is valiantly extraordinary, people look with palpitation.”


“Then what about me?”


Ouyang glance at me with a disdain look mixed with pity.


“Forgive me for speaking bluntly, second young master, you grew up with a look that’s really break people heart.”




Highly skilled doctor are highly skilled doctor, really extraordinary.

While walking, Ouyang said he’ll wake up soon; Sure enough, when I take a bite of the steamed bun, while changing the straws for Ta Xue, I heard a soft ‘ humph!’ next to me.

Lowering my head to take look, it just happen that I come in contact with his eyes.


He saw my face, frown a little and then immediately turned into a murderous intent: “Animal, what do you want to do!”


I sat down beside him, his body was visibly shaking a bit.

“You insult me, I, Yin Cheng even when I died, I’ll never let you off!”

Ouyang still hasn’t undo the acupuncture point, that’s why he’s unable to move a single step, his voice is very mournful, hearing it make people’s heart panic.

I quickly broke off half of the bun, casually put it into his mouth, barely able to blocked his voice.


But he bit the bun, gazed at me slowly, tears slid down his eyes and landed in his white cheeks, it looks very tragic.

My heart moved, I was trying to make a few words to comfort him, but surprised to see his head crooked and fainted.

“I’m choked.”

Again, this is the second time Ouyang is being judges clearly and concisely by me.


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