Golden Assistant Chapter 8

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Wungheng Gu stood in front of Luzhou, maintaining the bowing position while Luzhou turned over the memorial.




I have told you many times!” Luzhou threw the memorial straight at Wungheng Gu and snapped, “Who told you to search their house?!”


(T/N: During filming the ‘I’ Luzhou you is always superior, while the ‘you’ is inferior)


Wungheng Gu was startled, he bowed his head glancing back and forth, a look of uncertainty.

“Both men perform well,” the female co-ordinator whispered: “Wungheng Gu could be able to catch up with Luzhou.”

Xiao Yi asked: “Wungheng Gu also received professional training?

The female coordinator nodded, Xiao Yi stood and watched the two men act, previously he thought that every actor could act easily, but he gradually discovered that his thoughts and the reality were worlds apart. In fact acting was very difficult, if  he was to take the role of Wungheng Gu, he definitely couldn’t act like that.

Luzhou briefly said a few words then delegated an assignment for his younger brother played by Wuheng Gu, the director was satisfied with the two’s performance after filming was finished.

At 5:50 pm everyone was busy packing things up, lunchboxes were passed out and Luzhou’s dinner also arrived in time. Obviously, everyone would be tired in the afternoon, they only took two or three bites then headed to the car to rest. Xiao Yi gave Luzhou a cough drop, another assistant was giving him a massage but he felt uncomfortable and called out: “Xiao Yi, come here.”

Xiao Yi switched places with the other assistant and massaged Luzhou’s shoulder, he understood that Luzhou was exhausted therefore he decided to stay silent. A moment later someone called to inform them that they were switching locations, Xiao Yi drove the car.

The sky gradually faded, the lights and props members arrived first and had set up everything in advance, they screened off a section of the palace and placed the dazzling vertical lights. Luzhou changed his outfit in the car and walked out, looking at the bright lights made him dizzy, he moved aside and let the staff member fix his make-up.

Luzhou first put on a nocturnal robe, folding his arm while talking with the director about a scene in the script, after that he put on the emperor robe as an outer garment.

Supporting actors walked along the corridor in the summer palace,the photographer’s assistant lay on his stomach, pushing the camera while crawling.


Xiao Yi: “……….”


Xiao Yi always thought that the camera following the actors was moving on the railway, he actually didn’t expect that instead of the railway, it was the people who lay on the floor that pushed the camera…..once again he was surprised.

The staff members held up the reflective plate while they slowly moved.

Luzhou clasped his hands behind his back, walking in front with two men behind him.

“This matter will be in the hands of you two….”

Xiao Yi started feeling tired, holding Luzhou’s clothes he leaned against the car and waited. After this there would be another scene where the supporting female character accompanied by her maid walked over to meet Shulu Ping.


This scene took 30 minutes to film.


Again another scene, the messenger riding his horse to send a message.

Xiao Yi drowsily fell asleep. Feeling that his head was leaning against someone’s shoulder, he opened his eyes and saw Luzhou standing next to him, supporting his head with his shoulder.

“It’s finished?” Xiao Yi said.

“Still too early.” Luzhou said, “There are still some interlude scenes left, if you’re tired, go lay down in the car.”

Of course it was impossible for Xiao Yi to sleep, after a moment a roar made him startled.


Die La—!”

Hearing such a loud sound, Xiao Yi knew that Luzhou was currently filming, he immediately got up to watch.


(T/N: Diela is A Baoji’s brother)


Die La!” Luzhou chased after another supporting male actor playing the role of Die La, then gradually stopped.

“Cut!” the director shouted, “Die La run off screen, and again.”

Luzhou: “……..”


Filming started again.


“Die La-!”

“Die La!” Luzhou had caught up and stopped.

Director: “Cut!! Luzhou you ran too close,”

Luzhou really felt defeated by them. The third time chasing, Die La still faced his back toward Luzhou, he bitterly said: “Even you want to leave my side?!”

Although Xiao Yi didn’t know what scene this was, but his body fell into a strange world, he could feel the grief within Luzhou. Die La choked with emotion, his back facing Luzhou and uttered: “Your majesty, An Duan is dead, all his property was seized, now you don’t need Die La anymore, I humbly beg you, your majesty leave me a way out!”

Die La stopped, turned around and knelt, Luzhou immediately helped him up, the director then shouted “Cut!”

“Don’t help him, kneeling too fast and the words aren’t emotional enough. Again.”

Everytime Xiao Yi was moved by a scene, the word ‘cut’ suddenly stopped him, it was like missing oxygen, making him unable to breathe.

Repeatedly filming back and forth, Xiao Yi was almost exhausted from all the emotional feelings until Luzhou painfully cried,

“Die La–!”

Luzhou’s explosive voice shocked everyone who watched, the director immediately shouted cut, and said: “Standby, ready!”

Following after a ladder was placed on the palace wall, the substitute climbed up, Die La threw himself into Luzhou’s arms, he was shot by the assassin in the distance. Xiao Yi thought ‘F****, although the screenwriter wrote this ridiculous script, he still has a little skill! Who killed Luzhou’s….No, A Baoji’s brother? They actually dared to kill someone in front of the emperor’s face?

Did Shulu Ping send the assassin?! Xiao Yi quickly flipped open the script and indeed it was!

Luzhou let out his suppressed anger, choked with emotions while Die La lay in his arms. The coordinator, the props member, the photographer’s assistant and Hou Qin clicked their tongues in synchronization as they were filled with admiration.

Luzhou’s whole body was trembling, he lowered his body and buried his head in the supporting actor that played the role of Die La. His hand shakingly caressed the other man’s face, the girls who watched couldn’t bear it anymore, they said in a low voice: “Beautiful… beautiful…”

Xiao Yi seemed to be able to hear them, he was completely captivated by Luzhou even his nose ached, from 10 steps he could feel the pain and bitterness that Luzhou felt. His brother was shot by a poisoned arrow in front of him, no one could even bear the pain. It was his blood brother, the feeling of losing a member of your family was heartbreaking, Luzhou trembled, touched his forehead very sincerely.

He suddenly looked forward to this drama, but he didn’t know how this would turn out after all the editing, the amount invested in it was no joke.

After they finished the staff members cleaned up the scene, Luzhou was panting, eyes still filled with tears, he sat down on the bench where Xiao Yi was and breathed in deeply, taking the bottle of water from Xiao Yi and drank a mouthful of it.

Xiao Yi was a bit frightened, seeing his expression Luzhou waved his hand indicating that everything was fine. After that Luzhou took off the emperor robe he was wearing, exposing the nocturnal robes under it.

He stood in front of the camera, his face was hidden behind a black mask and started running away. At the bottom of the palace wall, he demonstrated some martial art movements that the martial art teacher previously taught him and gave him some pointers.

“Perfect!” The director said, “Let’s end it here, we’ll call it a day!”

Everyone exaltedly removed their make-up and took off their outfits and ornaments.

Xiao Yi looked at his watch, it was currently 11:00 pm.

“Go back and rest, especially the people who just joined the group, look at the schedule for tomorrow and arrive at 7 o’clock at the dressing room.” The director said, “In the morning we will be taking pictures with makeup and costume.

Xiao Yi was dying of exhaustion, he waited for Luzhou to change out of the costume and when they arrived at the hotel it was already past 12, Xiao Yi asked: “Dinner?”

Luzhou sat on the couch, he looked a little lonely but didn’t speak a word.

Xiao Yi asked for the second time, Luzhou then snapped out of it and said: “No, you can go.”

Xiao Yi: “…….”

Luzhou waved: “I haven’t recovered yet, go to sleep.”

Xiao Yi went back to his room, he only thought about one thing: Filming was truly difficult.


(T/N: What Luzhou mean is that the feelings of A Baoji witnessing his own brother dying is still linger in him)


After taking a shower and preparing clothings, it was 1:30. He had to wake up at 6:30, there only had 5 hours to sleep.

The next day Xiao Yi woke up unaware that it was only 6:00. Xiao Yi quickly helped Luzhou with the daily routine and took him to the dressing room. Today, he began to get a hang of how the studios operated, knowing when he had to stay by Luzhou’s side and when he could leave.

In the morning Luzhou would be shooting for his second poster, Xiao Yi accompanied him, after watching the picture being PS, he drove Luzhou to the shooting location leaving one assistant behind with an instruction. Xiao Yi then left to prepare lunch for Luzhou, he glanced at the schedule, they still had to film at night, therefore, he also needed to prepare dinner too.

He finished preparing lunch, he headed back at the same time as Luzhou just finished the military meeting scene. After the scene was successfully filmed, it was lunch time, today the producer wasn’t here. Yesterday Xiao Yi had promised to prepare Hubei cuisine, he made 4 different dishes, only Luzhou would be eating it all.

“Why have you made more food today?” Luzhou said.

“I thought the producer wanted to try it.” Xiao Yi said.

Luzhou yelled: “Ai! They just randomly said it, don’t take it serious.”

‘Is that right?’ Xiao Yi also actually took a joke as something serious, Luzhou educated him and said: “Why are you so serious? Meet people talk like people, meet demon talk like demon, you understand?

Xiao Yi quickly nodded, the food seemed to fit with Luzhou’s appetite, today he ate more than usual, the producer then appeared.

“I always see you guys eat together everyday. “The producer laughed.

“Teacher Wang.” Luzhou said, “Xiao Yi especially prepared some for you, let’s eat together.”

“Oh my, how thoughtful.” The producer said with a smile, he carried a chair back to sit down. He patted Xiao Yi’s shoulder and quipped: “Pretty good, not bad.”

Luzhou said: “Xiao Yi isn’t lazy, he is honest, if you ask him to do anything, he’ll do it.”

Xiao Yi laughed sheepishly, the producer wouldn’t stop complimenting his cooking skills, a moment later he said: “Oh my, I can’t just eat for free, what should I do?”

Luzhou said: “Teacher Wang, you can come and eat with us everyday.”

The producer said: “Next time if there is a chance, you need to reveal your face in a drama, ha ha ha ha!”

Xiao Yi: “……….”

Luzhou: “Hurry up and thank teacher Wang?!”

Xiao Yi was shocked and said: “Thank you….Teacher Wang!”

The producer waved his hand, after he ate he wanted to talk with the director. Xiao Yi thought ‘Is this really true? I can appear on drama?

In the evening when it was rest time, Xiao Yi asked Luzhou something making the corner of his mouth twitch, he said: “You just listen to what he said, in a couple of days he’ll forget about it.”

Xiao Yi thought, ‘Well, you two don’t keep your words, you keep promising like drinking water, ha! It’s just too easy for you guys, I almost took it serious.’

Everyday in the studio was tedious and boring, it kept repeating over and over, filming, market, sleep and occasionally, some people would come to visit the set. Fans of Luzhou brought food while others brought small gifts, as well as Luzhou’s artist friends who came over to say hello.

At night when there wasn’t scheduled for filming, Luzhou would hang with his friends at the karaoke and build connections with the director, producer, the company boss, etc. Those days Xiao Yi would wait outside of K karaoke and only sleep for 4 hours, one or two days like thaat were fine, but if it stretched to a month there would be a problem.

Everyone was impatient, everyday they didn’t get enough sleep, most of the time they would be in the car or at the studio, all the places that they could lean against were occupied, they also had to worry about the fans that would sneak in and take pictures.

Xiao Yi bought a stack of face masks on Taobao, everyday when Luzhou was resting he would put it on for him.

Many artists also came to find Xiao Yi and eat the fruit he bought for Luzhou, his popularity within the studio rose quickly. He didn’t gossip behind anyone’s back, if he heard something he would just laugh and move on. Also because he was Luzhou’s personal assistant, most people would intentionally or unintentionally try to gain his favor.

“You have constipation, eat more apples.” Xiao Yi said.

“You…….” Luzhou ferociously said, “ Don’t say that! I don’t have constipation!”

Xiao Yi said: “In the morning you squatted in the toilet for a long time…..being constipated for too long will make you get angry easily…… eat a little more fruit.”

Luzhou: “………”

There wasn’t any other way, having an assistant is like that there wasn’t even any privacy when eating. Luzhou took the apple and angrily said: “You nag even more than my mother!”

Xiao Yi’s expression looked sincere, but inside he was using all his strength to control himself from spitting and cursing at Luzhou, afraid that he’ll hear it.

“Who are you calling everyday?” Luzhou was alert, he asked.

“My girlfriend.” Xiao Yi was cutting an apple for Ning Yaqing while replying to Luzhou.

Ning Yaqing sat down looked toward Xiao Yi and smiled. Luzhou warned Xiao Yi many times, people would flatter him and try to gain his favor. They would be polite to him all because he was close to Luzhou. If one day he lost his position, they would immediately become cold tea. No matter how nice they seemed to be, don’t get to close or they would easily take advantage of you.

Xiao Yi thought about it countless of times, ‘between people and people they aren’t so snobbish, working in the studio is like being in jail, if they can be happy, why not?

“What are you calling her for.” Luzhou educated him, “Are you even a man, a good horse doesn’t come back to the same pasture, understand?”

Xiao Yi said: “She turned off her phone, no matter what I need to explain.”

Ning Yaqing said with a smile: “A girl’s’ mind is hard to predict, most of the time it is like that.”

“Really?” Xiao Yi asked expectantly.

Luzhou snorted, he didn’t bother to assess anymore, Ning Yaqing taught Xiao Yi: “She turned off her phone, but you can still call her home phone, QQ, WeChat or weixin, anywhere you can find her. If you care about her, you need to find a way to contact her, there are many things girls don’t say out loud, there are things you need to understand on your own without her telling you.”


(T/N: QQ, Wechat, Weixin – Social Media like facebook)


Xiao Yi thought about it and said: “Thank you, I understand.”

Ning Yaqing kindly smiled, she looked at Luzhou and said: “Mr. Lu is probably very familiar with a girl’s mind, being the man he needs to take the initiative.”

Luzhou vaguely made an agreeing sound, Xiao Yi smiled and asked Ning Yaqing whether she thought the same things when she was in love. Ning Yaqing replied that she had never been in love.

At the same time the fans came to visit the set, shouting from faraway and taking pictures. Luzhou’s expression changed, Xiao Yi immediately got up, walked over and said to them: “Don’t take pictures, come here, I will arrange a time for everyone to take a photo with Luzhou okay??”

“It can only be a group picture.” Xiao Yi said, “It can’t be an individual photo, come, everyone wait for a moment, we’ll take a picture before filming.”

When Xiao Yi headed back, he saw that Ning Yaqing sat in his seat, she was sitting next to Luzhou talking and laughing.

“Can we take a picture?” Xiao Yi asked.

Before coming here, Du Mei and Lin Yao both gave Xiao Yi the authority to organize for the fans to take pictures with Luzhou at appropriate times to increase the fans’ affinity toward Luzhou. Luzhou looked impatient as he got up, Ning Yaqing smiled and walked over about to head over, Luzhou instantly changed into a kind and gentle expression.

“The weather is cold.” Luzhou said, “Don’t come in these few days, I have to film outside.”

All the fans yelled, the male god spoke to us, ah! There was indescribable excitement, a boy was responsible to give the gift, he was excited and could only stutter.

“We brought you, brought you….brought you.” the boy came up, it seemed a bit like he wanted to hug Luzhou.

Xiao Yi stood aside, silently encouraging ‘hurry go hug him, kiss him too, in order to save his image he won’t shout and curse at the fans. Lick his nose too, hurry! I’ll support you! I’ll see how you will die! Go!’ Xiao Yi really wanted to see Luzhou be embarrassed by fans in front of everyone….

Luzhou said with a smile: “What is your name?”

“My my my my name is…….¥#@” The boy’s tongue was twisted in a knot, he continued: “I like watching you act, I I I…..I will learn from you!” The boy realized that kissing Luzhou wouldn’t be appropriate considering his gender, Xiao Yi thought, ‘All Luzhou need to do is pat his head or wrap his arm around the boy, it should be enough to make him faint happily.

Luzhou gently smiled and said: “Next time you guys come visit, don’t buy gifts, I’m not lacking anything, if you guys want to watch me just come.”

Luzhou then reached out and wrapped his arm around the boy’s shoulder, Xiao Yi laughed, he suddenly felt a little empathy, this beautiful feeling was almost contagious. Seeing the boy stand close to Luzhou, he could see a reflection of himself, everyone suddenly felt the spring breeze pass by, even if it was acting it was good enough……If Luzhou could keep this current state everyday when talking to him, Xiao Yi would feel……something indescribable.

“Everyone gather, we’ll take a picture.” Luzhou casually said, “Ning Yaqing….. Xiao Yi where are you going? Come back here!”

Xiao Yi wanted to go outside, but Luzhou didn’t want to let him go, he wanted Xiao Yi to stand in between him and Ning Yaqing, the fans objected wanting Xiao Yi to be the photographer.


Xiao Yi said: “I’ll take the picture, hurry, move closer.”

Therefore Luzhou and Ning Yaqing stood in the middle, the fans standing on both sides, *Ka Cha* the picture was taken.




Du Mei called, Xiao Yi was currently organizing the gifts that the fans gave Luzhou, a heat pack, scarves, gloves, and snacks.

Luzhou answered the phone, his tone wasn’t good at all, he said: “I will not call her!”




(Look something like this)



Nocturnal Robe (衣夜行)







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