The Peach Blossom Debt (桃花债)


Title: The Peach Blossom Debt
Author: 大风刮过
Genre: Ancient, magic, heaven, rebirth

Adapted to manhua

78 chapters 

1. Summary:

Who is the robber, who owes the debt. For thousand of years, they waited just to be reunited again.

The prime minister’s son, Song Yao  is infatuated with the courtesan, Yao Xiang, however, Yao Xiang have an affinity with a poor scholar. Driven by distraught, Song Yao mistaken ate an elixir pill of immortality by chance and soaring into the heaven.

Meanwhile, in heaven, Tianshu Xing and Nanming emperor involved in a love affair. Because of that they were being demoted and forced to descend to earth by the Jade Emperor as a punishment. The Jade Emperor than ordered Song Yao to descend to Earth and break up the two lovebirds. Song Yao’s close friend, Hengwen Qing, accompanied him return back to Earth. Decreed by fate, Song Yao reborn as the eldest son of a feudal lord and brought the weak and fragile scholar, Tianshu Xing into the mansion. The entanglement in his past life, cause and effect of his reincarnation, Song Yao play the role of a bridge connecting people with a red string while destined to live a lonely life forever.

2. Summary:

Tianshu Xing together with Nanming Emperor involved in a love affair, they was forced to descend to Earth by the Jade Emperor as a punishment. The Jade Emperor than send Song Yao to Earth to ruthlessly torture the two lovebirds. Under the power and influence of the Jade Emperor, this immortal (I) have to obey. After descended to Earth Song Yao reborn as the eldest son of a feudal lord and brought the fragile scholar, Tianshu Xing into the mansion.

Tianshu ah, I was forced, furthermore on heaven there is a bridge that separate you and I, do you really think I want to sleep together with you every night on the same bed.

Tianshu Xing (NOT A NAME, JUST A TITLE) = On amazon, the summary part said it mean The Star King. What I found out is that it mean alpha Ursae Majoris in the Big Dipper or the Alpha Big Dipper or the first Big Dipper star. 

Therefore, I guess The Star King work okay.

Someone requested this in my survey, I did some research on it and found out from many commenters and reviewers that this book is really good ^^ 

To the person who request: I’m taking this in consideration, most of the chapter is about 1500 words, it pretty doable for me and plus as I read the spoiler is seemed to be pretty good 🙂

Here is some cosplay of this novel <3



23 thoughts on “The Peach Blossom Debt (桃花债)

      • For the parts that you won’t be translating will you write brief summarizations of them?
        Are Tianshu and Nanming both males?and if they are both in love then who ends up with the protongist?…wait is this is a BL novel?….if it is is the protongist Uke or seme? You don’t have to answer all the questions….

        • Hey there, I need sometime to decide if I’m going to have this one as one of my project. If not, I will post the summary for it as soon as possible :).

          This is a BL, Tianshu and Nanming are both king, which mean they are male. The MC will end up with Tianshu, but at the same time, not Tianshu. I’m still trying to find out if the MC is uke or seme. With the information I have so far, the author didn’t label the protagonist as uke or seme. I’m going to continue researching, if they said the MC is seme, I won’t be translating it because I’m not used to reading a novel from seme POV. If you have anymore question, I would be glad to answer it 🙂

    • I’m debating, I need to find out if the POV is from the seme or uke before starting. Unfortunately nobody know the answer, I still trying to find out right now, I’ll get back to you on that 🙂

      • I don’t know if it is late but from as much as I know, the POV is from the top (the seme). But even during (very subtle) sex scenes, the roles were not that clearly mentioned so I think it wouldn’t be that much of a matter.

        • The author didn’t state who is seme or uke, it all depend on the reader’s opinion. There are some scene that make MC (Song Yao) seem like uke and some scene make MC seem like a seme ^^. I like reading uke as the MC, so in my opinion, Song Yao is the uke :D, but again it is all depend on your opinion ^^.

  1. I’d be very interested and grateful if you translated this. In fact, I’d even be willing to edit it myself as a native English speaker. I don’t know if you know this, but it’s recently come to my attention that much of this novel was stolen and plagiarized by a writer named Tang Qi. The novel in question is “To The Sky Kingdom” (English title), and from what I’ve heard, it pales greatly in comparison to the story and writing style of The Peach Blossom Debt. What’s even more infuriating is that Tang Qi’s rendition was converted into a successful drama, and a soon-to-be movie! Since the launch of the Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) drama, the support and profit for Tang Qi has spread internationally! Most strictly-English speakers are naive and/or uninterested by this because they have nothing to compare it to, so I think a translation, or even just a summary, would garner support and awareness for the original author and their struggles.

    • I actually have read about it and also heard that the author of Ten Miles of Peach Blossom attack the auther of peach blossom debt by making fake acc and calling her fans to comment on the peach blossom debt page, saying how she is the one plagerizing Tang Qi and rated bad. Tang Qi even try to pull the fans of Peach Blossom Debt to her side by attack the author and criticizing her ༼ノಠل͟ಠ༽ノ︵┻━┻
      I was so mad when I read, Tang Qi isn’t only plagerizing Peach Blossom Debt, she have plagerized many more novel from even popular author -_-. She hasn’t been caught because appearantly she is backed up by a big company.
      I have put this story on my to-translate-in-future list. The word per chapter is short which tolerable, but I need finish Feng Mang and GA first 🙂
      Thank you for offering to help 🙂

      • I am someone who watched the Chinese drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossom/Eternal Love, and it was the most beautiful love story I have ever seen played in a drama. Mind you, it disheartened and disappointed me finding out that Tang Qi, author of ‘To the Star King,” from which Eternal Love was adapted from was plagiarized. And as another comment or said, I read comments that The original authors work is superior in quality and wording than Tang Qi which peaked my curiosity. I really do wish to read the original work The Peach Blossom Debt. In fact i and I’m sure others would even pay reasonably for it :). I say that because if the book is translated in English,that in itself would make it more accessible for international readers to be able to compare, and more importantly bring to light the original author :). Someone with talent deserves their work showcased. Don’t hesitate to contact me if needed/wanted.

        • Tang Qi wasn’t only plagiarized the author of PBD’s work, Dafeng Guaguo, but also created many accounts and told her fan to talk bad about Dafeng Guaguo on her site and accused Dafeng Guaguo of plagiarized her work ༼ノಠل͟ಠ༽ノ-︵-┻━┻. Since Dafeng Guaguo isn’t as popular as Tang Qi (and also Tang Qi have a popular company back her up) Dafeng Guaguo couldn’t do anything about it. I really do want to translate PBD, however, I still have GA and FM to finished. If no one picks up PBD after I finished these two novels, I’ll definitely pick it up :).

    • I have translated up to chapter 1/2 of chapter 3, but probably won’t continue translating it. When I have time, I will post what I have finished translate :).

    • Hey there, if you want me to transfer my permission to you, I need to make sure that you are able to do it and keep your translation as close to the original as possible because I don’t want to see a translation that are off-track from the author’s work, that’s disrespecting the author. However, if you still want to do it, feel free to, you can always ask for the author’s permission on your own. But before you start translation, make sure you are up for it but PBD isn’t an easy novel to translate (in my opinion) :).

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