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That night Xiao Yi surfed Tianya with his heart alarmed and trembling in fear. There were eight posts talking about how Luzhou rose to popularity. Some people said that he was involved in unspoken rules with the producer…… Xiao Yi felt like he would become a spartan.


(T/N: Xiao Yi’s anger is being compared to becoming a spartan because spartan = mad to the point of wanting to kill someone)  


Although unspoken rules were frequently heard of, Xiao Yi knew that whether it was a singer or an actor, they all couldn’t escape from the unspoken rule, even male actors would also dive in. But no matter what people said, if it involved his male god— be it Li Changzheng or Luzhou, Xiao Yi would automatically remove any possibility of it in his mind. As if it never happened, he would imagine that Luzhou would forever be a white lotus flower that grew out of the mud unsullied…… But the matter regarding Li Changzheng, Xiao Yi had heard of it before, although his rationality allowed him to understand that these kinds of things couldn’t be asked about, but it couldn’t be seen as serious either. The matter of the past should just be buried in the past. However, emotionally he couldn’t accept it, shaking several times he wanted to exit the post but he couldn’t help continuing scrolling down to look.


(T/N: White lotus flower that grew out of the mud unsullied = To be principled and incorruptible)


God! Xiao Yi’s heart was fiercely struggling, his cheeks streaming with tears. He faced upward with a tearful face, ‘How can it be like this! My male god was actually topped by someone——’


Almost all of the fans possessed exactly the same reaction, they shared the post all over weibo and even attached links to other posts. Furthermore, there were all kinds of pretentious comments, for example they would say ‘I heard it from somewhere, after Luzhou got topped he can’t get it up anymore……’


Xiao Yi: “……”


Wrong! Xiao Yi suddenly thought of the two special words Zhang Xinran has thrown at Luzhou, he began to imagine how a person who couldn’t get it up was able to ejaculate prematurely. He went through the process of self-refuting and doubting, he hypothesized, deducted and judged, and finally Xiao Yi reassured himself that everything was false, Luzhou simply wasn’t impotent as impotence and premature ejactulation couldn’t coexist.


According to that, Xiao Yi felt that what Zhang Xinran said about whether Luzhou could get it up or not was a lie. After his deduction, he came to the conclusion that all of them were lying. Therefore, Luzhou certainly hadn’t being topped by the producer.  


“President Du,” Xiao Yi said: “This post……I think we should look for someone to delete it.”

Xiao Yi let Du Mei look at it, he was looking forward to gain an ally.

Du Mei just glanced at it and said: “Foolish people, we don’t need to bother with them.”  

“We are not going to delete it?” Xiao Yi asked.

“If we look for someone to delete it, isn’t it like we admit that it’s the truth?” Du Mei looked at Wechat and waved her hand at the same time.

“Beside, Luzhou doesn’t mind this nonsense, you don’t have to worry about him.”

“Oh.” Xiao Yi replied.


Xiao Yi suddenly glowed with divine light, he thought ‘right! Luzhou himself doesn’t care, so he won’t feel troubled and certainly he didn’t use unspoken rules with the producer’


Du Mei made a phone call for Luzhou to come over, Xiao Yi walked to the side and continued looking at the comments online.


He saw the post below which presented explosive news, this was clearly posted by an insider.


This person pointed out that the producer of the movie that Luzhou first debuted in replaced his surname with the first letter in Pinyin.


The producer was a shou (uke) and in the circle he was famous for playing around with straight men. Although he wasn’t the typical delicate and charming type, but he definitely would not be gong (seme), instead all the persons who had played around with him were gong (seme), most of them could confirm it.


If one looked carefully at Luzhou’s debut in his first movie 《Turning Head Arrow》, they would notice that it was somewhat popular in the beginning of the year, but then after many years nobody really remembered it. It wasn’t until Luzhou signed the contract with Du Mei that the movie gradually become popular again.


(T/N: It technically mean The arrow won’t come back after you shoot the bow = There’s no turning back after you make an important decision)


‘Who wants to be promoted!’ Xiao Yi was still unwilling to believe it and thought ‘Luzhou also has his own strength, since your point of view is impartial, I won’t argue over this with you……’ Xiao Yi thought about it again and suddenly guessed:


Was it because Luzhou had no choice but to ‘top’ the producer, so a shadow was cast over him ever since making him unable to get ‘it’ up. That would be understandable.


“Hey,” Luzhou said.


Xiao Yi immediately sat up straight.

Luzhou: “Why didn’t you return to your room?”


Luzhou didn’t know what Xiao Yi was thinking and looked at him strangely.


Du Mei said: “I asked him to stay, take a look, the draft for your justification is done.”


Du Mei handed him the draft, Luzhou looked at it and fixed some parts preparing to publish the draft the next day. Right now the internet was still in an uproar, the love story of Luzhou and Zhang Xinran hadn’t cooled down.


After Du Mei finished fixing the draft, she went to look for the publisher but before leaving she instructed: “Luzhou, remember to publish your justification tomorrow on weibo.”


The justification was complete. Xiao Yi looked at it, the plot consisted of Luzhou’s speech of the love story of him and Zhang Xinran, even though it couldn’t be compared to “10 years of feelings as intimate lovers, but in the end I can’t continue to hold your hand and be together with you until the earth and heaven get old, though it pains me to let you go I’m willing to let you spread your wings and soar into the sky,”  this kind of pretentious speech, but it actually could make a person be moved to tears a little.

(T/N: Until the earth and heaven get old =a long, long time (often used by lovers in making vows of eternal love)

(T/N: spread your wings and soar into the sky = Let a person be free)


Luzhou’s speech was mainly about his own feelings, about how he as an innocent boy first entered the entertainment circle and up until now, how he luckily met Zhang Xinran during his journey, how they would help and never leave each other and how this made them able to reach this far. He thought that their meeting was obviously fated, he had wanted to hold Zhang Xinran’s hand and walk down the aisle on their wedding, but because their personalities conflicted with each other they eventually decided not to continue and had to let go of each other’s hand, but they still wished for the other person to obtain happiness——Their breakup had nothing to do with anyone, also nobody cheated, time will prove everything eventually.


Reading the memories of Luzhou’s first debut and how he bit by bit got closer with Zhang Xinran, Xiao Yi had to say he felt a little sad.


“Don’t show me that expression!” Luzhou’s mouth twitched: “I’m getting goosebumps!”

Xiao Yi said: “Is this really true?”


Luzhou said: “Most of it was edited. Are you good at writing? If you’re good then fix it.”


Xiao Yi’s writing skills were normal, he modified a few words and changed the wording to make it more sincere, then he let Luzhou read it. Luzhou said: “Let’s do it like that.”


Xiao Yi learned from Du Mei, this kind of thing also benefitted both sides, when an actor wasn’t in any movies or dramas, using this type of method would allow the idol to maintain their exposure and become a topic by stirring back and forth, however their deliberate exaggeration tended to shock people, dating was undoubtedly less risky, it was a favorable method to let the fans enjoy.


Everyone said that Luzhou was clinging to Zhang Xinran’s thigh, in fact he was being wrongly accused, however, after all, this kind of thing would benefit both sides.


“Our Zhou Zhou can’t fall behind anyone.” Du Mei disdainfully said: “Humph! Post it on weibo.”


Next morning Xiao Yi opened Luzhou’s weibo and posted the justification.


Today was friday, filming would take the whole day, Xiao Yi had been really busy in the studio and wondered what was currently happening on weibo, it definitely caused a huge commotion.


The entire morning was very busy, the director frantically tried to catch up with the schedule, the co-ordinator was busy to the point of her feet not even touching the ground , with this busy schedule there were still people who were cursing someone on the phone.


In the afternoon, all the difficult scenes in the drama were finished, Luzhou hang in the air in front of the green screen letting the Hou Qi group edit the scene.


“Good!” The director said: “Next scene!”

Xiao Yi was finally free to take out his phone, when he opened Luzhou’s weibo he was frightened, the news had come out——more than 254,000 people had forwarded his post and there were over 95,000 comments. Xiao Yi almost passed away.


Luzhou’s justification was able to obtain 60% favorability, of course, most of the fans are his hopeless worshipers, as long as the male god said he liked someone, that person would be seen as good because the male god was the best. As long as Luzhou spoke up and explained it clearly, whether it was Zhang Xinran or Ning Yaqing, Zhao Benshan or Xiao Shengyang or even a husky, his fans would not have any objections.


(T/N: Zhao Benshan = Chinese comedian)

(T/N: Xiao Shengyang = Chinese actor)


But there were fans from boths sides, Zhang Xinran’s fans and passers-by——were fiercely offended by Luzhou’s fans. It was unlikely that they would let him off, they began to use the current topic as a pretext to make a fuss, it was simply like demons and monsters danced like mad.


(T/N: demons and monsters danced like mad = bad people (in this case, haters/anti-fan) are out of control)


Xiao Yi thought, ‘Is there any water army that belongs to Zhang Xinran? Or a water army that belongs to Du Mei? Do the two sides arguing actually belong to them?


(T/N: Water army/navy (in slang world) = people who paid to spam)


Xiao Yi began to feel better, when he looked at the other comments he saw that even the cast and crew of Iron Horse Glacier received the bullet,  Ning Yaqing was being harshly criticized as well. The more Xiao Yi read, the more furious he was, insulting Luzhou wasn’t like insulting him.  


Xiao Yi really wanted to look up at the sky and roar, ‘My male god has been working really hard do you even know that?! Do you even know?! Cursing my a**!’ Finally Xiao Yi couldn’t hold it in anymore, he logged out of Luzhou’s weibo, switched to another ID and started cursing at the anti-fans.


Although Xiao Yi was determined to destroy the enemies, he only had three sentences with weak damage,  after tossing and turning there were only “how can you say that!”, “You, shut up!”, “You don’t understand anything!”. Their damage level weren’t much, he hated himself for having such poor cursing skills and a low clone ID, he envied the person who had the embodiment of 100 billion, one person could stop 1,000, easily strangling all the people who opposed them.


(T/N: Person who have the embodiment of 100 billion = One person could do the work of more people)


Xiao Yi wished that he could become Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara and strangle each one of them. He used his clone ID to comment and then erase, he kept doing that until his head spun. The co-ordinator sighed, telling Xiao Yi to look at Tianya.

(T/N:  Sanskrit Avalokiteśvara = an enlightened being who is a manifestation of all Buddhas’ compassion. Known as budha of compassion, have 1,000 hands.)


“Did you go on Tianya yet?” she asked


“I’m going on it.” Xiao Yi told her to not be too agitated, but he himself was even more agitated  than her.


The co-ordinator said: “Look at this post.”

Xiao Yi glanced at the post the co-ordinator sent to him through weibo, this caused him to get scared to the point of almost peeing his pants.


The title of the post was: The truth exposed, the life of the slag Luzhou.


Who cared that the post consisted of 350 words, Xiao Yi pulled down, one person commented like this


[I’m a friend of Luzhou’s assistant, when this disgusting person became famous, he didn’t see anyone in his eyes, he often yelled at his assistant in the company, vented his anger on his assistant, even attempted to hit him, his assistant is pitiful……he punched and kicked him all day]


No way! Xiao Yi thought ‘Who revealed this?!’ He never told anyone! ‘Your majesty, this is like thunder striking from a clear sky, your servant will accept the yi zhang hong……hurry and bring it to me, I don’t want to live anymore……


(T/N: What Xiao Yi said is a speech in drama when one of the emperor’s concubine do something wrong and asking to be punish)

(T/N: Yi Zhang Hong = is a 3.3 M stick, was use to hit a person on their bottom as a punishment)


After a pause Xiao Yi said: “I I I I signed the……confidentiality agreement, I have never said such a thing to anyone, no, no, brother Zhou never hit me or yelled at me! This isn’t true! Just a make up! What am I going to do aaaa!”


“Do you want to call Du Mei to explain the situation?” The co-ordinator said.

Xiao Yi gratefully nodded and immediately dialed Du Mei’s number.


Du Mei listened on the other line and said: “I read the post I also know you didn’t post it, the only person on the enemy’s side who knows you’re Luzhou’s assistant is Qi Quan. Qi Quan definitely hired someone to pretend to be your friend and post it, this kind of stratagem of sowing dissension is trying to make discord among our people, don’t be afraid.”


Good, good….. Xiao Yi felt relieved.

Du Mei said: “How about this, you open another account and also post a comment, using the same stratagem of sowing dissension. Say that you heard from a friend: (accent) When Zhang Xinran’s manager, Qi Quan was drunk, he gossiped about Zhang Xinran to a security guard guarding the gate. Imitate his tone, you just need to cause damage to him.”


Xiao Yi: “……”

Xiao Yi thought ‘f****, you people are too evil.’


“Hey!” Luzhou shouted from afar: “What are you doing!”


Xiao Yi immediately regained his spirit, Du Mei said: “Are you taking care of Luzhou? Then you don’t need to post anything, beside the four water armies are here.”

Xiao Yi hurriedly replied then hung up the phone. He quickly ran over to where Luzhou was, when Luzhou came down, Xiao Yi immediately held him to support his balance. Luzhou had been hanging for half an hour, Xiao Yi called the other assistant over to massage him, while he massaged his ankle.


The entire crew all read the post on Tianya, the one that said: “Let me tell you about: The secret of Luzhou and Zhang Xinran.”  In the blink of an eye the replies already reached dozens of pages. Xiao Yi opened the post and saw the reign of horror. Some people were cursing Luzhou for being a slag, some people who stepped on Zhang Xinran, some people cried because there wasn’t any love between them, some people spammed with pictures of their idols. There were a lot of cursing, one fan could compare to ten anti-fans, there were some passers-by who were just there to see the show, taking advantage of the situation to insult their drama.


“These m*********.” the co-ordinator cursed, pulling her sleeves and said: “Our drama is getting shot even when lying down! Sisters let’s show them! Attack!”


(T/N: Getting shot even when lying down = To get unjustly ridiculed, attacked, implicated in something etc. while just being present)


The project manager called for their attention: “Come here, I have saved come clone IDs, don’t use your real ID, I’ll send those clone IDs through the group chat on weixin.”


Xiao Yi: “……”


Almost everyone in the whole crew was surfing on their phone, Luzhou rested for a while, he didn’t know anything and didn’t ask, he just continued with his filming.


The male lead was hanging on the wire in the air, the people who had the same common enemy as him, were supporting him from below.


Xiao Yi leaned over, he saw the recorder looking and listening carefully in all directions, she then typws on her phone at light speed. Ning Yaqing was being pulled into the war, her face darkened, she was sitting on the side looking at her phone.


Ning Yaqing was clearly suppressing her anger, she threw her phone aside and said: “Sometimes I really want to investigate who these IDs belong to, then hire people to handle these haters.”

Xiao Yi was shocked, he thought ‘Woman, if you want to massacre everyone then cut the power, if you are really able to hire people, according to the current situation, most likely the fans who fail to understand the truth will attack you like they attack Luzhou……’


Luzhou was in front of the green screen moving around, following strange and funny looking postures that the martial artists suggested. Xiao Yi didn’t want to check his phone openly, he could only secretly glance at it.


“Sister An……” Xiao Yi said: “Are you still fighting?”

“It’s alright.” The co-ordinator consoled: “I’m just fighting for fun, I’m waiting for president Du to lead the whole team to war. Ai ya, Tianya isn’t the main battlefield, the entertainment media chain keeps reposting and spreading the news widely, Tinya are just small-scale.


Xiao Yi: “……”


Everyone had an expression of finding joy in calamity and delight in disaster. The co-ordinator chatted with the others through weixin, she said: “Yes, yes, this time it is her own bad luck, she encountered Du Mei, if she isn’t unlucky then who is……”


Xiao Yi thought, ‘It seems like Zhang Xinran offended a lot of people’. Li Ye and the co-ordinator here seemed to see her as something unpleasant to their eyes.


“……Why bother” the other line on weixin was a soft voice filled with anger belonging to a man, he said: “That Zhang Xinran, in this world, who doesn’t know how chaotic her life activity is, she needs to learn how to control her behavior, bringing a dog into this as a shield for what, our Mao Mao……”


“Mao Mao is Mo Mo’s dog,” the co-ordinator explained to Xiao Yi: “it was beaten by Zhang Xinran’s chihuahua.”


Xiao Yi nodded, he still had lingering fears.


“Yes,” the co-ordinator continued to talk through Weixin, she said: “Let’s see who will sink deeper.”


Because Xiao Yi was standing next her, the co-ordinator wasn’t spitting as much fire, after she finished talking she turned off weixin and continued surfing the forum.


Around 4:00, Du Mei’s water army finally bit back in a frenzied way.


The opening title was: Revealing a little bit about Zhang Xinran’s godfather and her dog who threatens others based on their master’s power.

(T/N:  a dog threatens based on master’s power = use one’s position to bully others)


The next post is: Ladies and gentleman, come and see Luzhou performing wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject.


(T/N: Wind, flower, snow and moon, trite poetry subject = romance is in the air)


Around 5:00, the hot topic in tianya became:


《The end of the relationship between Lu-Zhang, through many storms, they have left us with a beautiful memory in the entertainment circle, who will relay from this break up? Who will accept the second handed?》


The public opinion on the homepage has been pulled back, most of the posts talking about Luzhou all contained his handsome picture.


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