Feng Mang


Title: Feng Mang (锋芒)
Author: Chai Jidan (柴鸡蛋) 
Genre: modern, showbiz, fortune-telling, comedy, numberphile, shameless male,

307 Chapters


Han Dong is an extras, also fortune-telling as a concurrent job, telling marriage extremely accurate. One day he accidentally tell his own fortune and discover that he and a golden man will become “a match predestined by fate.” As a straight man, he isn’t hesitate to ruin his image in front of the golden man, act as a fool, a despicable man, making himself as annoying as possible because he afraid that the other man will take a liking of him.

(T/N: Whenever a person is refered to as golden or possess a golden hand, it’s mean that are rich)

Do you think this golden man will fall for him? Then you’re wrong.

Han Dong toss from side to side but unexpectedly become tempted, he begin to use thousand ways, a hundred plans in order to rescue the situation. As a result, his acting skills before, cause his foolish image already entered deeply into the man’s heart……

(T/N: Thousand ways, a hundred plans = by every possible means)

Chapter 1 – Earth Vital Energy

Chapter 2 -His flaw are countless

Chapter 3 – Standard “got hit even while lying down”

Chapter 4 – Numberphilia

Chapter 5 – God’s reply!

Chapter 6 – How Important is it!

Chapter 7 – I Do Not Believe I Can’t Catch You!

Chapter 8 – Sooner or later I will be popular.

Chapter 9 – Sleepwalking!

Chapter 10 – Within 10 Days

Chapter 11 – Advantage Blessed by Heaven

Chapter 12 – Just You

Chapter 13 – Scum!

Chapter 14 – Who Set the Conditions?

Chapter 15 – This is an Absolute Disaster!

Chapter 16 – Leave

Chapter 17 – Changing Job

Chapter 18 – Very possible to be born

Chapter 19 – He is not a good thing!

Chapter 20 – Killing the ill-fated relationship today!

Chapter 21 – Repentance

Chapter 22 – Error

Chapter 23 – You can’t speak too soon!

Chapter 24 – The First Degree Crime

Chapter 25 – Could Be Properly Nurtured

Chapter 26 – You A**hole!

Chapter 27 – Doesn’t Resemble a Human Being!

Chapter 28 – One

Chapter 29 – That Position

Chapter 30 – What a Pity!

Chapter 31 – Arrange Ritual Implementing Spell

Chapter 32 – Drinking

Chapter 33 – The Car Hit The Road Just Like That

Chapter 34 – Scary and Stupidly Adorable (Moe)

Chapter 35 – Number One Immortal in the Imperial Capital!

Chapter 36 – He is a Normal Guy

Chapter 37 – Chief Wang Personally Visiting Civilian’s Home

Chapter 38 – Steal Food

Chapter 39 – However Strong You Are, There is Always Someone Stronger

Chapter 40 – Do You Really See Yourself As a Mouse?

Chapter 41 – However You Want ~Will Do However You Want~

Chapter 42 – How Could You Bear It in Your Heart!

Chapter 43 – Ultimatum

Chapter 44 – Harmonious To The Point of Satirizing

Chapter 45 – A Subtle Relationship

Chapter 46 – Overnight

Chapter 47 – It’s Difficult for a Lost-Money-Instead-of-Being-Paid Wife to Come Visit

Chapter 48 – Spin a Cocoon Around Oneself

Chapter 49 – Pu——

Chapter 50 – Have His Wish Fulfilled

Chapter 51 – Formulate A Plan

Chapter 52 – Diametrically Opposite Situation

Chapter 53 – Call Him Over For Me!

Chapter 54 – Need A Spanking

Chapter 55 – Cool Dong Dong Is Acting Cute

Chapter 56 – How Could He Be Even More Twisted Than Me?

Chapter 57 – This Time, It’s Safe. [Revised Ver.]

Chapter 58 – Smile

Chapter 59 – Can You Stop Being Such a Man?

Chapter 60 – Pitiful Appearance

Chapter 61 – Evil Power

Chapter 62 – Subdue this Evildoer!

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  1. Great!!! another BL again.. I like this story, but I like GA too.. hmmm… actually I like all story that you’ve translate.. please continue for translating..
    Hwaiiting!! 😁

  2. Uwaah! This looks like it’s gonna be hilarious! Looking forward to reading this! Thank you for your hard work 🙂

  3. Very excited about this one…. And also those two that you found, are characters in a movie called Tiny Times 4… /and no, they were not romantically involved in the movie… just had questionable bromance… 😥😥 It was a pity…/

      • No I felt the same way too when I saw the pics online a year or two ago… So did some research and found out that they were characters in a movie. /P.s. Movie was good tho… Mixture of Sex and the City & Friends kinda of feel./

  4. Very excited about this one…. And also those two that you found, are characters in a movie called Tiny Times 4… /and no, they were not romantically involved in the movie… just had questionable bromance… It was a pity…/

    • @Yang Guo
      Is that you? The same yang guo who always comments in Dramacools.io ??
      Wow i could even stumbled meeting you here… :-):-):-)
      anticipating the 1st ep of feng meng???

  5. omg! omg!! right now you are my idol! right now i love u so much!!
    i’m a big fan of CJD and long time ago i read something about this novel!
    I’m so happy ;¬;! see, i’m crying of happiness <3!
    hahaha, thank u sooooooo much! ♥♥♥

  6. HI, I really like your work, and I wanted to ask you if I can translate it into Spanish? I will give you the credits, I would be very pleased I await your response.

  7. Thank you for your great work, I am a translator and I apologize for the inconvenience but I wanted to ask you if you can give me permission to translate it into Spanish. I would not take the credit for your translation.

    • Hi there, I have send CJD several messages but she never replied to me, therefore I don’t have her permission. If you want to ask for the permission of any author, it’s best if you find their weibo and send him/her a message, however keep in mind that some of them tend to not answer 🙂

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