Feng Mang Chapter 8 – Sooner or later I will be popular.

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After visiting Han Dong’s residence, the two went out together to eat.

“Where are you from?” Li Shang asked.

Han Dong said: “The Inner Mongolia region, you?”

“I’m from Anhui, I came to Beijing to study at a University and just graduated last year. Although I’m studying science department, I have always like acting, and I want to give it a try before growing old. Ah, I heard that Wang Baoqiang was discovered at the entrance of Northern Film Studio right?”

“Don’t even dream of it, he probably cultivated through many lifetimes in order to have such a good fortune. Besides, Wang Baoqiang isn’t just staying at the same spot to get selected, he is a disciple of Shaolin Temple specialized in the role of the martial artist, can you do that?”

Li Shang asked: “Then why are you still preserving for many years?”

“Because sooner or later, I will rise to fame.” Han Dong said with a tone of certainty.

“How do you know you’ll rise to fame?”

“I calculated it.”

Li Shang asked jokingly, “You calculated that you’ll rise to fame?”

“Soon.” Han Dong wiped his mouth after eating, leaning against the chair and looking proudly: “It should be in this year.”

Li Shang didn’t believe him but he didn’t want to refute Han Dong in front of his face, in order to know his own fortune, he asked: “Then can you calculate if whether I’ll become popular?”

Han Dong carefully looked at Li Shang for a moment, a strange fluctuation appeared in his eyes, his tone half joking half serious, “Ok, boy, you will become a star in the future!”

“You, how did you calculate that?” Li Shang asked with interest.

Han Dong, using the chopsticks to knock on the bowl, said: “Because your stature resembles mine.”

Li Shang laughed, cupping his fist in the other hand, “Thanks to your blessing, thanks to your blessing.”

Because they didn’t find a suitable place, Han Dong let Li Shang stay at his place temporarily. It was beyond Li Shang’s guess, Han Dong was very calculative but he didn’t want to take his rent money and even said with a heroic voice, “Your elder brother doesn’t lack money.”

At night while tidying up the room, Li Shang nudged Han Dong. “Hey, since your house is filled with many inflatable stuff, you probably have that ‘toy’ right?”

“You mean the inflatable doll?”


(T/N: Inflatable doll = s** doll)


Han Dong asked without hesitation, causing the nine men to raise their heads at the same time.

“Are you joking?” Han Dong knocked on Li Shang’s forehead, “Your elder brother never lack of women, why do I need to use it?”

The men in the nine rooms simultaneously lowered their shoulders in disappointment.

Because of the change in environment and because the soundproof wasn’t good, it caused Li Shang to suffer a little from insomnia. Han Dong was a heartless host, when his head touched the pillow, he immediately fell asleep.

Li Shang stayed awake till 1:00 am, when he finally felt a little sleepy, Han Dong suddenly mumbled faintly on one side.

“The brother living diagonally across, are you even capable of doing it? Rubbing for half an hour and you still haven’t shoot.”

The brother who was living in the room diagonally across returned with a sentence, “My JB is like you, it has a slow temperament.”

(T/N: JB = slang for male genital)

Ling Shang immediately awoke, “F****, you guys still haven’t slept yet?”

The sound of breathing continued, but nobody replied.

Li Shang turned his head to look at Han Dong, his eyelids were still closed, his breathing evenly, there was absolutely no sign of him waking up! Li Shang was startled, it was sleep talking right? Then what about the brother living diagonally across……he also sleep talks??? If this was even possible, then how could I live in such a place?


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