Soul flies to Annihilate (魂飛湮滅 )


(There isn’t an official picture for it, but this is picture used for this novel in other Chinese novel sites)

Title: Soul flies to Annihilate
Author: 古玉聞香
Genre: Transmigrate, Transport to ancient time, H, sweet

MC travel back and forth from modern to ancient.

52 Chapters

My Summary:

Every time Mo Qing sleep he would discover that he has transported to another world, and fall onto a bed of another man in the ancient time. This man would always look at his with hunger in his eyes. On Mo Qing’s body appeared a strange tattoo, at the same time the memory of another person gradually awakens. In the end, what is the relationship between Mo Qing and that mystery ancient man? Why does Mo Qing transport between the two worlds? and what is the meaning of the tattoo that appeared out of nowhere?

Mo Qing previous life was a soldier under a general, as time passed Mo Qing and the general has fallen deeply in love with each other. The general is the typical cold seme, while Mo Qing is innocent and bright. After accidentally breaking a precious treasure of a certain evil person causing him to lose all his power, he vowed to take revenge against Mo Qing. That certain evil person makes Mo Qing unable to live pass the age of 15 in every lifetime until this lifetime where he goes by the name Mo Qing.

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