15P 7H 6SM


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Title: 15P 7H 6SM
Author: 琥珀虫子
Genre: Modern, showbiz, sweet, Idol x assistant

15P + 7H + 6SM = 28 chapters

My Summary:

A very common saying: If you don’t cherish something when losing it, you’ll feel regret, and would then try to gain it back.

A young assistant falls helplessly in love with a shining star. One day, when the star came back with a movie script that has homosexual theme, he asked the young assistant to help him ‘experience’ the so-call love between two men. Throughout experiencing, the star hasn’t recognized that he has already fallen for the young assistant. When the young assistant has already left, the star then finally realized his feeling.

Each chapter of this story was set up like a diary, but it has both points of view of the two main character. This story has shaken my heart, I know I already have GA and FM to finish, but I really need to translate this one <3.


1 Painful 

2 Perhaps        3 Progress

4 Poor         5 Please      6 Potato

7 Present           8 Possible       9 Pregnant          10 Promise

11 Pity         12 Pardon          13 Permit            14 Precious


(1) Hope

(2) Home         (3) Hard

(4) Happy        (5) Honest        (6) Holiday

(7) Hold


[1] Sense Master

[2] Self-confidence Mind        [3] Sixth Mark

[4] Small Map    [5] Same Meal     [6] Secret Marriage

The Last P (FINAL)

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  1. Hi, just wanna let you know, that 7 days is posted on wattpad by account name Dia369, there’s also My disciple died yet again there…idk if u already gave permision beforehand to that account

    • Hey there, thank you for telling me 🙂
      I actually noticed that before, but I wasn’t sure if it’s mine or not haha. I hasn’t given my permission to that account, but it’s fine, as long as others could read it, I’m happy XD

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