15P 7H 6SM – 12 Pardon

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At all cost I pretended that nothing had happened, I put on an appearance as if I was not in the least concerned, my hands all sweaty when I went to find your uncle and loudly asked:

“Hey brother, where’s your nephew, why haven’t I seen him for ages?”

“Ah, him!” Your uncle was busy to death, he was setting up a scenery.

My heart was beating faster and faster, it took almost all of my endurance to not rush up and grab your pitiful uncle and roar “Yes, him, how is he?!”

“He’s going to Nanjing to his grandmother’s house. Haizz, that kid’s life is normal, my brother’s subsequent sister-in-law doesn’t tolerate him.”

I thought I was almost attacked by these words and thrown over the lake, I foolishly continued to ask:

“Is……that it?He…… When is he leaving?”

“He hasn’t left yet but he will soon, probably in two more days, if not today then it’s tomorrow, I have forgotten the specific day, these days I was too busy……”

My heart began to beat violently again. It was not too late. This time, believe in me, I’ll find you and never let you go.

God, please give me a chance to redeem myself.


One morning at an ordinary residential building, a boy walked out holding a large travel bag, no one sent him down, only a middle-aged man said a sentence:

“Be careful, and remember to call home.”


The boy obediently promised not to cry, he struggled to hold his large bag as he walked down the stairs.

You would never know how happy I was to see you after staying and waiting here for two days.

I instinctively rushed over to grab you and your large bag, you hadn’t even recognized that it was me when I hugged you, I put you in the car that I borrowed from my friend and whizzed away.

At that time, I almost thought I was a hero who took back my lover from a robber, but in fact, I just stopped you just before you got on the train to go to the south.

At first, you were very surprised, you soon recognized me and quietly sat next to me, I looked at you through my peripheral vision to satisfy my greed and was distressed to find out that in the time I hadn’t seen you, you had unexpectedly lost weight and also gotten darker.

After the car stopped I was unable to constrain myself and held the face that had appeared in my dreams several times, I kissed you ferociously, you were responding to me positively, I could feel your yearning and desire for me, you sought me to a point that was no less than mine.

A tenderness like sweet honey filled my dry heart, I held you tight and felt you trembling after I held you more forcefully, in your delicate ears I enticed and persuaded you:

“Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me…… can we……start over again…… Forgive me……”

You trembled harder, like a piece of fallen leaf that was about to fall, you hid your head in my clothes and refused to lift it up, the front of my collar gradually became moist…………

Your reaction, although within a range I could imagine, still overwhelmed me.

I did not dare try to lift your head, I had to keep on gently patting your twitching shoulder as I gently kissed your delicate fragrant hair, from time to time I would use my fingers to erase the tears on your face that were hurting and burning me.

I wanted to use all the body language I could think of to express my feelings for you hoping that you would forgive me, hoping that you would agree and promise me that we would start a beautiful future.

I was very cunning
In fact, I knew that you would forgive me.
Because you love me.
Just like me now, I love you, no, perhaps even deeper than this.

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