15P 7H 6SM – 13 Permit

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


“What’s the matter? Is there still something that you can’t say to me?”
“In the future, I can take a bath by myself……every time……”
“No, you can’t rob me of my joy.”
“Then……In the future don’t always stare at me when we’re outside, you are a celebrity, you have to pay attention to……”

“Oh, I’ll try, as long as there aren’t so many people surrounding you, seeing that makes my chest anxious.”

“And ah … …also don’t bother me when I’m cooking, I can do it alone… …”

“But I can’t bear to let you cook for me. Besides I’m afraid, won’t you get bored when alone in the kitchen?”


“Why aren’t you talking? Huh?”

“I lost again today…… I’ll continue tomorrow……”

You don’t need to think so much, I’ll also win tomorrow, because I want to spoil you, stick to you, to make others give up the idea of kidnapping you from me, in addition, when you’re not paying attention, secretly kissing you is my greatest pleasure, looking at your beautiful skin turn into a shade of pink satisfied me, so——-

My lover,
Please allow me to do that
Please allow me
To love you without a scruple.

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