15P 7H 6SM – (1) Hope

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


Until now I have been thinking about that cold morning, from that day on I lived together with my lover.

I heard that there was a Leonid meteor shower one night and he was a Leo, therefore from early in the morning he had turned down all the arrangements for the day, and in the evening before nightfall, we hurried to a place in the suburbs, a small deserted hill.

We took a bite of the chicken bought from KFC and drank the exclusive secret coffee that he made, we sat on the flat ground and chatted as we waited for the meteor to streak across the sky.

To be honest, toward these things I only believed in them so-so. It was just that seeing him so excited, I wanted to accompany him there.

We waited and waited ~~~~ until it got dark, after one, two, three and four stars had hung in the sky, there still wasn’t any shadow of the meteor, I felt a bit cold and was breathing incessantly, he noticed and pulled my hand into his, and rubbing it.

It suddenly occurred to me that there was an overcoat in the car, so I got up and wanted to get it.

Just then I heard his surprised call:

“It’s here, it’s here!”

By the time I looked up, it was too late, so I asked him:

“Did you make a wish?”

“Ah……I was calling for you to look and forgot … … … …”

I made a gesture of failure and took out the coat, he pulled me over to sit down and put on the coat, the coat was a bit small for two people, he told me to hug his waist, he would then wrap his hand around my shoulder, as we pressed together there was almost no distance between us.

The meteor didn’t even save us a bit of face, it scattered and sometimes there would be one lazy streak across the horizon, his childish temper showed up claiming that he would “no longer be a person under the sign of Leo”.

I was secretly laughing, with his arms embracing me and the coat, I was so warm that I almost fell asleep.

He found out and ruthlessly shook me to wake me up:

“Hey, tell me what you wanted to wish for and then let us go back, or you will have to stay here with me for the night.”

“What do you think I can say in such a short time?””

“You can call my name three times!” He spoke with pride.

“Wrong, in such a short time it’s only enough for me to say ‘money’ three times.” I thought my calm and serious tone hit him.

Half of it was true while the other half was pretended, he turned around with an angry look, a wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were against him, I quickly nipped on his ears and said:

“I was just teasing you, what I wanted to say was ‘together, together, together’.”

My name had a “Yi” word and his name had a “Qi” word, this way he should be happy.

(T/N: Yiqi = together)

I didn’t expect that he would foolishly tell me:

“Yes, you’re smart, I was even thinking of saying ‘uprising, uprising, uprising’…………”

(T/N: 起义 = Qiyi = Uprising/revolt)

We sat across from each other laughing in the grove full of leaves and grass, laughing like two happy children.

In fact, whether it was “together” or “uprising”,

Our wishes were the same,
Qi and Yi, to be together.

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  1. Hi,

    I did not think I would get so into this story. I just love it, light hearted and cute. No major headhaches just fluffiness.

    Thank you for translating this one!

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