15P 7H 6SM – (6) Holiday

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


It was October and you finally had several days off.

Last year you didn’t have time to go home to see your parents, this time you had to go back.

You wanted me to come back with you but I politely declined, I was not mentally prepared to face the two people that had raised you, I was afraid that I couldn’t say a word when I saw them.

You were dissatisfied and kept nagging, but in the end, you still went back by yourself.

I was the only one left at home.

I watched TV, played on the computer and read, the days passed plainly like water, it was also a rare leisure.

But I was uncomfortable because I missed you more everyday.

That morning I couldn’t sit still, I decided to clean the house inside and outside, and disposed of all the old garbage, when looking at the calendar on the wall it had been stamped with 5 bright marks, I vaguely thought ‘there are only 2 days left, I only need to endure for two more days, you will come back then’.

But I didn’t know what happened, that afternoon it was like demons and gods were at work, I took a trip to the supermarket and bought a bunch of your favorite food, I spent more than three hours in the kitchen, then in the evening, I set up the dining table in the living room.

(T/N: Demons and Gods were at work = You have no idea why you did something unexpected)

I felt a little tired, it was boring for a person who is alone to stare blankly at a table full of dishes.

It was really funny, you obviously would be home in one day and seven hours, what was wrong with me today?

The food was emitting steam and fragrance but I still lacked the appetite. I was thinking about what you were currently doing, right, you would call home every day, why hadn’t you called today?

Suddenly, it seemed as if it was a miracle, there was a sound coming from the door as it opened, in the end, I couldn’t believe what I saw – it was you, covered in dust from your journey.

(T/N: Covered in dust = idiom describe a person travel-worn/exhausted from traveling)

“I don’t think your expression looks like ‘surprise’, I’m not satisfied, I’m really not satisfied.”

You started joking as you approached me, you put your hands in my collar, it was very cold, I jumped up and hugged you, at that moment I finally felt a sense of reality.

“Huh? Why do you seem like you know I would come back today, and you prepared so many dishes? Who told you?”

I buried my head in your clothes and smiled gently, who told me?

This question, I didn’t know how to answer.

But, in any case, I knew, I just knew.
The remaining one and a half day of your break, we spent it together, it was sweet and substantial.

On a break, other people would go out, but as for us, we stayed at home.
In fact, no matter how one spent their break, it was good as long as one felt happy.
Spending my break with you, how could I not feel happy?
But this, I wouldn’t tell you, in case your tail would point up and you would start being haughty with me.


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