15P 7H 6SM – [1] Sense Master

The first chapter of 6SM~~~ it’s almost finished, 5SM + 1P to go 🙂

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator


Today was different from any other day, the director called NG 6 times, on the seventh time the director completely forgot to save me some face and showered me with his scolding:

“What is in your head?! It’s only a few lines and you can’t even say them?! Just remember, the woman in front of you is the person you love the most, the owner of your soul! Beside her, there is nothing else in your head! You need to show feelings! You are an actor but you saying a few words of love can’t even be compared to an idiot!! I’ll give you two minutes to think then we’ll start again!!

Like thunder piercing the ear, these words, that my old father said, made me suddenly think of you.

(T/N: My old father = polite appellation for an elderly male)

The owner of my soul

When filming I always forgot who I was but today I couldn’t stop thinking about you.

I thought of you when you smiled, when you got angry, when you played dirty tricks, and when you looked at me with affectionate eyes.

I thought of the fulfillment and satisfaction when holding you in my sleep.

I thought of your hands that helped me massage my body and how you would often lend me your legs as a pillow.

All kinds of you rotated in my mind like the revolving lantern, I almost didn’t think that I could so easily remember what you looked like at every moment.

In less than two minutes I calmly said to the director, “I’m ready!”, when the camera finished adjusting the lens, I started, I focused on gazing at the person in front of me, smoothly and naturally said:

“Believe me, you don’t need to be afraid or worry about anything, no one can stop me and you from being together, in this life I got you, I don’t need everything else, even if I die tomorrow, the last words that I must leave behind are: I love you, I love you!”

After I finished my emotional speech I grabbed the hands of the person in front of me and solemnly kissed it, at this time I found out that the person was not you but a beautiful young girl, truthfully speaking, the other person’s hand was more slender than yours, and also much softer.

The original script didn’t have this plot, the entire studio was unusually quiet, from the service crew to the director to the other actors, it was like seeing something spicy, my old father was the first to come over to pat me on the back:

“If you were like this earlier, I didn’t have to lose my temper!”

I nodded and smiled again and again, while my heart was secretly scheming:

When this was aired, I must take you to watch it together, and then I wanted to hug you and tell you that:

Those words were meant for you — the owner of my soul.


走马灯 = Revolving lantern


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