Feng Mang Chapter 28 – One

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In order to pay the money as soon as possible, Han Dong had to go back to his old job.

He found a relatively flexible place, he sat on the folding stool that had been his loyal companion for many years and behind him stood a sign with a fine, large row of neat words——facial features, marriage, glyphomancy, and feng shui.

(T/N:  馬紮 (Maza/folding stool) =  A  traditional Chinese, small, collapsible wooden chair with front and rear legs crosses, and stretched canvas or hemp rope, string, etc.)

Every person with a little aura of a great master, would not clearly mark their price. People who came to ask for their fortune could pay however they wanted, more or less it didn’t matter. Generally, people who came were earnest and sincere, if what Han Dong said was accurate, naturally they would be willing to pay more.

Of course, there were people who were deliberately finding fault, in the afternoon at least a few had come.

“Master, can you calculate how many pieces of poop I dropped yesterday?”

“Me too me too, Master, can you calculate to see if I will give you money?”

Seeing that Han Dong was speechless, a few people burst out laughing, shouting smugly as they walked away for fear that other people might not hear them.
“A fortune teller? Don’t listen to that f***ing uncle! My fate is in the control of my own hands!”

“If he is really a fortune teller, then he wouldn’t have this kind of virtue!”
(T/N: 德行(De xing): mean virtue/moral conduct/moral character, but it’s a ridicule words, that look down on other people’s appearance, behavior, style and so on)

“Ha ha ha ha ha … …”

Han Dong calmly smoked without batting an eyelid.

Li Shang had been training for only a few days and he already felt a lot of pressure.
There were five people in the apartment with him, all of whom were of class. In particular his roommate who shared a room with him, he went to the Beijing Performing Department and placed first, but because he had no background, after graduating he still participated in small roles for many years. When he spoke of his own history of blood and tears, Li Shang couldn’t help but think of Han Dong who had been there squatting for five years, sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night to find that Han Dong was still reading the script, Li Shang felt a deep sense of guilt.

After a tiring day, the manager took a few of them to the club to relax.

Maybe they had been suppressed for too long, these guys had been very high and when the manager left, they were even more unrestrained. Li Shang even saw one of them on drugs and immediately shouted, “What are you doing with that thing?”

“This isn’t prohibited in foreign countries, and many people aren’t unfamiliar with it anymore, in fact, it’s not that addicting if you don’t believe me try it……”

Li Shang rushed aside to dodge it.

The more into the night the more lively it was here, for the first time Li Shang saw a full naked pole dance, the suppression in these past few days had made his crotch react. The same went for the rest of them, they were even being noisy saying that they wanted to go find girls.

(T/N: 小姐 = slang for prostitute)

Li Shang was worried, “If the manager knows, won’t it not be good?”

“Do you think that if you go to find the manager, then she will see you as a good person? Other people’s hearts are even clearer than yours!”

“Maybe the manager is currently in bed with a celebrity right now, ha ha ha …”

In the end, Li Shang was not involved, it was not that he didn’t want to, the injury on his leg didn’t allow him to. Later, a young lady took the initiative to come over and seduce him, saying she could mouth X (BJ), don’t know if it was because of the surgery that had trained him to have inhumanly perseverance, Li Shang even turned the young lady away.

Six people did not return that night

The next day the higher ups announced——beside Li Tiang Bang, everyone else had to get out!

These trainees had a trial period of three months, to “get out” meant failing and that they had to leave early.

The news was so sudden that even Li Shang, the only surviving man, was covered in cold sweat.

One person before leaving disclosed: “In order to let me sign the contract, my parents emptied all their family fortune.”

As for his roommate, Li Shang couldn’t bear to look at his face.

Compared to Li Shang who emotionally sighed in grief, the female manager that they treated as their older sister just coldly smiled.

“In the eyes of Chief Wang, lust is a taboo. If you can’t get through this, then there is no further discussion.”

It was only then that Li Shang realized that last night’s “treat” was just a set up.

“But they have worked very hard! They’ve only been repressing for too long and drank some alcohol. Just because of a mistake and……”

The manager raised a finger and interrupted Li Shang’s plea.

“One, only one scandal, can ruin a superstar.”

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