Deceive Chapter 4

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Cang Yu held a blue folder and got up from the bamboo folding chair, he walked toward Yi Nan. Yi Nan was dyed in red from the incessant flow of blood, his lips were moving yet no sound came out from his throat. “We had a chance.” Cang Yu dropped everything inside the folder in front of Yi Nan, it was records of the time when Yi Nan got admitted into the police academy to the present, there was also a stack of photos mixed in there, the pictures were taken at the Hot Pot city in Chengdu, in the photo Yi Nan had on a serious expression as he handed over a floppy disk and a white envelope to team leader Huang.

“The information inside the floppy disk is the complete proof that shows that Hai Yu does legitimate business, I intentionally gave you the floppy disk so the police wouldn’t keep biting me in the dark without letting go, but,” in Cang Yu’s voice there was any excitement or any sound of him being pleased with himself, instead there was something reminiscent of pain and sorrow that couldn’t be covered up. “But I would rather you didn’t go to that place, I would rather that Hai Yu was still subjected to the police’s suspicions……why, on that day I had dragged out the time to keep you with me until there was only one hour left before the departure time, why did you still have to go!!? Why?!”

Looking at the pictures lying disorderly on the floor, Yi Nan smiled, he already couldn’t make any sound but anyone could see that he was indeed smiling.

It was like throwing a lighted match on petrol, Yi Nan’s smile had in a short while stirred up the anger in Cang Yu, he thought that Yi Nan was laughing at him, a clown that was fooled by love: “You are not allowed to smile! You are not allowed to smile!”

Cang Yu was almost flustered and exasperated as he yelled at his subordinate: “Block his mouth up! Pump water in him! Continue pumping! Don’t even let a drop of water leak out.”

In the midst of hurry, a person once again inserted the thick plastic tube deep inside Yi Nan’s throat, another person turned on the water pump power switch, and the other maliciously inserted two cigarettes that were still burning into the nostrils of Yi Nan, as a person that had never smoked before, the strong smoke made him choke and nearly lose consciousness, he was even unable to cough. While Yi Nan was choking to the point of falling into a daze, he heard a voice yell: “Didn’t you always keep the boss from smoking? This time I’ll give you a good taste of it.” They all roared with cruel laughter, in the midst of laughter the seawater was rushing into Yi Nan’s body, like a typhoon roaring past, like a magma swallowing everything, like a sudden eruption of mountain torrents, like a tsunami hitting toward one’s direction. The flow of water was more urgent than the last, the water pressure was even greater than the last, the water pump made a rumbling sound as it was running at full speed on the highest horsepower……

Cang Yu was annoyed as he sat in the bamboo folding chair, for a long time he hadn’t stopped yelling.

“Big brother, he almost can’t take it anymore.” Xiao Le who was standing next to him reminded him.

When the water pump finally stopped, Yi Nan’s stomach was like a woman’s that was pregnant for 10 months. And his beloved leather belt was still tormenting him. His eyes were wide open, gazing toward the dark sky without any moon or stars. Although Cang Yu once said not even a drop of water was allowed to leak out, but there was still liquid flowing out from the outer corner of Yi Nan’s eyes.

Cang Yu didn’t allow anyone to step on Yi Nan’s swelled stomach, he only pulled the plastic tube out from his mouth then used handcuffs to cuff both of Yi Nan’s hands behind his back, and finally, pushed him into the ice-piercing cold sea.

“You deceived me first.” While looking at Yi Nan stirring up the waves as he crashed into the sea, Cang Yu told himself.

Following after were the tears rolling down his cheeks but they were soon blown dry by the sea breeze.

“Let’s turn back.” Cang Yu turned around and gave his subordinates a brief order.

“Xiao Hai, big brother will come back to see you next year.” Facing the darkness of the sea, Cang Yu silently said in his heart.


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