Feng Mang Chapter 35 – Number One Immortal in the Imperial Capital!

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The next day in the afternoon, Er Lei entered Wang Zhong Ding’s office.

“Chief Wang, upon investigation we have found the general information of this man.”

Er Lei was also Wang Zhong Ding’s capable assistant, compared to Feng Jun he keeps a more low-profile and rarely meddled in the company’s internal affairs. Some personal matters and miscellaneous tasks that weren’t suitable to make public, Wang Zhong Ding liked to hand over to him.

“This man called Han Dong, he……”

“Wait a minute.” Wang Zhong Ding suddenly interrupted, “What’s his name?”

Er Lei paused on the line and said once again: “Han—Dong!”

“Dong (東- east) in Dongxi (東西 -east and west) or Dong (冬 – winter) in Dongtian (冬天 – winter season)?”

(T/N: Dong (東- east) and Dong (冬 – winter) both have the same pronunciation)

“Dong (東 – east) in Dongxi (東西 – east and west).”

Wang Zhong Ding was indescribably unhappy, calling him something else was not good? Why did he just have to be called this name!

“He’s 27 years old this year and an ordinary migrant worker living in Beijing, he has acted as an extra for 5 years, up until now he still doesn’t have a fixed residence.” After he finished speaking Er Lei secretly glanced at Wang Zhong Ding, knowing that he disliked recruiting he still couldn’t help but continue to say, “Claims to be the number one immortal in the imperial capital, good at calculating fortunes, feng shui, path of promotion (career), especially marriage……”

(T/N: #1 immortal in imperial capital meaning his fortune telling is #1 accurate because in ancient time being called the #1 immortal in the imperial capital mean you’re well-known + your fortune telling is very accurate like immortal)

“Okay okay.” Wang Zhong Ding’s face darkened as expected, “Get to the point!”

Er Lei had to skip this section, “As a child he was abandoned by his parents and was placed in the care of his uncle, later because there was a family in the neighboring village who had 3 daughters and no son, he was then adopted by that family which is also his current family.”

“Why would he be abandoned by his parents?” Wang Zhong Ding asked.

“It is said that he was born with six fingers, that region is rather superstitious, that’s why……”

Wang Zhong Ding’s complexion changed again, “He was also abandoned because he had six fingers?”

Also? Er Lei couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment, who else was abandoned because of having six fingers? Was it possible that……not right ah! The old father was still healthy!

(T/N: 老爺子 (old father) – used to call one own or other people elderly father)  

The doubt in Wang Zhong Ding’s eyes disappeared in a flash and he very quickly returned to the topic.

“Does his adoptive parents, relatives, or friends have any relation with me?”

Er Lei said with certainty: “As far as I know, his adoptive parents and relatives live in a remote mountainous area of the Inner Mongolia, also, his friends and you aren’t in the same social circle, there is completely zero contact.”

Since it is a stranger that eight poles couldn’t hit, how did I turn into an imaginary enemy? Wang Zhong Ding remained puzzled after pondering over it a hundred times.

(T/N: 八竿子打不著的事 (eight poles couldn’t hit)= Describe the relationship between the two alienated or unrelated/two things have nothing to do with each other……)

(T/N: 假想敌 (imaginary enemy) – refers to the military exercises envisaged by the enemy; can also be said to achieve a certain purpose or goal and illusion or design out of the training opponents.

(T/N: 百思不得其解 (remain puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times) – idiom for still confused even after thinking over many times)

“That’s all I can find at the moment, if you want a more deep and thorough understanding, the only way is probably to ask the person himself.”

Er Lei just finished speaking when Feng Jun hurriedly pushed the door open and entered. Seeing the strangulation marks on Wang Zhong Ding’s neck, his whole person couldn’t be calm.

“Where is he now?”

Er Lei pointed to the room inside Wang Zhong Ding’s office.

Because he took the matter of Han Dong to heart, after Wang Zhong Ding handled everything at home last night, he sent people back to Han Dong’s place and secretly escorted him back to the company for further investigation and questioning. But because it was sudden, and also because he didn’t want to disclose anything, after some consideration he could only lock him in his own office.

“Is he actually still sleeping?” Feng Jun’s anger was burning like a fire in his heart, “I’ll pull him up right now!”

(T/N:  怒火中燒 (Anger is burning like a fire in the heart) – describe someone really angry)

Last night the amount that Han Dong had drunk really wasn’t small, he also performed the ritual naked, he had used up too much of his physical power and hadn’t woken up until now.

Feng Jun opened the door, three steps turned into two as he dashed to the bedside and lifted up the blanket.

Han Dong only wore small underpants, his body stretched freely on the white bedsheets.

If at this opportune moment Feng Jun had a camera in his hands, he would freely click and click twice, no need for PS, no need to look for the angle, whoever would have taken a more alluring picture of a man in bed, Feng Jun will poked himself in the eye right at the spot.

Although Er Lei had told him in advance, saying that Chief Wang had found the legendary ‘anti-ergonomic body that defies the natural order’, Feng Jun had simply not taken it seriously, because there was already a Li Shang who had met the requirements before, Feng Jun wasn’t really impressed.

But this time, Feng Jun was really shocked.

It was different, it was very different.

The difference between Han Dong and Li Shang wasn’t the 18mm, but the natural lines and the realness.

With just these two legs, in the entertainment circle depend on this legs one could take the top seat, using these legs as the selling point could make every long-legged male god explode without anything remaining!

Feng Jun froze for a few seconds, then he returned the blanket that was pulled off to cover the exposed angle.

Okay……I will forgive you……

Heading back outside, Feng Jun’s face completely changed.

“If you really intend to raise him, I can get my sister to bring him up.”

Feng Jun’s older female cousin from his father side called Feng Mu Zhi, was a gold medal manager in show business, there were many superstars who were trained and brought up by her hands alone, in the circle she was known as the “blood-sucking vampire” manager. She wasn’t just good at oppressing and exploiting others economically, but she also used an iron fist skill habitually, her discipline style was very vicious and sinister. Previously she worked in Zhong Ding, now she had already established her own management company, which had always been working closely with Zhong Ding. Despite her reputation of being ruthless, there were still an unending stream of actors who sought to rely on her because of her powerful connections and her excellent public relations skills.

“We still haven’t understood him, it’s a bit early to discuss this now.” Wang Zhong Ding said.

Feng Jun was actually very enthusiastic, “A person who has acted as an extra for five years, it’s impossible for them to not wanting to become a star.”

“I am not worried about his rejection, but I’m questioning his character. Imagine this, if yesterday’s events were not witnessed by me, but the media, what would be the most serious consequences?”

Actually in Feng Jun’s view, there was merely a thin line between feudal superstition and traditional culture, it shouldn’t rise to the level of moral character, but that black and white ‘photo’ was really a bit too much.

(T/N: 封建迷信 ( feudal superstition/feudalistic superstition) – A religious belief and practice that the Republic of China disapprove of, this including fortune-telling, ritual, shamanism, and others types of magic)

“Perhaps it’s because he has been nameless for many years, and you happen to be an entertainment giant, therefore he had to take this extreme approach.” Feng Jun asked again, “apart from this, is there anything else wrong with him?”

Wang Zhong Ding said: “For the time being I haven’t seen it yet.”

“Then hand him over to my sister, within a month, the feudal remnants in his head will be completely smashed!”

After Feng Jun left, Wang Zhong Ding was trapped in a dilemma that he had never been in before.

It could be said, Wang Zhong Ding had met countless of people, there had never been a single person who had made him one-sidedly hate them to the bone; also he had never experienced how just seeing a person’s skin could make him amazed to the bottom of his heart.

(T/N: 惊艳 ( amazed/stunned) – used when seeing a very beautiful person/thing and was stunned/amazed)

If you wanted to use something to describe Han Dong, then it would be a gold diamond in a latrine pit. If you wanted to fish it up, you had to dip your hand in the moist excrement, whether it smelled or not couldn’t be said, but whether it was poisonous or not was one thing to consider!

After half an hour, Han Dong finally woke up.

Very tired ah, it’s like doing farm work overnight……Han Dong painstakingly pried open his eyelids, because the clock in the room was very eye-catching, at first glance he immediately saw the time.

Startled he suddenly sat up!

Why was it this time already? He even intended to get up early to send Ye Chenglin to the train station!

Phone……where was his phone? Han Dong fumbled about, and as a result he found out that it wasn’t on the bed. He then lifted his eyes, the wall wasn’t ‘that’ wall, the roof wasn’t ‘that’ roof……

(T/N: By ‘that’ wall and roof, it refers to the one at HD’s house. In the raw, it was 那個 = that one)

F*** me! How did it turn out like this? What was going on?

Han Dong’s bloodshot eyes looked around in horror, seeing that the decoration in the room was quite exquisite, it wasn’t like the bedroom that ordinary people live in at all. Moreover the bedsheets and blankets were new, the slippers and the water cup were also disposable.

Fortunately, it was just a hotel……

Han Dong on one side was glad that he didn’t run all over the place, while on the other he wanted to slap his own face.

“I’m really acting like a big man! Sleepwalking and also ordering a luxury suite!”

(T/N: 腕儿 (bandit/big man) – A word in the olden day meaning acting big, what HD mean is that he act like a big man spending a lots of money to order an expensive luxurious suite)

Although there wasn’t any accident, he failed to carry out his plan of seeing Ye Chenglin one last time before he departed.

“Ai F***…..who changed it for me? It’s even CK!”

(T/N: CK = The underwear brand CK)

Han Dong’s small underpants had single-handedly fought with him through the several streets filled with haze, they were ultimately sacrificed in honor and glory, his body of steel that had eaten up the sand blown by the wind, at this moment emitted a faint, delicate fragrance of milk cream.

Can’t do anything about it, when you’re dirty like this who dares put you on bed ah?

Han Dong grinned, the hotel service was very thoughtful, spending a bit more money was also worth it!

Putting on the bathrobe, Han Dong strutted out.

Wang Zhong Ding heard the sound of footsteps, just as he went over to look, he heard the sound of Han Dong’s cry in alarm loud and clear, “fu*** me, which stupid idiot put so many clocks in this room?”

(T/N: 傻逼  =  isn’t a nice word, therefore I use stupid idiot instead of stupid cunt/dumb f**** and so on)


Just as Han Dong finished speaking he felt chilled to the bone, he slowly turned his head, the sudden appearance of a cold face scared him to the point of almost losing his soul, why was there another person? Looking carefully again, his tears almost fell down.

“Why are you here?” Han Dong looked around until he saw the company’s logo and immediately changed his question to, “Why am I here with you?”  

Wang Zhong Ding also asked, “Then why is my photo at your place?”

How could Han Dong even think about that black and white photo? His whole head was filled with the brand new underpants and the thoughts of his whole body covered in the fragrance of milk cream. The person who had been called stupid idiot hadn’t done anything yet, but he has already thrown himself over, gripping Wang Zhong Ding’s neck, eyes sharp as a cold arrow as he said in an arrogant tone.

“What do I have that’s so good ah? You tell me, I will change it alright?

Wang Zhong Ding froze for a moment before he suddenly used one hand to hold Han Dong’s wrist while the other hand firmly grabbed Han Dong’s waist, without giving any explanation he took him into his arms.

Right now, even yelling the two words ‘let go’ was useless, struggling for a few rounds with no success, Han Dong could only use his mouth skills, “Wang Zhong Ding, let me tell you, if you dare to do those despicable things……*bang*!”

Before he could finish speaking, Wang Zhong Ding had thrown him out the door.

“Look for your sister to discuss this matter again, this is an urgent matter, take a good look at his illness!”

After he finished speaking, Wang Zhong Ding hung up the phone with an ashen face.


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