Feng Mang Chapter 39 – However Strong You Are, There Is Always Someone Stronger

Translator: Polarbearadise and Eclipse9

Editor: Somniator9

The next day, Er Lei once again went to Wang Zhong Ding to report the situation.

“These past two days he hasn’t stayed idle at all, he’s been either going to the rehearsal room or to the gym, he usually exercises for more than ten hours.”

Wang Zhong Ding was surprised at Han Dong’s sudden change, “He’s not lying down on the bed?”

“Don’t even mention lying down, he rarely sits down, even reading magazine he would still walk around the room.”

Wang Zhong Ding asked again: “What about eating? Does he still eat like before?”

“My guess is yes, every morning I would stuff the refrigerator full, but when I came back there was nothing left. Before when lying down all day he would still eat so much like that, now with this amount of exercise, the refrigerator would be emptied overnight.”

“How about this, you ask the chef to add a few more meat dishes, then change to a bigger refrigerator, and add some more snacks.”

Er Lei nodded, just as he wanted to leave he was stopped by Wang Zhong Ding.

“The canned meat in my refrigerator, prepare some for him as well.”

“Alright, I’ll go now.”

Han Dong’s heart was filled with high expectations as he stepped onto the weighing scale, the result was that his weight still didn’t change even a kilo, F***! Is this weighing scale broken? In the midst of his frustration, suddenly several people came lifting a huge hotel refrigerator inside.

“What are you doing?” Han Dong was puzzled, “Why are you changing a perfectly good refrigerator?”

Er Lei said: “Chief Wang is afraid that you don’t have enough to eat, and especially had us change to a bigger refrigerator.”

Such a nuisance! Han Dong secretly cursed in his heart, the more your father wants to lose weight the more you go against him!

But in front of Er Lei, Han Dong did not dare to show it, afraid that others could see his true intentions, it would be terrible if he was to be force fed.

Once Er Lei left, Han Dong opened the refrigerator, just as he was about to remove everything, he suddenly realized that it was not going to work. ‘Such a big refrigerator, if I were to empty it in an instant, they would definitely be suspicious of me’.

Therefore, in a moment Han Dong handled a batch, and dealt with another later on.

Because he was reluctant to throw them away, these snacks were temporarily stored under his bed. Afraid that he himself would sleepwalk again and turned over the bed,  Han Dong had to put the snacks inside a suitcase and stuck talismans on it.

Wang Zhong Ding arrived at the company early in the morning, when he opened his office door, he found out that the combination lock was pried open by someone.

This sort of major company, the anti-theft system of the Chief’s office was definitely highly sophisticated, the person who was able to crack this combination lock was absolutely not an average person. Since they could hide from layers upon layers of defend, it undoubtedly was plotted a long time ago. Therefore, Wang Zhong Ding’s first thought was that the trade secrets were stolen, next might had been those valuable limited-edition watches……

As a result, after going through many inspections, they found out that there was nothing that was missing, other than two boxes of canned food.

Wang Zhong Ding’s Expression at that time, was as if he ate a packet of cheap counterfeit rat poison.

In order to find out the truth, Wang Zhong Ding had also installed a combination lock on Han Dong’s room door, the password was personally set up by him, and told Er Lei to lock the door once Han Dong fell asleep.

As a result, on the morning of the third day, the two combination locks were pried open, and four boxes of canned food were missing.

Han Dong once again stepped onto the weighing scale, and to his delight he found out that he lost half a kilo.

He quickly went to the drawer to find the measuring tape, and was in a hurry to measure his frame, as a result he found out that there wasn’t any change.

Generally speaking, losing weight for the first three days was to discard water and waste, after two days would there be any visible change……Han Dong comforted himself, keep it up! Perseverance is success!

Just as he finished shouting that motto, Er Lei walked in carrying two bags of food, he opened the refrigerator and stuff everything inside.

Han Dong was stunned, “Eh? Didn’t you already filled it this morning?”

“Chief Wang said, as long as there is space inside the refrigerator, continue to fill it up until it’s full.”


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