Feng Mang Chapter 40 – Do You Really See Yourself As a Mouse?

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Therefore , Han Dong didn’t have an idle day.

Er Lei was responsible for replenishing the refrigerator, while Han Dong was responsible for stuffing it all under the bed, this tug-a-war continued into very late at night. It wasn’t until Han Dong pretended to be asleep, Er Lei would then once again made sure that the refrigerator was full, before closed the door and left quietly.

Han Dong quickly got out of bed and moved everything in the refrigerator out.

As a result, when he was about to stuff everything under the bed, he suddenly discovered that there wasn’t any space left.

I F***, so fast!

It seemed that he needed to hurry up and handle these snacks.

As for how to get rid of them……at the present the only way was to find an appropriate time to send it out. Since he was unable to move freely, then just let the courier come and take it. But how to get in contact with a courier and how to let the courier unknowingly take so many things away, was another nerve-wracking matter.

Ai……Losing weight was so tiring! Han Dong even suspected that the half kilo that he lost, was it from his brain?

The second day, Wang Zhong Ding’s office door still didn’t escape the fate of being pried open, this time eight boxes of canned food went missing.

Before Er Lei went to deliver the food, Wang Zhong Ding himself went to personally visit Han Dong’s room, and discovered that the refrigerator was obviously full.

The snacks that Han Dong hid last night, had returned intact back into the refrigerator this morning.

The precision of the layout made people gasp in amazement!

This time when Han Dong stepped onto the weighing scale, he almost clapped out sound!

(T/N: If you guys remember, HD doesn’t want to clap since he doesn’t want to attract attention from WZD’s men and get his plan exposed)

Another half a kilo!

In total, it was already a full kilo!

Han Dong was ecstatic, he didn’t forget to tidy up the food under his bed neatly, so that the courier could do their work quickly. Just when he was about to finish doing so, he suddenly discovered that there were 14 cans without ring-pull tabs scattered beside the box.

Han Dong picked them up and glanced at them, the missing ring-pull tabs were not due to packaging problems, they were clearly pulled off by someone.

“Which grandson’s hand is so restless?” Han Dong couldn’t help but scold.

(T/N: referring to someone as grandson 孙子 in this context means that the person is like a child. (playful, fidgety etc.)

Because a can without the ring-pull tab was very difficult to open, it was not presented in the range of Han Dong’s worries, therefore he took those cans and casually looked for a drawer to stuff them in.

Two minutes later, Han Dong clapped his hands and got up.

Job successfully accomplished!

Now he just had to take advantage of the time when nobody was watching and go to the hall to make a phone call on the private lane all would then be OK!

As a result, Han Dong waited for the whole day and didn’t find any opportunity. Normally the two bodyguards at the door would go down to take a stroll from time to time, but today they stood there motionless, they would even take turns when going to the toilet.


In the evening, Wang Zhong Ding once again stayed overnight at the company.

The first half of the night was very peaceful, Wang Zhong Ding hurried to finish a portion of his work, he then used his break time to go to Han Dong’s room to do a surprise inspection.

As a result, the refrigerator that was still full in the morning was once again empty.

This wasn’t scientific!

Since it was empty the previous night, and nobody delivered food this morning, how was the refrigerator full?

Wang Zhong Ding cast a questionable gaze toward the sleeping Han Dong, he attentively discovered that the floor on the left side of the bedside had a 1.7mm scratch, the four legs of the bed also had a different offset of 1mm~3mm.

Therefore, Wang Zhong Ding slowly walked over to Han Dong’s huge bed, one step two steps three steps……finally reached the bedside, he fixed his eyes on Han Dong for a moment then bent down and lifted the bedsheets.

His face instantly turned green……

If you said that you stole food, it could be put aside, but you were even hiding food! If you said that you hid food, it could be put aside, but you even sorted them!

Did you really see yourself as a mouse?

Originally he wanted to get up and teach him a lesson, but thinking over it again this matter wasn’t really worth to get angry over. Moreover with any of the watches in his office, could buy a truckload of snacks, yet Han Dong only took a few boxes of canned food. Maybe he was just gluttonous, or maybe he had been accustomed to the bitter days, and lacked confidence in guaranteeing his financial situation……

No matter how tolerant he was, Wang Zhong Ding also had to stay up overnight to do proper business, he absolutely couldn’t let Han Dong disturb him again. Therefore he took a few boxes of canned food from his own office and put it in Han Dong’s refrigerator.

Originally he thought that it should be quiet now, as a result, late at night the rustling sound of footsteps appeared again.

Wang Zhong Ding frowned, didn’t he already put in food? Why did he come again?

This time, Han Dong directly pushed the door and entered, but instead of opening the refrigerator, rather he walked towards Wang Zhong Ding. When he was finally in front of him, he eagerly opened the food bag in his hands.

Wang Zhong Ding almost took the last breath and died.

Inside of the bag contained over 20 cans of meat without ring-pull tabs! It included the 14 Han Dong had stolen before and a few that were given to him tonight, none were spared, every ring-pull tab was ripped off.

Wang Zhong Ding finally understood why the amount of stolen cans of meat would increase…….because these goods from the start to the end, not a single one of them was successfully opened! Han Dong still thought that it was a problem with the can and not his own fault, thinking that taking more cans would solve the problem!

If Han Dong’s eyes were not currently closed, with a stupefied expression, Wang Zhong Ding would really have wanted to chop off his fingers!

Why were your hands so restless?


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