Interstellar Music Master (星际音乐大师)

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Title: Interstellar Music Master (星际音乐大师)
Author: 青色羽翼
Genre: Future, Science fiction, system, shou’s POV, crossover, MC’s soul entered another body, HE

118 chapters: Link

Summary: Li Xin was despair when crossing over, become an unregistered person on Amir planet, no income no house no terminal identity, the most important thing is not having silly strength to work in the same place with other illegal laborers to earn money, besides the mystery music master system, he doesn’t even get the nutrient to sustain his life.

In order to survive, without any other choice he has to become interstellar music master and work hard.


Success from singing for a living (aka street singing) in the beginning what is happening!!

This is the inspirational history of a street artist who has become an interstellar classical music master conveniently pick up a commander-in-chief.

My summary: 

In his past life, MC failed in show business and was chosen by the system to entered a body of a 16 years old boy living 3000 years later. This boy was abandoned by his family at a planet where unwanted people, criminal, etc. live and committed suicide which conveniently for shou to enter his body.

Shou has nothing after cross over into the future, but he met Gong and their romance start develope from there (Gong at that time lost his memories).

In the future, everyone is categorized into different groups based on their gene and shou was in the weakest group that even a mouse is stronger than him.

(T/N: Highest to lowest gene level are: SSSS, SSS, S, A, B, C, D, E, F. However, this depends on which novel with future setting that you read, but most novels follow S, A, B, C, D. I put SSSS and SSS because of this novel with future setting that I read have it. Gong in that story jump from SSS to SSSS, he was too OP lol)

There is one group that has strong power but tend to get angry easily and when they get angry they would attack anyone in sight. Since there is more people fit in that group it start to endanger humanity.

Shou have a golden hand, aka the system help him level up. He obtains spiritual energy that could heal and with his skill of music helped the people on that planet see hope again and also heal them from getting angry and attacking people.

(There is more than that, my summary above is just summarizing the beginning of the story)

This story is mainly about politic, military, leveling system and struggle of gong and shou in getting together. Their romance started at a fast pace and very sweet. They fell in love with each other at their most struggle time when both gong and shou was very poor (again, gong at that time lost his memories). Gong love shou deeply, more than anything. Gong destroyed the rotten monarchy to take revenge for shou and betrayed the belief he held for years just for Shou. Shou’s personality is likable, the CP is sweet, cute and likable, the story is well-written and very descriptive.

Warning: There is a lot of sacrifices and sad moments


Here are some of the things people don’t like about this story:

  • Gong have too many restrictions due to being in the military, his family background and how he was raised
  • Gong seems to be weak (people have different opinion, it depends on how you guys view thing)
  • 2nd male lead is more likable
  • Gong and Shou are away from each other more than being close to each other because Gong have his duty as being a commander-in-chief in a military (they only met a couple time per year)
  • Author seems to favor 2nd male lead more then gong
  • Why not 3P (3 people = 1 pair)? (Know that both gong and 2nd male lead sacrificed a lot for shou, but then 2nd male sacrificed his life for shou T_T. I personally only like 1×1, so I don’t ship 3P or NP, but I really do feel for 2nd male lead)


P.S. I just finished reading this novel with 376 chapters and now I have nothing to read T_T. Any recommendation? I like novel with really long chapters XD

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