Golden Assistant – Chapter 23.1

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Translator: Polarbearadise

Xiao Yi still hadn’t seen Luzhou seriously cried in a drama, he simply can’t understand, how can a person able to cried at anytime and anywhere, when Luzhou filmed 《Ironhorse Glacier》 there was actually a crying scene, but compared to crying in silent, silently choking with sobs was much more easier, because crying is like an animal roaring, the emotion was pushed to the extreme, it was easy to collapse.

The silent tear was the most difficult, Luzhou quietly looked at the picture, in less than five seconds, the tears poured out of his eyes. Immediately after that, followed by a gasp, Luzhou trembled, and pushed the picture under the glass table.

Xiao Yi was at once scared on the spot, it was quiet all around without any noises, Luzhou used both hands stroking his face, trembling like a child in pain, he repeatedly choking with sobs, the camera lens pushed forward, Luzhou’s eyes were full of tears, he tried hard to suppress his sadness, breathe in a deep breath, then got up.

“Cut!” The director says.

There were quite a few people applauded, Luzhou came back and pull out the picture, returned to Xiao Yi, he tiredly breathe out, Xiao Yi was afraid that he would momentarily be too engrossed in it, and emotions still hasn’t calmed down, he handed him a bottle of water, Luzhou drank it, while silently looking at the site.

Everyone went back to their position, Luzhou sat there, he seems to be immersed in something of grievances. Xiao Yi gently and cautiously touched his back, as if comforting him, Luzhou smiled then got up.

“Teacher Lu, put on makeup.” The director reminded.

Luzhou got up and went to put on makeup, the next scene will be the editor-in-chief faced Luzhou and rained curses on him, Luzhou lowered his head, standing in front of the editor-in-chief, the male editor-in-chief half-leaned on the desk and half-seated, compared to Luzhou he was 30 centimeters shorter, he was jabbering on and on as he lecturing him.

“Your father won’t do it!” Luzhou finally exploded.

Xiao Yi was once again scared, Luzhou pointed to the editor-in-chief’s nose, and said: “Don’t go too far with your bullying!”

The editor-in-chief was stunned, three seconds later, he forgot his lines.

“Haiz——” Everyone was powerless.

Luzhou waved his hand hinted that it was okay, and had to film again.

After the two finished quarreling, the editor-in-chief said: “Go, you got guts, Kou Bin, go and say that to the boss, I bet you don’t dare to go to the boss and say it——you go ah——”

The editor-in-chief was immersed in triumph, Luzhou only looked at him in silence, anger was suppressed in his eyes, like a lion awakening.

The camera lens turned away.

The next scene, was filmed in the middle of the set.

Luzhou stood firmly, facing the female editor-in-chief and said: “What?! Why me?”

The female editor-in-chief helplessly said: “The other party mentioned you by name and wanted you to receive (the guest), it’s the son of our corporation boss, how long can it take for you to finish a light refreshment ah.”

Luzhou: “I have an appointment with someone this evening, I still have something to do.”

The female editor-in-chief shrugged her shoulders.

“Draw a watch for me.” Luzhou came down and said to Xiao Yi, “can you? Draw it a little cute.”

Xiao Yi held Luzhou’s hand, buried his head in his wrist, and drew a cartoon watch. Luzhou went back to act again.

Luzhou packed his stuff, hearing his co-worker standing at the side of the water dispenser commenting about him, he stopped his action for a moment, Luzhou pulled up the sleeve of his white shirt, on his wrist there was a watch drawn with ballpoint pen, he raised his head and looked unknowingly as he gazed at the camera lens, pushing his glasses down, there was confusion in his eyes, like a very handsome man, but doesn’t know that he looks like a handsome schoolboy.

Xiao Yi’s eyes immediately have red heart *thump thump thump* out of it.

“Cut——”  The director said, “The morning scenes will go up to here, teacher Lu you have worked hard.”

Luzhou immediately got up and went to change his clothes, and said: “This afternoon I still have to go to Beijing, I’ll be leaving early.”

Xiao Yi drove, while Luzhou ate in the car, after finished eating Xiao Yi parked the car in the garage, the two men then ran to the set, Luzhou changed and finished his makeup, he takes a seat, and greeted everyone around him.

“Director Guo.” Luzhou smiled as he says: “Have kept you waited long.”


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  1. I just found this story and all I can say is that you’re wonderful for translating this! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I’m honestly curious about when the romance will start but also I wonder how it’ll even begin considering how the two of them are. I wonder who’ll fall first lol Thanks again!

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