Feng Mang -Character List

Han Dong – A hooligan, a womanizer and a SHAMELESS MC. Try to escape fate, but always fail. #1 immortal in Imperial Capital + Capital #1 Man of Steel (self-proclaim), a fortune teller
and a sleepwalker.

Li Shang – MC’s rival. A pretentious white-eyed wolf.

The “five sisters” – HD’s “wives”. Inflatable dolls, but actually sex dolls (HD refuse to admit). DECEASED, RIP.

Wang Zhong Ding – ML, obsess with numbers and watches. A materialist and a Atheist. Hate people like HD.

Ye Chenglin – MC’s neighbor, who may or may not like him. Already went back to his hometown to get married.

Liang Jing – WZD’s subordinate, try to get on his good side but fail. Want to monopolize power in WZD’s company, but stopped by WZD.

Feng Jun – WZD’s assistant, take care of external affairs.

Er Lei – WZD’s assistant, take care of personal matters, miscellaneous task and affairs that can’t be known to the public (*cough* *cough* like how shameless and crazy our MC is).

Wan Li Qing – WZD’s and XHW’s childhood friend, who probably in love with WZD.

Mystery Kid – Related to WZD

Xia Hong Wei – Cousin of Xia Yao from AB. A producer. WZD’s and WLQ’s childhood friend.

Mystery Actor – Who Xia Hong Wei want to get the male lead in WZD’s movie for.

The Blind Man – HD’s rival in the same profession. Fortune Teller.

~I will update this list whenever a new character appear~

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