Feng Mang Chater 48 – Spin a Cocoon Around Oneself

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Wang Zhong Ding stepped on the emergency brake of the car, Wan Li Qing’s face instantly changed color.  

It seemed like they had hit something……

Wang Zhong Ding got out of the car, Wan Li Qing followed after him and together walked up to the front of the car, they saw a person curled up on the ground, one hand covering his face, the other covering his butt.

MLJB! Han Dong aiyou-ed twice inwardly, which grandson is so lacked of moral sense? Your father just shut his eyes and got immediately knocked by your car! I didn’t pay attention to where I go so you also don’t pay attention to where you go?

(T/N: 哎呦 (aiyou) = interjection of surprise, pain, etc. )

Wang Zhong Ding was really distracted moments ago, he completely didn’t expect there would be a person standing at this place.

The gatekeeper witnessed the accident, quickly came out to explain: “Chief Wang, I wanted to stop him, but manager Feng had called before, saying this person was allowed to pass, I then……”

Chief Wang……The moment Han Dong turned his face, he came straight into contact with Wang Zhong Ding puzzled eyes.

The expression of the two men surprisingly identical, how could it be him?

After the atmosphere was in a stalemate for a few seconds, Wang Zhong Ding had already vaguely guessed something, but the trace of suspicion in Han Dong’s eyes hadn’t diminished in the slightest, even gradually increased layer upon layer, suspicion then turned into complete confusion, the transition was quite smooth.

“Why am I here?” Han Dong’s eyes were unfocused, muttering to himself, “wasn’t I sleeping on the bed?”

The gatekeeper didn’t dare to recklessly come over to help, he then asked a sentence: “Are you okay?”.

How could it be okay? Han Dong spat and cursed inside: You fucking try to get knocked flying first then land on your butt!

“I……What’s wrong with me?” Han Dong’s vision still seemed to be unsteady.

Wan Li Qing had some medical experience, she then went up to Han Dong side to examine his injury.

“How are you feeling now? Can you stand up?”

Han Dong just visited to look for Wang Zhong Ding, he completely took no notice of Wan Li Qing, at this moment upon seeing, his little heart immediately trembled three times. Don’t talk about getting knocked and fall on the butt, even if his legs were directly run over by a car, seeing this face he’ll also able to stand up!

“I’m all right, just fell down that’s all.”

Han Dong at once acted bravely and stood up, when straightening his clothes his movement had become dashing and stylish.

Wang Zhong Ding walked up to Han Dong and said: “I’ll take you to the hospital for an examination.”

“No need.” Han Dong didn’t forget to continue with his act, “ I don’t blame you for this matter, it is me who got confused in my sleep, don’t know how I ran to this place, I’ll go back and continue to sleep then it’ll be alright.”

Wang Zhong Ding completely ignored Han Dong’s excuse, and continued to speak to Wan Li Qin: “I have to take him to the hospital, I will get someone to send you home.”

“I’ll accompany you.” Wan Li Qin said.

“It’s already late, estimated that it is not until midnight after the inspection is finished, you should go back and rest early.”

“No.” Wan Li Qing was very persistent, “I must accompany you to see the result of the diagnostic tests only then I would be at ease.”

The other two people when saying these words were very flat,  however Han Dong on the other side eavesdrop with an upsurge of emotions, yo!! Listening to their tones it seemed like they’re having an affair ah! Ha ha ha…… very good, do it quickly!

Because Han Dong fell on his butt, therefore after the whole body examination, the doctor wants to focus on examining that area.

“Troubled you to come in here.”

There were only two people outside, Wan Li Qing was impossible to go in to help, therefore this task could only be handed over to Wang Zhong Ding.

After Wang Zhong Ding came in, the doctor didn’t even greet him, he directly took Han Dong’s pants off, stopped at the thigh, and said to Wang Zhong Ding: “The nurse is not in, you help pull the waistband, don’t let him move back.”

Unexpectedly, Wang Zhong Ding still hadn’t reached his hand, Han Dong suddenly extended his hands to his back as if received an electric shock.

“No need, no need, I’ll do it myself.”

The doctor said: “How can you do it yourself? You need to relax.”

After he finished speaking he motioned Wang Zhong Ding to come over to help.

Wang Zhong Ding had just taken two steps, Han Dong firmly pulled the waistband over his body, faced the doctor and said: “That, how about this, I’ll directly take off my pants, it’ll then save you the trouble.”  

“That’s even better.”The doctor said, “I was even afraid you wouldn’t like it.”

Han Dong finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Wang Zhong Ding was just about to walk out, the doctor called him back.

“You don’t go ah! If you leave who would help him hold his pants ah? There is no place to put it!”

Han Dong, “……”

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  1. So Han Dong in underwear opens up his legs again and Wang Zhong Ding pretty much sees how Han Dong legs move around while up in the air and his butt curves?

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