Feng Mang Chapter 52 – Diametrically Opposite Situation

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Han Dong was busy until after midnight, suddenly he heard a sound of the door lock moving.  

He put down his pen and went out of the room, to see a man very carefully closing the door.

“Hey!” Han Dong called out to him without a warning.

The man that was closing the door immediately startled, he quickly turned on the hallway light, only then after seeing Han Dong’s face did he breathed a sigh of relieved, “You’re new here?”

Han Dong nodded, also looking carefully at the other person.

Eyes that have a clear distinction between black and white, not scheming, a little straightforward. Spouse Palace located at the outer corner of his eyes is pendulous and have a horizontal stripe, peach blossom is very flourishing, good at carrying on a clandestine love affair all over the place. His nose is strong and firm but the bridge of his nose is slightly short, acting career can be popular for long but difficult to become major popular.

(T/N: Spouse palace in the BaZi chart located under the daymaster, it indicate the relationship the owner of the BaZi have with their spouse, however it doesn’t tell the number or quality of spouse they will have.)

(T/N: 桃花 (peach blossom) = also mean love affair)

“My name is Zhang Xinghu, you?”

“Han Dong.”

Zhang Xinghu asked Han Dong while drinking water: “Why are you sleeping so late?”

“I can’t sleep.” Han Dong also asked: “Why did you come back so late?”

“There was a night scene today.”

“You already joined a set?”

“No, I only went to observe, and learning for experiences.”

Han Dong saw Zhang Xinghu was not in the least sleepy, he then sat down and chat with him.

“How many managers are there in our company?”

Zhang Xinghu thought about it carefully, “Roughly about twenties something, I didn’t pay attention to it.”

Han Dong calculated, on average one manager carry seven or eight artists, it seems that sister Jiao still counts as less.

“Is there a manager that carry only one artist?” Han Dong asked again.

Zhang Xinghu nodded, “There is ah, the manager of eldest young master Li is only carrying him.”

“Eldest young master Li?”

“It’s Li Tianbang.”

Han Dong’s complexion changed, but he didn’t speak.

Talking about Li Shang Zhang Xinghu lamented, “He and I entered the company almost at the same time, but the level of various kinds of treatments are unfair! He still hasn’t gone through the training period and already signed the contract, up until now the order still haven’t come down for me, the newcomer almost have no signing contract money, only was given some living expenses, but he was paid a million yuan in advance after signing the contract. I heard that he was personally scooped out by executive producer Liang, this equal to directly signed to the company’s second-in-command, the manager is merely a nanny in name. Ai……there is nothing to be done, who let him have such a powerful background, strong behind-the-scenes supporter!

“Powerful family background?” This, Han Dong really didn’t know.  

Zhang Xinghu nodded, “It is said that he comes from an influential family of art, do you know the chairman of our company? It’s Wang Zhong Ding’s little uncle, Wang Haizhi, it is said that half of the famous contemporary paintings hanging in his room come from Li Shang’s grandfather’s hand.

An influential family of art? The first three months you still rob me of my fruit pancake! Very fucking shameless!

“In short the company positioned him on all kinds of  high-end, elegant, and classy route, he claimed to only receive roles of celebrity, elite or rich second-generation for modern drama, only receive roles of warlords, rich and powerful aristocrat, young master of upper-class family in Republic of China drama, only receive roles of princes and dukes, nobles eldest young master for ancient drama.”  

Just when Han Dong wants to open his mouth to vent his anger, Zhang Xinghu at once motioned him to lowered his voice.”

“Someone is sleeping.”

Han Dong was flabbergasted as he swept his gaze toward the tightly locked door, “There is someone in that room ah? I haven’t heard any movement.”

“He sleeps relatively early, he usually went to sleep a little over 9 o’clock in the evening.”

Nowadays there are still people who went to sleep at a little over 9 o’clock? And also in the entertainment circle? Hearing this Han Dong then found it new, therefore he asked: “How old is he?”

Zhang Xinghu laughed, “just 22?”

So young? Unlikely to have some kind of illness right? Han Dong blindly pondered.

“I have to go to bed, tomorrow morning I still have physical training .” Zhang Xinghu rubbed his eyes as he walked over to his room.

Han Dong sneakily walked up to the tightly locked door, he wanted to steal a look through the crack of the door, as a result there was still a curtain inside, nothing was visible except darkness.

The next morning, Han Dong still hasn’t gotten up yet, there was already staff member coming over to change the furniture.

“Really no need to change it, these furnitures are all very good.” Han Dong fake his politeness.

The master said while carrying the box: “This isn’t something we can decide, even with the new furniture, the boss wants to change it we also have to change it.”  

(T/N: 師傅 (shifu) = Master of one respected field)

“Your boss has really lost his head from burning too much money.”

As a result, this kind of annoying feeling of superiority very soon disappeared.

Han Dong only saw the old furniture moved out, but didn’t see new furniture being carried in, he headed out to search in the corridor, the elevator also just go down but haven’t gone up.

But he saw the master grip the box he carried and open it……

Han Dong in an instant was dumbfounded.

Because he saw something “familiar”: Inflatable mattress, inflatable pillow, inflatable sofa……

“Don’t don’t don’t!” Han Dong was anxious, “Why are you changing it into inflatable for me?

“This is the unified arrangement of the company.”

Han Dong run to the next room, all kinds of furniture were available, he then runs back to asked the master, “How is it unified? The furniture in Zhang Xinghu’s room is clearly real wood.”

The master said: “The boss unified idea was to replace it to fit the previous style of decoration you guys were all used to, this way will let you guys find the feeling of home, and adapt to the environment here as quickly as possible.”

Han Dong in an instant crumbled, he swings his fist to pound at the wall, “your father doesn’t need to feel like home, just want those furnitures……”

“Sorry, we just work according to the boss’ instruction, we’re unable to decide for you.”  

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