Golden Assistant – Chapter 23.3

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Director Guo said: “You will care about the person that is closest to you, how have they been recently ah, even become anxious when he’s in love, afraid he will be corrupted by bad examples, hope……” Director Guo make a grabbing gesture, and said, “to control him, let him forever be a child who is obedient to you, it’s a kind of pampering, but deep in your heart, you also looking forward to him growing up, because of this family, he also have his responsibility.”  

“Understand.” Said Luzhou.

“Go change your clothes.” Director Guo said with a smile, “everyone is looking forward to your performance.”

After saying that director Guo gave him a thumb up, Luzhou handed the remaining of the coke to Xiao Yi, he then went to change his clothes, Xiao Yi was going to get up and follow, Luzhou then waved his hand, indicate he doesn’t need to follow.

Another person came over to ask director Guo for instructions, director Guo nodded his head, most of the time he would smile, Xiao Yi was sitting beside him, eating food while feeling a little uneasy, he thought that this director was very much like the spring breeze, although he was a little long-winded, but he is really very friendly like an old professor!  

“What is your name?” Director Guo asked Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi replied, Director Guo nodded his head, and asked: “How long have you been together with Luzhou?”

Xiao Yi: “……”

Xiao Yi listened to these spoken words, no matter how he heard it’s like asking how long have you guys been in love, of course director Guo already at this age he wouldn’t be teasing people, he then said: “I become his assistant last winter, it’s almost half a year.”

Director Guo nodded, and said: “Xiao Lu have a gift for acting, as long as a person is gifted in art, they will be absent-minded in life.”

“Ha ha ha.” Xiao Yi laughed, and said, “yes.”

Director Guo said again: “You have to take a good care of him.”

“Right right.” Xiao Yi said, “I’ve been learning how to be an assistant. “

Director Guo hmmed with satisfaction, Xiao Yi thought to himself this is very awesome, he reckoned that inside this cast and crew, there was no gossip, nor was there any behavior of seeking of instant benefit, shooting a movie was just shooting a movie.   

(T/N: 牛b (niub) = awesome)

Following the three cast and crews, he had heard a lot of gossip on Wechat. Xiao Yi gradually learned that every member had very big differences in working style, sometimes as significant as the distance between sky and earth. Director Guo for one would take filming very seriously, when he started that camera he repeatedly polished and refined his work. Then there was the kind in the “Ironhorse Glacier.” The director in that group would have the final say in everything, and the one who had the fame would in turn have the power to control the whole field. Last, there was the kind in “The era of leftover men”, shooting the movie in order to complete a task and earning enough to walk away. That was how business ran.

Xiao Yi waited for a while, Luzhou was still trying on clothes, today he has to find the feeling first, then take a photo with stage makeup and costume, since this is the first scene of the drama, the preparation naturally will be a bit longer, Xiao Yi went in to help, as soon as he saw Luzhou in the costume, he almost directly want to kneel.

Luzhou wore a suit of Kuomintang military uniform, he was standing in front of the mirror, Xiao Yi’s instinctive reaction was to touch his phone to take pictures of him.

“How is it?” Luzhou said, “Don’t have on a face of a love-struck fool!  You’re so disgusting! “

The people outside were startled by Luzhou sudden roar, Xiao Yi have three black lines going down one side of his head, shortly after he regains his senses, he stepped forward to put the gloves on for Luzhou, he was overwhelmed with emotions, as if the one about to be in a big limelight is he himself.  

“Good good good……Very handsome.” Xiao Yi salivated as he said, “Handsome out of the galaxy.”

Luzhou originally have a resolute facial feature, with the military uniform, and good build, Xiao Yi can almost have a premonition that later when the photo of the set costume was released don’t know how many people computer screen will be sprayed with coke.

Luzhou laughed ruffianly and said: “He he.”

Xiao Yi chuckled, Luzhou’s face in an instant changed into a cold and detached handsome man in a military uniform, he said: “Who is laughing with you?! I’m finding the feel!”

Xiao Yi: “……”

When Luzhou came out, the whole crew was very surprised, then carried an expectant smile.

The male lead Hu Yang also came out, wearing Chinese tunic suit, he greeted Luzhou, Xiao Yi stood to one side, looking at the two of them acting.

“What are you doing back here?” Hu Yang coldly said.

The camera lens zoomed in from the courtyard, the camera then was pushed slowly over.

Luzhou stood in the courtyard, he did a “no harm” movement, his hands were clasped behind his back, he turned around and looked at Hu Yang dressed in black Chinese tunic suit, and carried a gentle smile, he said: “This is my home, I want to come back, when I want to come back.”

Luzhou’s aura was obviously had completely suppressed Hu Yang, Xiao Yi hasn’t aware of it before, but everytime the engine turned on, he can feel to some extent, everyone involved in a drama with Luzhou, not only the leading and supporting roles, all the attention was focused on the character of Luzhou, they are all was very nervous.

This was Luzhou’s reputation, his acting, as well as his inadvertent cues of body language, that resulted in him controlling the field. When Hu Yang stood alone he was handsome, his skin was very white, but standing in front of Luzhou; comparing the two brothers, in an instant he had become weak.  

“Dad was angry with you that he has fallen ill.” Hu Yang said, “mother has already gone! What do you want! You are not welcome here! Leave! Leave for me!”

“Ai!” Director Guo suddenly said, “stop, did the script say that? How did you forget again?”

Xiao Yi: “……”

Crap, a word can’t be wrong ah, Hu Yang immediately said: “I’m sorry, I was too nervous that I forget.”

Hu Yang took a quick look at the script, Xiao Yi knew Luzhou almost always roughly memorized his line before shooting, in the end how much to said depending on the mood at that time, sometimes when he can’t memorize all of it he will alter it a little. However Director Guo was clearly very strict, if he was unsatisfied with the lines, he can change before the scene, it can’t be used again in the scene after it was changed.

The two brother acted once again, director Guo wasn’t very satisfied, he called Hu Yang over, to talk to him about the scene, he also called Luzhou over, patiently repeated what he said several times, when the three men had finished talking, they film again with two takes, the scene then was regard as pass.

Xiao Yi noted that there were very few people chatting on the set, interactions were almost completely necessary, otherwise, if nobody was joking around, also nobody was playing on their phone or brushing weibo……it would feels like everyone was working very seriously, their mental state will all be strained.  

All the way until the evening, in another scene of Luzhou, he was wearing a big military windbreaker, standing in front of a stream, the gaffer set up good light, inside the entire stream was rippling with golden light.

“Sometimes I feel.” Luzhou said, “Maybe next year, next month, even tomorrow, I won’t be able to endure it anymore.”

This was Luzhou’s monodrama, Xiao Yi saw the script, he knows that this was the scene where Xu Feng Yang visit a place of memories of his dead girlfriend at the edge of the stream, Xu Feng Yang’s lover during that time, was shot by the Japanese army in this stream.

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