Lost Temple (失落神庙)

Title: Lost Temple (失落神庙)
Author: 月曜
Genre: Online gaming, adventure, fantasy, romance, virtual reality, extreme golden hand, Gong really pampering shou, more than one couples.

87 chapters

Summary: Lost Temple (失落神庙), a large-scale virtual reality online game, our protagonist lay in the game pod and begin his fantasy journey, he coincidentally meets a silent Assistant of the Angle race that is actually a number one bounty hunter in the real world? Throughout the journey, he was willing to wash his hand and cook soup for him, as for him, he didn’t hesitate to chop off his wing and fell from heaven for him, since when did friendship become love? And can love in a virtual reality world be build in the real world?

My Review: Shou created a character with 10% decrease in looks and 10% increase in luck which let him coincidentally learned more skills than other players. One day, while practicing archery, he saved gong who was attacked by monsters (this is actually Gong’s mirror image, he is super strong). After that they would play together all the times, shou would join gong’s guild and go on secret missions with him and his guild members, their love also blossomed very quick. This novel focused on adventure, the interaction between shou and gong is very cute. Really worth reading if you are into online gaming genre and okay with a little too much golden hand ^^.

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    • Hey Alexa, I’m not picking this up, this is just a summary/review I’m writing for a reader who requested for a novel with game online genre :).

  1. ohhh I though your going to translate this story….
    umm can I ask if you have its site I want to try reading it
    and thank you for your reminder 😉

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