2013 – Chapter 2

T/N: I have translated this chapter 2 years ago, I’m not going to lie, there will be MISTAKES so read at your own risk. Again, I’m not picking up this novel, this will just be a teaser.

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Lola


Meng Feng: “Where are you planning to go?”

Liu Yan: “Hospital.”

Meng Feng: “You can’t! The zombies ran out from the hospital!!”

The jeep was suddenly pulled to a stop, dragging out a harsh sound.

Liu Yan roared: “My mother is in the hospital!”

Meng Feng then yelled at him: “It is too dangerous! You’ll die!”  

Liu Yan fiercely kicked Meng Feng causing the jeep to bump onto the roadside bench with a *Bang* then everything went quiet.

“I’ll leave the car to you.” Liu Yan said coldly: “I wish you luck” Then turned around and about

to get off but Meng Feng firmly grasped his hand.

Meng Feng lowered his voice: “I’ll go with you, in the time like this don’t be stubborn, okay?”

Liu Yan sighed, reversed, turned into the main road, the streets were empty.

Meng Feng said: “The hospital is a high-risk area, at noon the news said that all the patients who had rabies were sent there……”

“Shut up!” Liu Yan sadly roared, he fiercely slammed the horn with his fist.

Meng Feng then went quiet, Liu Yan continued driving, gasping for air.

“Your father?” Liu Yan asked

“Still in the force,” Meng Feng replied: “but couldn’t find anyone.”

Meng Feng’s father was a military officer, his mother left home when he was very young, as a child Meng Feng doesn’t have a father or a mother.

His parents don’t take care of him, only his grandmother raised him, because he lacked strict discipline, this led to neglecting school, only until the third year when he fell in love with Liu Yan did he began to take school seriously, but it was too late, he failed the entrance exam and had to join the army.

How can you call yourself a dad! Liu Yan always secretly criticizing the man in his heart, the least he could do was spend money and let his son get a credential in a university properly, however, after his son got discharged from the military, he doesn’t even involve in his son’s life.

“What is this?” Meng Feng found a book on the front board, facing the light above their head, rolling back and forth.

Liu Yan: “My teacher lent it to me, he said a year ago, the US Department of Defense published a zombie guide online, many people regarded it as a joke and later printed a lot of booklets and passed around.”

Meng Feng: “Do you think, they already prepared for this earlier? You already encountered the zombies, what do you think they are?”

Liu Yan: “How do I know? We are not a hero that will save the world, being alive is already lucky enough.”

Meng Feng: “They already dead but still able to move……it’s a virus, not a ghost, you are an atheist.”

Liu Yan: “I would actually hope it is ghost…… What is this?!”

The jeep slowly stopped, at the end of the road, police cars lined up horizontally, the only way to reach the hospital was to get past the police cars.

Five-six police officers talked loudly in the intercom, Liu Yan drove past a police officer, he ran over and shouted: “This road is blocked! Do not pass!”

The police officer slammed the window, the sound of guns fired resounded at the front, the ear-piercing sound caused Liu Yan to tremble in fear.

Meng Feng rolled down the window. The police officer leaned over and said: “Go back! Go Back!!”

Liu Yan said: “I must go in there!”

The gun firing sound was deafening, the police officer shouted: “Everyone in there are dead! People who are alive was already been evacuated! This area had been quarantined!”

Liu Yan was trembling, staring at the police officer, he noticed the shallow wound on the nape of his neck; the wound has turned into a scab.

On the side of the police officer’s face appear a faint purple-brown stripe, he anxiously said: “U-turn! Leave this place! The government will begin the evacuation soon!”

A loud explosion sounded in the distance, the police officer no longer paid any attention to Liu Yan, just gesturing him to turn around then ran toward the line of defense.

The anguished wailing continued to increase, hummed like the wind, Liu Yan remembered the phone call with his mother, their last dialogue was the sound of the wind.

“Mother-!!” Liu Yan burst into tears as he fiercely stepped on the gas and drove toward the blockage.

Meng Feng: “Liu Yan! Wake up! Don’t act on impulse!!!”

Meng Feng hugged Liu Yan tightly and yelled in his ear: “I’ll drive! Let me drive!”

Liu Yan almost went mad as he ruthlessly hammering the steering wheel, he then slammed his head down, finally Meng Feng has to forcefully press his neck down, darkness appeared before his eyes, he then fainted.

When he woke up, Liu Yan’s short hair was messy, lying slanted in the passenger seat, the lights on both sides of the road flashed onto his face.

Meng Feng: “You can rest.”

Liu Yan was quiet, feeling dizzy, he asked: “Where is this place?”

“The way out of Z City,” Meng Feng was attentively driving along the road away from Z City.

Liu Yan: “You’re not going back home to pack up some stuff?”

Meng Feng shook his head, Liu Yan’s misty eyes looked out of the window, outside of Z City was the same as usual, the 24 hours roadside convenience store was still opened.

“Do we need to inform them to evacuate?” Liu Yan said wearily.

Meng Feng replied: “The government already send out notice, they probably already knew, if you rushed into other people houses and yelled, no one would believe it.”

Liu Yan reluctantly nodded his head, they had avoided the serious topic, no one mentioned the hospital or Liu Yan’s mother.

There were more and more vehicles, the speed of traffic was slowing down.

Liu Yan took advantage of the light and opened the book, <Zombie Survival Guide> and asked: “You don’t have any other people to look for?”

Meng Feng said indifferently: “There are a few comrades, but they aren’t in the city.”

Liu Yan opened the book.

[B, escape equipment: It is time to pick up equipment to maintain your life and even the necessary equipment to survive in the short moving distance, the standard disaster survival kit is enough. But in the longer distance, the following items listed are a must.]

Liu Yan said to himself: “No matter where we are going, we need 3 liters of water per day.”
“What?” Meng Feng asked.
Liu Yan: “Stop.”

Liu Yan opened the door and got off, he brought along his purse and hastily ran to the roadside convenience store, the store was emptied, Meng Feng restlessly honked.

Liu Yan gestured for him to wait, he walked into the convenience store to buy canned foods, Meng Feng ran over at once to help him load the stuff onto the car, Liu Yan then went back into the store and bought a flashlight, distilled water, charcoal stoves and finally chocolate and high concentration of alcohol and loaded all onto the car.

The car ahead in the distance stopped, all the vehicles behind it honking violently, more people got off, eagerly overlooked.

Liu Yan leaned against the door at loss and asked: “Why are they leaving here?”

The owner of other vehicles consisted of a man and a woman, the honking sound had stopped altogether, Liu Yan watched but didn’t spoke, after a while a lot of people started whispering to each other, then rushed to the convenience store and began buying things.

Meng Feng: “Let’s go.”

Liu Yan got in the car, and then continued moving forward again.

He spent all the cash, even his credit card was overused more than 5,000 yuan, he bought a first aid kit, a stove, two buckets of water, a box of canned beef, a box of canned luncheon meat, a large box of chocolate, four flashlights, as well as a large pack of batteries. A toy telescope, a pack of soap, a pack of laundry detergent, two boxes of biscuits and ten volume of plastic wrap.

Meng Feng said: “Are we going to your school?”

Liu Yan: “Yes and in fact we didn’t need to buy these many things.”

Meng Feng: “No, we should have bought a few more.”

Liu Yan said: “My school had it, I hope that place is alright.”

Liu Yan lowers his head and opened the book, Meng Feng asked: “What the book say?

Liu Yan replied: “In here it said that zombie outbreak is divided into four levels, the first level is small riot, usually consist of only ten to twenty infected, resulting in a small-scale riot. Heaven and Earth! This book is probably written by a lunatic……such unimaginable logic.”

Meng Feng: “Continue.”
Liu Yan: “The second level is crisis, there is usually 20-100 in action……possibly appeared the size of the city center or medical home……or possibly the scale of a neighborhood.”

“The third level is disaster, the number of zombies is in the thousandth, breaking havoc in the radius of hundreds of miles. The duration of the attack plus a long round off could take several months, this time the army will have to seal off the perimeter, and clean up.”

“What else?” Meng Feng asked.
“The fourth level is perish, the zombies have occupied the entire world, the surviving human will need to spend 10 to 15 years, waiting for their natural death or kill each other……This is too ridiculous.” Liu Yan’s heart filled with a strong sense of absurdity, the manual was simply incredible, but the real issue occurred this evening, he was unable to believe it, but he had to.

The progression of the motorcade has slow down, Meng Feng said: “The virus is similar to rabies nothing more, but human hadn’t found the source, mad cow disease, rabies, these vaccines are already developed, this time will also be the same.”

Liu Yan nodded, looking out the window in trance, rabies and the virus, although there was a great difference, but also have amazing similarities.

All sick people will lose their sanity, wandering around, attacking people and pass on the infection, the difference was that the former occurred in the living body, but this one occurred in the dead body.

But who can prove that those walking zombie was dead?

Liu Yan thought of the security guard dragging his intestine and can’t help but shuddered.

The motorcade sped through the highway’s toll station, there were three cars completely stopped.
The loudspeakers on the tollbooth shouted: “The road ahead is under construction, the Traffic Management Bureau received a new notification inviting all vehicle’s owner to the National Highway 973, this place will temporarily stop allowed passing through, very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.”

Meng Feng: “What are we going to do? They already started to blockade and isolate.”

Liu Yan: “Wait a minute.”

At the line ahead, a door of a private car opened, the vehicle’s owner jumped out, the man pointing to the toll station’s staff, cursing, the sound was inaudible from afar. Liu Yan lifted the telescope to observe, he frowned when seeing the scar on the man wrist when he was waving his hand.

When looking at the rear, he saw a mother anxiously holding her child and trembling.

“You see that?” Liu Yan passed the binocular to Meng Feng, Meng Feng took a look, and Liu Yan said: “Look behind his ear.”

Meng Feng paid attention to it.

“Gray spots,” Meng Feng said: “He probably encountered zombie, he was infected.”
Liu Yan: “Do you remember the police officer?”

Meng Feng gasped and nodded.

The vehicle’s owner negotiation was unsuccessful, his face turned pale, he got into the car, then stepped on the gas, *bang* *bang* crashing into the switch fence, then drove away in high-speed.

“No rushing pass!” The loudspeaker on the tollbooth shouted.

The policemen came over one after another, Liu Yan said: “Go!”

Meng Feng clenches his teeth and stepped on the gas, he crossed the toll station with five or six vehicles following closely behind. When they entered the highway, Liu Yan finally could relax and looked back, he saw the police car surrounded the checkpoint to form a tight blockade, it was too late for the other vehicles to pass, they were stopped at the toll station.

Liu Yan watched while feeling nervous, the scene in the distant in just a moment became a small black spot, they constantly passing the lights on both sides of the highway, until now, the two finally feel really relieved.

Liu Yan reaches behind the back of his seat and searched, he was hungry all day, after opened a packet of biscuits and took a sip of the distilled water to fill his stomach, he asked: “What is this?”

Meng Feng turned his head and glanced at it, Liu Yan was holding a folder containing several contracts.

“Work.” Meng Feng face was expressionless.

“Accident insurance……personal safety insurance……life insurance,” Liu Yan said: “You sell insurance? How many have you sold?”

Meng Feng looked at the road ahead and replied: “Not even one.”

Liu Yan: “You are not suitable for this line of work.”

Meng Feng took a deep breath and let out a long sigh.

“The amount of salary depended on commission, one month I only earned 510 yuan.” Meng Feng said in a deep and low voice, bringing depression along: “Waiting for the government to arrange a job takes too long, I can only find a temporary job to get by first.”

Liu Yan said: “You should feel rejoice that it didn’t sell, otherwise your mind will become more unstable, your company is now most likely already has to compensate to bankruptcy, not even a penny was left to give out.”

Meng Feng and Liu Yan laughed.

Liu Yan said cheerfully: “If we survive this, I’ll purchase one——” Before he finished his sentence, Meng Feng said: “Be careful!”—then suddenly turned the steering wheel.

The braking sound almost pierced the eardrum, the two vehicles hit (the brake) simultaneously at the highway intersection. Meng Feng and Liu Yan’s jeep slide to the right side curb, a private car in front of them that was not too far away spun out of control in a circle, it ran into the fence, produced a loud noise.

“What happened?” Liu Yan unfastened the seat belt, he leaned against the side of the window and gasped fiercely.

The little girl screamed, pierced the silence of the night sky, coming from the inside of the private car.

The woman screamed miserably: “Help-” the sound stopped short.

The little girl’s scream was liked a sharp whistle, hysterical, Liu Yan trembling while touching the binocular, he saw in the back seat of the private car was a pool of blood, splashed on the glass.

Meng Feng grabbed the binoculars and looked at it, he immediately put down, everything around them was silence.

Then, the sound of something banging on the window appeared, Liu Yan and Meng Feng felt chill all over their body.

“Go……” Liu Yan said: “The mother and child are dead.”

Meng Feng reluctantly nodded, he stepped on the accelerator towards the open road, pulling a long line of smoke as he sped through the dim light of the night.

They didn’t speak, after a long time, Liu Yan suddenly unbuttoned his shirt, his hand trembling.

Meng Feng said: “Don’t frighten yourself!!”

Liu Yan’s bare upper body was pure white and well-shaped, he thoroughly wiped his arm with disinfectant tissue, then cautiously recalled the first time seeing a zombie before meeting up with Meng Feng, he confirmed that he didn’t have direct physical contact with the zombie.

Liu Yan repeatedly wiped his index finger with wet tissue then his left hand that had touched one of the zombie’s eyeballs, finally he nervously took out the medical alcohol from the first-aid kit, trembled as he pours it over his hand.

Meng Feng used his left hand steering the wheel, while using his right hand to tightly grip Liu Yan’s wrist, the resolute side face covered with a layer of light.

“What are you afraid of?” Meng Feng laughed: “Even if you had been infected, the one who will suffer is only me.”

Liu Yan thought for a moment, then put the alcohol away, Meng Feng released his hand, and mumbled to himself: “What if I turned into a zombie?”

“I don’t know,” Liu Yan said: “Don’t expect me to save you.”  

“I don’t need you to save me,” Meng Feng said: “At that time just remember to escape.”

Liu Yan immediately said: “No.”

He looked earnestly at Meng Feng, Meng Feng used his elbow to support the steering wheel, he leaned his head forward, gazing attentively at Liu Yan’s eyes, letting him carefully look at.

“There isn’t any spot,” Meng Feng smile handsomely: “My skill is very good, how about I stripped naked, and let you examine me?”

Liu Yan’s eyes carried a smile: “No, thank you, in fact I don’t care even if you have scar.”
Meng Feng: “Then what do you care about? Me?”
Liu Yan: “A little bit, suddenly want to examine you.”

Liu Yan whispered: “Doesn’t matter, if I don’t eat you, then you eat me. If there is only one person survived, then it has no meaning.”

“Yes.” Meng Feng agreed: “Only one person alive, it’s lonely.”

He said as he conveniently turned on the radio while driving, Liu Yan rolled down the window, the fresh and cool summer night breeze blew in, carrying the rock and rolled music to fly all the way into the highway.

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