If You Don’t Fall In Love Then Drop Dead (不谈恋爱就去死)

Title: If You Don’t Fall In Love Then Drop Dead (不谈恋爱就去死)

Author: 龙柒

Genre: Modern, rebirth, system, showbiz, Gong super pamper shou, 1×1, more than one couple

91 chapters + 13 extras

Summary: There are so many people in the entertainment circle, but the person who Ye Chen feel most uncomfortable with is Ren Jing this hypocrite, appear to be polite and amiable, but actually very fake, half of everything he said can’t be trusted.

Then one day, Ye Chen drank a lot, after waking up, the naked Film Emperor Ren was lying beside to him.

Ye Chen expressed: “MMP, have bitten by a dog!”

(T/N: 媽賣批 (mā mài pī or MMP) – Literally mean ‘your mom is a prostitute’ but in English it’s mean ‘son of a bitch’)

He originally thought this matter was to be over, as the result there was a voice pop up inside Ye Chen’s head: “Daily mission: Kiss Ren Jing, survival point reward after completion: 1.”

“Friendly reminder: Life will be taken back if survival point is lower than 1.”

Ye Chen: !!!

My Review: One day after waking up and found the naked Gong laying next to him, Shou ran. While driving he saw a cat in the middle of the road, in order to save the cat he turned the steering wheel and crashed. Shou knows he was supposed to be dead but when opened his eyes again, he was still alive. Shou then called his manager to come and pick him up, while in the car a voice belongs to the system called If You Don’t Fall In Love Then Drop Dead, nicknamed Drop Death system popped up inside his head and gave him his first daily mission, kiss Gong. Shou has to tell the manager to take him back to the hotel and go look for Gong. Shou tried to go for the kiss 2-3 times but missed haha because they were in the hallway and Gong was only wearing a bathrobe, he didn’t want the paparazzi to take a picture and start a scandal about them. This novel is super duper cute, Gong has been in love with Shou for 14 years, he has a tragic past and Shou was the angel who pulled him up from the abyss full of darkness and that was when he fell in love with shou. All the missions are funny and cute, I remember the second mission was for Shou to make a chocolate shaped heart and Gong have to eat it. He used Debauve&Gallais (An expensive brand of chocolate in French) to make it, then stuffed it in a cake, went to his friend workplace (his friend was in a meeting with Gong and producer) and pretend to throw a surprise birthday party for his friend who already have a birthday party last month in order to a get Gong to eat the chocolate. In the beginning, Gong was so jealous of Shou and his best friend because he thought they are dating, but they weren’t. Shou have two best friends (both are gay), one has an unrequited love for him, both acted like his ‘father’ and giving him advice on dating it’s really cute haha. This is the second novel of 龙柒 that I read, the first one was Entering Split Personality (走进人格分裂) and it was super good, but the ending wasn’t that good (it’s HE).

The twist: Shou was able to reborn because Gong trades his life for him. Doing the daily mission to gain survival point wasn’t for Shou to continue living, but for Gong. Shou can still live even if he doesn’t do the mission, but Gong will die. I remember the question that the system asked Gong before he gave up his life for shou, what if Shou don’t do the missions and he died, his reply was his death is worth it.

Rant: I love everything about this novel except one thing. The H part, the author replaced 3,000+ words of H with ‘……’. My H is literally 6 DOTS!!!! 6 FREAKING DOTS!!!!! T_T

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