An Adultery Triggered By A Diary (一本日记引发的奸/情)

Title: An Adultery Triggered By A Diary (一本日记引发的奸/情)
Author: 沙梓
Genre: Online gaming, comedy, 1×1, HE

64 chapters + 6 extras


“First of all, this is a Danmei online gaming novel, the background/context is of Demigods and Semi-Devils online game, not realistic.

Second, this novel is associated with “Primary school student’s Demigods and Semi-Devils game diary”, there is a reference, not plagiarizing, please take note of this, don’t be unclear and not look at the summary then say I plagiarized after.

(T/N: 小学生的天龙八部游戏日记 (Primary school student’s Demigods and Semi-Devils game diary) – It’s on

Finally, will not write a summary, this can only be covered in one simple sentence: This is about a diary that triggered □!!”

(T/N: I’m pretty sure the □ mean 奸情 (jiānqíng or JQ), which is adultery lol)

My summary: Jiang Xiao Yu was abet by his dad to start playing an online game and have a master who is actually his homeroom teacher. The story of him playing the game and everything he encounters was written in his diary and that diary has to be turned in to his homeroom teacher (for a grade)! Father Jiang start pursuing his homeroom teacher in-game and Xiao Yu was stuck in between their (crazy) love story and the guild that’s full of fujoshi. Through Xiao Yu’s diary, Xiao Yu’s homeroom teacher and father Jiang was aware of each other in real life. Their official meeting in real life was during the parent conference. Father Jiang then start pursuing his wife from in-game to real life. There is also CP hint of Xiao Yu and his classmate.




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