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Exception exists

A few days later, Mo Ka knows, as it turns out that the man downstairs is Chen Ge. That Chen Ge. Originally hadn’t met and Mo Ka hated this person a little, now they met he doesn’t hate him. He is that kind of person now. He cannot have any intersection with him.

Of course, to Mo Ka it doesn’t matter. He did not want to be friends with Chen Ge. He also didn’t want to be friends with anyone, regardless if they are male, or female. He has a few friends and that’s enough. Just occasionally not intentionally look at the balcony downstairs. This has become a habit.

Hao Shuai’s mood was still very low, he told Mo Ka: “You should never tell Shan Shan that Chen Ge lives below us. I recently discovered that the number of times Shan Shan’s mouth has mentioned Chen Ge has exceeded the times she has mentioned Jin Cheng Wu.” [1]

“You really love Gao Shan Shan?”

“These days it’s hard to find such a beautiful friend with benefits. Did you not hear what the Television say yesterday? There is a serious imbalance between men and women. A few more years and four men grab (chase) one women, not easy at all.” Hao Shuai reveals the suffering of humans.

“Like this ah.” Mo Ka raised his head thoughtfully: “Then it looks like in the future you can only find a man (and) accept it.”

Hao Shuai laid on the floor doing sit-ups, then received Mo Ka’s topics and said: “I say Mo Ka, why don’t you go seduce Chen Ge and see.”

Mo Ka’s foot stepped on Hao Shuai’s back: “Get lost!” [2].

“Your outwardly cold but passionate inside character is unattractive to women, to men cannot say….” Hao Shuai’s words were interrupted. Mo Ka increased the strength of his foot, directly put Hao Shuai on the floor unable to stand up: “Let me tell you again, what I said was a joke, I’m not interested in men, anyway, someone like Chen Ge….” Mo Ka did not speak, Chen Ge’s good looking impeccable face appeared in his mind. Hao Shuai with great effort twisted his head 70 degrees to look at Mo Ka: “Anyways, what about people like Chen Ge?”

Mo Ka blushed, he suffered a lapse in concentration a little ashamed and puzzled: “[4] Talk shit. Anyways I don’t like men, I do not like Chen Ge. Don’t make reckless jokes, we are both men, if others heard, they’ll say what’s that all about.”

Hao Shuai got up from the floor and clapped his hands. He inexplicably stared at Mo Ka’s face, then looked at the room: “This living room only has us two, who can hear us? Anyways your excited reaction is incredible.”

Over the years Mo Ka’s reactions cannot be concealed from Hao Shuai. Who let them become childhood friends. Mo Ka doesn’t know what to say, can only go to the balcony, pretend he heard nothing. Hao Shuai continued speaking in the living room: “I say Mo Ka, no need to lose self-esteem, a man like Chen Ge, maybe one day the lightning fry his head to like you.”

“Can you not change the subject. If I really did like men, why haven’t I like you all these years and every time I see you I feel nauseous.” [T/N Savage]

Hao Shuai isn’t angry. He has a heavy heart: “This year, finding a friend with benefits like Chen Ge isn’t easy either, you think. Anyways your ass is also idle.” In fact, Hao Shuai is joking. If Mo Ka has no reaction, he will not continue this topic. He did not think the result would be such a big reaction, this made Hao Shuai want to carry this joke on

Mo Ka shouted on the balcony: “How many times do I [3] have to say, I don’t like men. I don’t like Chen Ge more!” Mo Ka rarely burst a series of three. Suddenly realised that his own volume was a little loud. Subconsciously looked at the downstairs balcony. This look made him dumbfounded. Chen Ge was holding coffee in his hand. He was sitting on a chair on the balcony giving him a meaningful look. Mo Ka somewhat panicking, stammering: “I’m talking about another Chen Ge, not you. You. Don’t misunderstand.”
Hao Shuai looked at Mo Ka’s reaction and followed over. He saw Chen Ge and turned his head to loudly ask: “I’m talking about this Chen Ge. Which one are you talking about?”

Mo Ka reached out grasping hard on Hao Shuai’s hair, grabbed several pieces of hair. Hao Shuai could only dejectedly entered the house. Mo Ka looked at Chen Ge again: “Sorry.”

Quite a while before Chen Ge indifferently opened his mouth. Mo Ka felt that he was always this indifferent. The voice was obviously issued from below, but felt like it floated down from heaven: “Sorry for what?”

“It’s not right to joke about someone behind their back.” Mo Ka ran away after he finished talking.

Obviously, there’s only a short distance from the balcony to the room but, Mo Ka doesn’t understand why he would be out of breath. He had obviously quit smoking. Why hasn’t his lung capacity increased? Mo Ka looked at the calendar hung on the wall, he has been living there for 14 days already. At this unlucky number, Chen Ge looked up at him for the first time. But no matter from what point of view, his face will make people’s heartbeat.

Mo Ka attributed this emotion into a similar type of admiration. There is no depth to this thought, and there are no depths too. Mo Ka already passed the age of having love at first sight, not to mention the other person was a man.

Since the last event, in order to not give Chen Ge trouble, Mo Ka decided to disappear from around Chen Ge. After all, they should not have intersected. This is contrary to Mo Ka’a plan for the university period. He just wanted to with no doubt finish university, then make money, (and) honour his mother. At 15 years old Mo Ka seamlessly arranged his life. But, there’s one thing Mo Ka does not know. It is something that Chen Ge also does not know. From the moment of intersection, if they want to drop out each other’s world it will no longer be an easy task.

The praises Chen Ge received lunged like a tide. It looks like not only is he desirable, even his aspects of life are outstanding. The teacher and student leadership all praise him. Unfortunately, in order to concentrate on learning the reasons to refuse the invitation of the student’s union.

In the end, what kind of person is Chen Ge?

Chen Ge is always faintly smiling. He is seemingly easy to get close too but stand before him, there would be an inexplicable aura that would make people push it. Inaccessible. He and everyone maintain appropriate benefits. Mo Ka smiled. This word is just right. Yes. Chen Ge is just the right man.

A girl sat in the seat next to Mo Ka asked him a question on <constitution>. Mo Ka obviously knows, but that kind of feeling of distress came again. He was anxious, the mouth could not answer: “Yep. That one. I.” Gone just like that. He always has no way. Then, the girl wrinkled her nose: “Forget it. I should ask someone else.” Mo Ka can see the tiredness in the girl’s eyes. This made him a bit hurt. He kept taking deep breaths. He read the book. If sad and angry whilst taking deep breaths, (he will) tell himself this is no big deal and then it will be over.

Chen Ge a freshman.

Mo Ka a senior.

There is usually no chance to meet each other than outside Chen Ge’s weekly physical education class on Tuesdays and psychology lectures on Fridays. This data was based on the number of girls standing outside. Chen Ge always has many people by his side, men, women, but Chen Ge is always the most dazzling. Always will be.

This day’s Mo Ka, because he was in the store off campus selecting music CD. He put too much investment in it and he forgot the time. The CD is difficult to find because it’s an old CD. He is an unknown singer, a small number of scratches, Mo Ka searched for a long time and still hasn’t found it. Today he finally found it at an almost to be buried store. He carefully put the CD in his arms and rushed to school. He ran up the shortcut from around the stadiums next to the stairs. But the more anxious he is, the more prone he is to the situation. Mo Ka mixed a step, entire person forward. Eyes seeing that his forehead will encounter the stairs. He was pulled back by a hand. It feels like when he was younger playing pirate ship at the amusement park.

Mo Ka’s forehead was saved. When he turned to say thank you but saw Chen Ge’s face. The first reaction is so it turns out that today is Tuesday. Chen Ge’s side had a beautiful girl. Looks like they’re both preparing to go to physical education class. Mo Ka felt his wrist being seized by a hand. Boiling hot. He could not help but think that Chen Ge got open blisters before physical education class. Like this, he suffered a lapse in concentration. The CD fell from Mo Ka’s arms coming in contact with the ground issuing a crisp sound. Splitting into many pieces, those pieces of fragments then scattered along the steps. This CD is fragile like his age. Fortunately, only the shell is broken, inside the disc rolled outside for 1 meter. Mo Ka panicked rushing forward, but because of the calculation error of his pace, his own foot tread on the CD, this time it was really broken.

Mo Ka was saved, but Mo Ka’s CD was tragically sacrificed.

Mo Ka squatted on the ground and cleaned up the pieces. Chen Ge did not say anything. He did not even give look at Mo Ka. He just walked away from the Mo Ka’s side, legs stepping on those fragments, once again issuing a crisp sound. The beautiful girl behind Chen Ge looked back once at Mo Ka? Mo Ka somewhat angry. Isn’t the legend Chen Ge a very good person, isn’t the legend a gentleman, isn’t the legend a gentle person? What is he now? In the end, what is the school’s concept of gentle? If a person like him is called gentle then, he himself can be considered exceedingly fascinating and charming. He should have at least helped him pick up it, even if he didn’t help pick it up, he should not step on it. Even a girl is not as good as (him, but) she at least looked back once.

The Legend is a metamorphosis [5] of things.

In fact, the beautiful girl following Chen Ge from behind was also shocked by Chen Ge’s response. Usually, his attitude is at least moderate, but today he was surprisingly cold. Maybe that boy just now is the type that Chen Ge hates, this is the reason the beautiful girl Looked back at Mo Ka.


After returning home, Mo Ka carefully picked up the pieces to put them back together. See if he can stick it back together, but debris is debris. They are too broken, even the possibility of sticking it together is gone. He finally gave up throwing it on the floor, using his legs angrily kicked the debris into pieces again.

The ice-cold ground made Mo Ka ass become cold.

He kind of hates himself, why is there no way to accept those strangers. He wants to express his inner thoughts to others, such as himself. Maybe he is a freak to others, Mo Ka doesn’t like being a freak.

Of course, Chen Ge is an exception.

Because he’s an exception, and so they will continue, this is how God arranged this length/passage of love.


[1] Jin Cheng Wu

[1] Jin Cheng Wu

It seems as if Angelina really likes Jin Cheng Wu

It seems as if Angelina really likes Jin Cheng Wu. He is mentioned in I want to be your Man too

[2] 我呸!-don’t give a damn, don’t care, don’t give a shit, get lost


[4] 说屁啊说 it’s a phrase, I’m unable to translate correctly so it’ll have to be

[5] perverted.


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