Number One Zombie Wife

Title: Number One Zombie Wife (第一尸妻)
Author: 金元宝
Genre and Tags: modern, apocalypse, zombies, Gong reborn, Shou transmigrate, dimension, special abilities, mpreg, childcare, 1V1, HE


Transmigrated into his own novel, Mu Yifan was very conflicted!

Transmigrated into his own novel and become a zombie, Mu Yifan was even more conflicted!

Transmigrated into his own novel and become the zombie king that killed the male lead, and the male lead reborn to one month before the apocalypse to take revenge, Mu Yifan has lost his calm!

Therefore, he decided to become heartless, he has to get rid of the male lead before he reborn.


Hold on, what kind of rhythm is this?

Isn’t he writing a Science Fiction novel?

How did it become Danmei?


Chapter 1 – Big Young Master
Chapter 2 – Male Lead
Chapter 3 – At the Wrong Grave
Chapter 4 – You Were Shot
Chapter 5 – Your Father Really Owes You
Chapter 6 – Gave Your Father a Scare
Chapter 7 – You Just Need to Lie to Him
Chapter 8 – Who Are You?
Chapter 9 – Talent for Acting
Chapter 10 – I’m Going to Sleep with You Tonight
Chapter 11 – Horrifying People
Chapter 12 – You Bastard 
Chapter 13 – You’re a Male, Right?
Chapter 14 – Medical Report
Chapter 15 – You Shut Up!
Chapter 16 – Unsympathetic Fellow
Chapter 17 – Zhan Beitian, Go!
Chapter 18 – You Just Got Lucky
Chapter 19 – He’s Called Cuihua
Chapter 20 – Something’s Wrong with Your Body
Chapter 21 – This Defies Science
Chapter 22 – Who’s the Other Child’s Father?
Chapter 23 – Damn It!
Chapter 24 – Clean Your Insides
Chapter 25 – How Did This Happen?
Chapter 26 – The Man in White
Chapter 27 – Who Exactly Was He?
Chapter 28 – Elder Sister
Chapter 29 – Your Nails Are Too Hard
Chapter 30 – Vigorous Exercises Are Not Suitable for You
Chapter 31 – Not Meant For You to Watch
Chapter 32 – This Man Was Quite Amusing!

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