Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 3

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: Mosstree

At The Wrong Grave

Zhan Bei Tian swept his gaze over making Mu Yifan’s heart startle, afraid that the other person would see something, he quickly crouched down, he pretending to pick up the offering goods to conceal the guilty conscience in the bottom of his heart, at the same time, he touched the mask and glasses on his face, making sure they were safely secured on his face, only then did he breathe out a little sigh of relief.

After finishing picking up the items, he continued to pretend as if nothing had happened, he walked to the front of an unoccupied grave beside him and began to light the candle to burn incense.

At the same time he was busy, he secretly used his peripheral vision to glance toward Zhan Bei Tian, seeing the other person had retrieved his line of sight, his heart could only then truly return to its original place.

At this moment, Mu Yifan’s mood was very complicated, not only was he happy that he found the male lead but also worried that his heart wasn’t ruthless enough to make a move, especially when the male lead Zhan Bei Tian and his childhood friend also looked exactly the same……  

“Who are you?” A fierce voice suddenly interrupted Mu Yifan’s train of thoughts.

Mu Yifan snapped out of it and raised his head to look, he then saw a middle-aged man put down the carrying pole on his shoulder, behind him followed an old man and a middle-aged woman, there was also a young man and two little girls, six pairs of eyes stared at him with curiosity, especially since Mu Yifan was wearing a mask and glasses on his face, an appearance of a thief that shouldn’t be exposed to the light, immediately made the alertness arise in the six people’s hearts.

Mu Yifan looked at them, then looked at the grave before his eyes, finally, his eyes fell on the carrying pole that the middle-aged man had put down before, he thought to himself, this grave would not be their old ancestor, right?   

The middle-aged woman fixed her eyes at Mu Yifan as if she was looking at the enemy, moreover, the more she looked the more vicious her eyes were, she quickly walked to one side of the middle-aged man, lowering her voice and said: “Father of our child, you see he stands in front of the grave and even has to covered up his whole face, could he be the driver that’s responsible for running over San Er?”


Mu Yifan was dumbfounded, although the voice of the middle-aged woman wasn’t loud, but he could still clearly heard what she said, just as he wanted to explain, he suddenly heard the old man shouted angrily: “What? He’s the driver that ran over San Er?”

The middle-aged woman coldly humphed: “With a sneaky appearance like this, his conscience must be uneasy, in the middle of the night he has dreamed about San Er demanding for his life, that’s why he ran over here to burn incense!”

Mu Yifan hurriedly stood up to explain: “This aunty……!”


Randomly looking for a grave to burn incense, he could still encounter this kind of bad luck, and was also mistaken for the driver who ran over their family member!

Wasn’t he too unlucky?

Besides, if he wasn’t afraid that Zhan Bei Tian would recognize him, how could he cover himself up, and act like a thief?

“Ah pei! Who is your aunty? You’re really a shameless person, don’t think you compensating with money, we will then forgive you!” The middle-aged woman raised her voice loudly as she scolded Mu Yifan, then, the whole person lay in front of the grave and cried loudly: “My poor San Er, still hasn’t reached five years old, was by you……”

The other five people stared at him with red eyes, the middle-aged man’s face, in particular, was with grief and indignation, he took down the loads on the carrying pole then swung it toward Mu Yifan.

Mu Yifan quickly dodged: “You have misunderstood, I’m not the driver responsible for the incident that you’re talking about, I was just…I was just visiting the wrong grave……”

He had just shouted out these two words, the sound of firecrackers resounded nearby, completely covering up his words.

The middle-aged man didn’t hit the target, he angrily raised the carrying pole, and fiercely roared: “Son of a bitch, your father will break off your two legs to offer it as sacrifices for San Er!”  

Mu Yifan saw that they didn’t listen to his explanation at all, and quickly broke into a run.

Perhaps he was still concerned about the matter of the male lead in his heart, he unexpectedly ran in the direction where Zhan Bei Tian stood.  

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  1. No open wine/beer falling over making the grave area more chaotic in flames for MC to collide with ML?! Kekeke !>:)

  2. OMG. Because of your well-written chapters, and the summary you wrote, I jumped to MTLing the chapters in Chinese raw…and the story is SO, SO GOOD! The plot that’s going to develop is pretty epic, and there’s a lot of characters that are written very well. Because of you, I’ve left a really good review on NovelUpdates here. 😍 I just typed out my review

  3. Lol. About the ML looking lik ethe MC’s best friend, does this actually mean there is something even in real life? Thanks for the chaptee. I hope it continues to be a light read.

  4. PFTTT!!!! the characters of his novel keeps bullying him!!!
    San er was tragic, but, omg, that conclusion is both naive and very sad
    auntie, don’t accuse others so quickly
    at least if he wants to apologise (after paying) that means he was sorry, too

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