Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 5

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Your Father Really Owes You

Just when Mu Yifan worried that the development of the plot would be out of his control, Zhan Bei Tian suddenly stopped his footsteps and stood motionless in place for a long time.

He puzzledly turned his head, only to see Zhan Bei Tian shaking his head vigorously, then, like losing all of his strength, the entire person fell backward.

Mu Yifan was greatly startled, he hurriedly grabbed Zhan Bei Tian’s hand, and pull the man into his arms: “Hey, hey, are you alright?”

He even shouted several times, and even exerted his strength to pat the other person’s face: “Zhan…what happened to you? Don’t scare me ah?”

Mu Yifan saw that Zhan Bei Tian still hadn’t responded, he carefully reached toward under his nose to probe, when certain that he was still breathing, he could then breathe out a little sigh of relief.

Luckily he wasn’t dead.

Only, how can a person who was perfectly all right suddenly lost consciousness?

Mu Yifan thought that there was something wrong with Zhan Bei Tian’s body, he hurriedly picked up the phone to dial the emergency center, however, just as he pressed two numbers, he then stopped his action.

He’s really stupid, Zhan Bei Tian suddenly fainted, wasn’t this the best time for him to make a move?

Moreover, if he hadn’t guessed wrong, Zhen Bei Tian suddenly fainted, it’s most likely because his soul would be reborn, therefore, he definitely before Bei Zhen Tian reborn, had to get rid of him.

“Mister, do you need any help?” The family who was sweeping graves nearby asked in concern.

Mu Yifan regained his senses, and at once shook his head: “No need, no need, my friend is just having a heatstroke.”

There were too many people around here, it wasn’t a good place to put his hand to it, he hurriedly carried the more than 1m9 tall Zhan Bei Tian on his back, trotting down the mountain.

Mu Yifan found his car, he strenuously threw the man on the backseat, breathed out a big breath, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and cursed in a low voice: “Damn it, your father really owes you.”

Was there anyone who was miserable as he was?

Obviously wanted to get rid of the male lead, but instead he took the bullet for the male lead, now that the male lead had lost consciousness it’s a very good time to kill, however, he still had to work like a coolie and carry the male lead on his back down the mountain, then he had to find a place without any people to dispose of him.

The reason why he was so cautious, it was nothing more than worried that after the death of the male lead, not only would he not return to the real world, instead he would be locked up in prison, spending the rest of his life in prison, then the gains would not make up for the losses.

“Hope that before returning home, he doesn’t wake up.”

Before nightfall, Mu Yifan drove back to the villa where he lived, and then, moved the man into the living room and threw him on the sofa.

He patted Zhan Bei Tian’s face, making sure he still hadn’t woken up yet, then quickly carried out his plan to kill the male lead.

Mu Yifan scanned the hall, seeing if there were any killing tool, very soon, his eyes fell on the fruit knife on the table.

He very swiftly picked up the fruit knife, and suddenly lifted it up, however, when he saw the handsome face that looked exactly the same as his childhood friend, the fruit knife couldn’t go down.

He sincerely couldn’t put his hand to it, in the real world, Zhan Bei Tian was a good brother that couldn’t even be better, whatever matter Zhan Bei Tian would take care of it for him, whenever there was any trouble Zhan Bei Tian would stand up for him, this person loved him even more dearly than his biological elder brother, how could he do it easily?

However, if he didn’t kill Zhan Bei Tian, then he would not return to his original world, but also, he would be subject to the male lead cruel torment.

Mu Yifan thought to here, the courage to kill was aroused once again.

“Brother, I really don’t want to kill you, wait until I come back to the real world, I will definitely be good to you.” He then resolutely planted a few kisses on Zhan Bei Tian’s forehead, producing smacking noises.

Mu Yifan wiped his hand on his leg, using his pant to wipe off the sweat in the palm of his hand, then, taking a deep breath, he raised up the fruit knife again: “I’m currently in a book, I’m currently in a book, this person is fake, is fake, only killing him then will I be able to return to the reality…..”

He closed his eyes, both of his hands were trembling, he desperately hypnotizing himself that everything before his eyes was fake.

Mu Yifan seized the moment and braced himself, he then aimed at Zhan Bei Tian’s heart and forcefully thrust it down.

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    • Mu Yifan wrote a novel, in which he named characters based on the people he knows in real life. He’s transmigrated into the novel as the main character (named after himself). Zhan Bei Tian in real life is his best friend and they’re super close, but in the book they’re enemies. The Zhan Bei Tian in the novel looks like the one in real life, so it’s hard for Mu Yifan to just kill him. That’s why he’s self hypnotizing that he’s in the book and this isn’t real. The kisses are meant as an apology for his best friend since he feels guilty for killing him (he’s overlapping the character and his real life friend due to their shared name/appearance) and part of his promise that when he returns to the real world, he’ll treat his friend even better

  1. Polar just wanna ask if you or wattpad team deleted this story on your wattpad acct? I saw your update there but the story seems didn’t appear when I click the updated chapter.

  2. “mister, do you need any help?” “nah, my friend’s just having a heatstroke” lmaoooo MC.. you’re too casual smh you need to lie better

  3. OHH! I get it! so in the other timeline he has love-hate relationship with ML and finally killed him (zombie)
    now in the beginning before he was reborn they are still unaware of each other
    this “give me MY body” takeover is quite funny, I’m thinking of ML1 fighting with ML2 for control of the body and ML2 lost and fainted
    ohh, that scene in the end is really good, I can feel it, the tension, the conflicting emotions!
    aww, I have a feeling his BF in the real world loved him, really really ‘loved’ him
    maybe ML will wake up after forehead kisses lolol

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