Oh, My Dear! Chapter 4

Author; Angelina

Translator; Jia


Chapter 4 It doesn’t matter even if I cry


7 o’clock, the morning exercise bell stroke awakened the early morning, students wore a variety of sleep disordered hairstyles surge to the schoolyard. Guo Zhi refreshingly mixed together among the students, he likes to sleep late he also likes to do morning exercises, he likes the misty sky, he likes classmates yawning, he likes

Guo Zhi’s sight was suddenly firmly grabbed by the landscape, Shi Xi stood backwards in the crowd around students constantly passing by him. He just stood there both hands plugged in his pants pocket maintaining a posture, his cap very low that he cannot see his expression.

Guo Zhi is a careless person, he walked to Shi Xi unbiased. Their distance along with footsteps are close by, around are noisy students. Guo Zhi reached out to catch Shi Xi’s brim using force to firmly push down: “Need to hide this face well.” After talking, Guo Zhi was then forced aside by the crowd. Shi Xi quietly left, he made no attempt to conceal the truth disappearing in this world but Guo Zhi accidently found his fineness.

Morning exercise ended, started to prepare for pre-test exams. Guo Zhi’s table was moved to the corridor outside the classroom, he found that Shi Xi was also moved outside. in order to show friendliness he quietly moved over: “My results were good, stay a while i’ll pass the answers to you after all your results were very poor. Do not feel inferior, there are many poor students like you.” Is this really considered friendly?

“Return back to your position for me.” Shi Xi was not the slightest moved by this friendly omen.

“Wait a while I’ll cough to give you a signal.” Guo Zhi put on a serious look. It looks as if he is a messenger who will not abandon the poor students.

Examination is processing seriously, Guo Zhi each finished question’s answer was seriously left on a note. After about an hour, he directed a forced cough at Shi Xi. The other person did not respond, he coughed again, non-stop coughing. It’s already not a simple transmission signal, like a terminally ill patient. The invigilator came over: “This student, if you don’t feel well go see the doctors.”

“I’m I’m fine.” Guo Zhi is not a person who can lie much, he can only mutter. He clenched the note in his hand.

The invigilator looked Guo Zhi up and down for awhile before he left. He took advantage of this gap to throw the paper to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi frowned staring at the tumbled note on the table that Guo Zhi shaped into a ugly shape, he unfolded it, a cartoon was drawn on the paper. Not only does it have the answers for the multiple-choice, he even also wrote down the answer to the questions word for word.

He looked up to see Guo Zhi who blinked his right eye then made a OK gesture.

Shi Xi wrote on the nice corner of the mouth, not a moment later the note flew back to Guo Zhi’s table. Guo Zhi opened the note, the cartoon he drew was all blacked out also some modified answers after, comparing it with his examination paper he could not help but have his mouth open. All the answers he modified compared to his own answers were not only at a correct rate but was much higher and more perfect. How on earth did he become a poor student!!

Guo Zhi has made an impressive achievement in the pre-test exam, he held the exam paper jolting his buttocks to find Shi Xi: “Thanks to you, the teacher praised me in front of the whole class, how many points did you get?”

Shi Xi just lowered his head down to read, Guo Zhi aimed at Shi Xi’s exam paper on the table, 35 points!!

“You deliberately took the test like this?” (can also say deliberately “failed”)

“It’s not necessary to tell you.”

“Petty!” Guo Zhi used force to flatten his mouth and left, he also make it look like he was a person who was less likely to be angry.

Once he returned to class, Guo Zhi went to Hua Gu Yu : “Hua’er (Flower). Let me ask you something.”

“Told you to not call me that!!” Hua Gu Yu felt angry towards this address.

“Why, I think it’s really nice because you are the like a flower, beautiful.”

Originally he was still angry but Hua Gu Yu heard the last sentence, no more anger left touched his own face: “Then I won’t care about it (the name), what do you want me to ask? Ask me why I grew to be some handsome?”

“No, I want to ask you if you went to be a male prostitute, what mood and expression will you have. Can I take a picture?” Guo Zhi innocently made an evil request.

“Wat male prostitute!! Do you know what you are saying?!” Hua Gu Yu’s gore almost erupted.

“Because I feel that your beauty is suitable.” Looks like although Guo Zhi is naive but he is not stupid.

Hua Gu Yu listened to this praise, crossed his arms nodding in approval: “This is also true, male prostitute. I should express hazy point, a distraction point.” Hua Gu put of a look, Guo Zhi quickly pulled out his cellphone: “Don’t move, maintain this charming posture. I’ll take a picture of you.”

Complimented sentence by sentence, Hua Gu Yu was lifted to to fly in the sky. He made a variety of expressions and postures prompting the people in the class to frequently look at these two madmen.

Noon break, Guo Zhi held his cell phone cable: jolting his buttocks to find Shi Xi again: “I helped you find good material!” He handed his phone to ShiXi. Shi Xi swiped the photos looking at the photos of Hua Gu Yu enjoying hazy expression.

“How are you going to write?”

Shi Xi described with a delicate touch saying[1] “Repeatedly ravaged to death tragically by the customer in a ditch.”

“But being ravaged in the ditch, it seems to be not very convenient.” Never thought that Shi Xi would refute this idea?

“After being ravaged to death by the road side, kicked in to the ditch.”

Guo Zhi nodded his head, a understanding expression: “So it’s like this, your ideas are really good.”

“I[2] told you not to praise me by being baffled.”

“But I want to praise you by being baffled by you.” Guo Zhi stubbornly said.

The noise gradually weakens in the classroom, just left with two people. Shi Xi removed his cap throwing it on the table readily grabbing a textbook, from the inside he teared a page picked up a pen and started writing. He moved carelessly but it shaked Guo Zhi’s mood. He thought that looking for two seconds is already moving enough, he never thought that the third second he noticed that any attention has become trembling.

Under the sun, that face. Words and expressions can not be put together for his appearance. His head down sight placed on the paper, he sat like that opposite Guo Zhi but from the world. Guo Zhi placed his hands down on both sides watching Shi Xi, God is very eccentric to create this appearance for you.

When Shi Xi finished writing, he looked up to find Guo Zhi staring blankly at him: “Why are you still here?”

“I also don’t know.” Guo Zhi honestly answered. After speaking he continued to complement: “Very strange, it feels like I can always watch you like this.” Guo Zhi doesn’t understand the definition of the word ambiguous, he just said what he wanted to say. There are no impurities in Guo Zhi’s expression and Shi Xi’s world is completely incompatible. [3]

Shi Xi placed his elbows on the table, leaned slightly closer, held his gaze on Guo Zi and suddenly rushed over, breath unexpectedly caught his heart. Guo Zhi wants to retreat his body but he is unable to move.

Shi Xi’s voice is ice-cold: “Do not come near me, I will make you cry, Guo Zhi.”

Guo Zhi’s smile is warm: ” It doesn’t matter, it’s doesn’t matter even if I cry. I will make you laugh.”



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