Oh, My Dear! Chapter 5

Author; Angelina

Translator; Jia


Chapter 5 Deep

Sunday, the school is on holiday (for the weekend). Guo Zhi has returned home early. Although his home is small but it is significantly very tidy, his mother is in the kitchen cooking, she looks back to smile kindly, her gaze on Guo Zhi: “Your home, how was the exams. Go wash your hands and get ready to eat now.”

“The exam was pretty good.” Guo Zhi stood next to his mother turning on the tap to wash his hands.

His Father also came back from outside, hands putting out the smoke. [1] His serious facial expression as always brought people fear. After seeing Guo Zhi he asked: “How was this week, you didn’t stir up trouble?”

[1] of a cigarette


“Just passed through internet cafes saw those kids go inside, don’t copy them.”

“I know.”

“You had better know.”

Guo Zhi’s father, Guo Yun Yong is a veteran, his character is impatient and old-fashioned. The house has strict house rules, he’s not allowed to talk when eating, he has to return home before 6 o’clock in the holiday. He’s not allowed go online to play games, this house has many things that he’s not allowed to do. Guo Yun Yong in fact has hurt Guo Zhi, but he has his own set of educational methods. The living room corner has a arrayed cane, ever since he was little, if Guo Zhi committed a serious mistake, Guo Yun Yong will use this cane to let Guo Zhi remember the mistakes lesson and his mother is a docile woman, who has always followed his father’s advice (suggests that she doesn’t stop him). This family and other ordinary families are the same, it has a simple lifestyle, lightly warm.

“The college entrance exam is almost here, you need to attend class seriously, listen to the teacher’s words. If you do well on the test, our whole family will go on a tourist trip.” Guo Yun Yong continued to speak.

“Yep. I will try hard.”

Simply finished eating, rested for half the day. In the afternoon, Guo Zhi left home to return to school. He sat on the bus watching the landscape passing out of the window. When he almost approached the school, he saw Shi Xi in the landscape. He opened the window, stuck his head out shouting: “Shi Xi~~”

Shi Xi vaguely heard a shout, he looked up, Guo Zhi’s cry came again: “‘m on the bus, it’s me, Guo Zhi~~”

“Do you want to seek death sticking your head out of the window?” Shi Xi gritted his teeth to reply to Guo Zhi’s enthusiasm.

After arriving at the bus station/stop, Guo Zhi chased after Shi Xi who did not go far: “Where are you going?”

“I will not tell you.”

“Then i’ll follow, you also will not mind right?” Guo Zhi studied Shi Xi’s tone suffering Shi Xi’s eye roll.

Before their eyes, the room on the fifth floor has been separated in to many rooms specifically provided for those students who rent. Many people come back and forth in the aisle, Shi Xi went to the most corner room, he took out the key to open the door. Guo Zi still hasn’t entered the room yet but with envy he said: “So you actually live outside, so good!”

Shi Xi went in the room leaving Guo Zhi at the door, he tried to close the door. Guo Zhi resisted the door: “Can I go in to look?”

“Can your brain have a little safety awareness, casually following someone home.” Shi Xi refused.

But Guo Zhi did not care that he got refused, worming his way into Shi Xi’s room: “But where are there so many bad guys in this world, besides I am a boy not a girl. What can they do to me?” Guo Zhi’s stupidity in this regard makes people amazed.

Turning on the light, the room appeared chaotic but not messy. The corner of the room was scattered with books, the trash can’s stack of paper was very high. A laptop and many pens placed on the desk. Guo Zhi looked at the books from childrens to world masterpiece, he hasn’t seen any love stories or Wuxia stories. In another corner, scattered DVD discs there are only two types, cartoon and horror films.

“You do not like love?”

“What places does it have that are worthy of my liking?”

“But love will be sweet, will be happy!” Guo Zi argued.

Shi Xi took off his coat, hat followed by falling on the floor. He took out clean clothes from the side of his closet and said: “Love will betray, will be painful, will disappear.”

“Certainly not, love, love, love, romance, it’s.” Guo Zhi wanted to continue to argue, wanted to focus his attention on Shi Xi’s face but his sight will always be unable to restrain his body’s aim, his head’s language also fully confused.

Shi Xi left Guo Zhi alone to take a bath, he shut the door in a moment. Guo Zhi fell down on to Shi Xi’s bed, his abnormal feeling just now chagrined. Immediately his nasal cavity probed the smell that belonged to Shi Xi, lightly mixing washing powder’s fragrance. Immediately bounced up from the bed, casually wiping away on his own face like he can wipe the smell on. (Guo Zhi, that’s not creepy at all :/)

He wanted to find something to scatter his own thought, from the backpack he took out mineral water and sipped it then went to Shi Xi’s computer looking at the scattered paper on the side. Paper from the textbook, propaganda paper, various paper mixed and disorderly on the table, words written scrawled above.

The bathroom door opened, scaring Guo Zhi. He hurriedly explained: “I didn’t see your writing. I, I’m just standing here.” but because he was too anxious, the mineral bottle in his hands wasn’t held stable spilling on top of the table. Water gushed out from inside, wetting the corners of the paper and pens, notebook computer. Guo Zhi picked the computer up and used his clothes to rub and scrub. He kept apologising: “I’m sorry, i’m sorry it’s all my fault. I’m sorry.”

Shi Xi put on a T-shirt, his hair slightly moist. His face had no surplus expression:”It’s nothing important.”

“How can it be not important, scold me. No need to care about my feelings.” Guo Zhi drying the computer that had no damage then took away the bottle of mineral waterusing his sleeves to wipe away the water on the table. Seeing Shi Xi didn’t say anything, he sheepishly asked: “Are you angry at me?”


“Your definitely angry at me.”


“Your absolutely angry at me.”

“I [2]said no.”


“I don’t believe you. You’re angry at me. Otherwise, let me see you laugh then i’ll believe you.”

“That is impossible.”

“Then, you’re angry at me.” Guo Zhi guilty, desperately used his mouth to blow the wet paper and opened the curtains holding the paper standing under the sunlight coming through.

“Don’t be there silly.” Shi Xi appraoched and grabbed the paper Guo Zhi’s hand, casually throwing it back on to the table. Guo Zhi stared wanting to run back. He was pulled by Shi Xi, his fingers slender and beautiful, outrageous, near Guo Zhi, touching the top of his head rubbing his hair: “This can prove that i’m not angry.” After speaking, he willed Guo Zhi out of the door.

Guo Zhi reached out placing his hands on his ruffled hair, brathed, his heart’s emotions now, do not need to write out!

Returning to the bedroom, his roommate, Cui Cheng Long is gnawing a book[3] for the thrid year. When he saw Guo Zhi suprised: “What trendy hairstyle is that?”

[3] a metaphor which means that he’s cramming/studying

“You also don’t think it’s bad?”Guo Zhi asked.

“Of course it’s irony! You also anyhow manage your hairstyle, coming in from outside never too ashamed.”

“Really, but I do not want to manage.”


“No reason, this spend a lot of money only let the hairstylist design.”

“Also a hair stylist? I think you should find him to pay you money.”

“Yeah, he should pay.”

But should he let Shi Xi pay him what? Guo Zhi unwillingly put ths question in to deep thought. What is that his deep thought waiting for. Guo Zhi seems to be subconsciously resisting.


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