Number One Zombie Wife – Chapter 6

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Gave Your Father a Scare

Mu Yifan seized the moment and braced himself, he then aimed at Zhan Bei Tian’s heart and forcefully thrust it down.

All he heard was ‘buchi’, the sound of the knife piercing through flesh.

Mu Yifan instantly felt frightened, and hurriedly let go of the fruit knife, he didn’t dare to open his eyes to see if Zhan Bei Tian was alive or dead, he was just afraid that he’ll see a corpse or meet Zhan Bei Tian’s wrathful eyes.

All of a sudden, *ding dong*, the doorbell rang, he hastily opened his eyes and jumped up in fright, seeing there was no one around except for a fruit knife stuck into the sofa, the whole person felt so terrified that he even retreated several steps, then almost fell to the ground.

Where was the person!?

Mu Yifan’s gaze hurriedly swept around, he saw that Zhan Bei Tian has disappeared without a trace, he couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “How come he has disappeared?”

Could it be that when he closed his eyes he ran away?

But, why didn’t he hear footsteps leaving and the sound of the door opening?

Something was off! It was impossible for Zhan Bei Tian to run away like this, if he saw him holding a knife to kill him, he would definitely catch him, and snatch the knife away.

Mu Yifan seemed to have guessed something, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Zhan Bei Tian’s soul should be reborn, moreover, he also carried a pocket dimension and was reborn to one month before the apocalypse, in other words, Zhan Bei Tian’s soul had most likely sensed the danger, then entered the dimension.

If this was really the case, then Zhan Bei Tian probably shouldn’t have seen that he was killing him, otherwise, Zhan Bei Tian would not disappear in front of his face, exposing his pocket dimension.

At this moment, the doorbell rang *ding dong* again.

Mu Yifan gathered his wits and shouted tartly: “Too busy pressing the doorbell, aren’t you? Gave your father a scare, don’t you know?”

Unfortunately, the villa was well soundproofed, the person outside simply couldn’t hear him shouting.

Mu Yifan pulled the fruit knife out of the sofa, there were no bloodstains on it, therefore, he definitely didn’t stab Zhan Bei Tian.

He heaved a sigh, he really was unsure whether he should feel relieved that he didn’t kill a person, or should feel nervous and afraid that Zhan Bei Tian was about to be reborn.

Because Zhan Bei Tian had suffered the inevitable hardship during the apocalypse as an extremely callous person, his alertness and distrust were already especially heavy, people that could approach him within 1 meter were very few, let alone gaining his trust, therefore, in the future it would definitely be very difficult to find another opportunity to kill him.

Mu Yifan didn’t have enough time to think things through, his musings were interrupted by the persistent ringing of the doorbell.

He tossed the fruit knife huffily back into the fruit basket, then walked over to the door, through the peephole he saw the person who arrived was Li Qingtian, this then reminded him of this morning, he’d asked Li Qingtian to come over after nightfall to help him examine his body.

Mu Yifan opened the door, letting Li Qingtian come in, then said in an indifferent tone: “Go to the rumpus room.”

He didn’t let Li Qingtian stay in the living room, because he was worried that when Zhan Bei Tian gets back from his dimension, he’ll be discovered by Li Qingtian.

Li Qingtian looked strangely at Mu Yifan who was still wearing a mask and sunglasses, he was very curious to know why they’re going to the rumpus room.

On entering entered the rumpus room, Mu Yifan didn’t close the door, he immediately took off his clothes and said: “Take the bullet out of my arm first.”

Li Qingtian saw the bullet wound on his arm, his eyes narrowed, he didn’t dare to ask too many questions, hastily opened the medical kit, taking out the anesthetic, hemostatic drug, tweezers, and gauze.

Mu Yifan didn’t look at him, he was sitting on the sofa contemplating, he waited for Li Qingtian to took the bullet out, then said: “I’ll have to trouble you to do something for me.”

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  1. you know, I think he heard it all, maybe thinking the zombie from past life killed him for the same reason too, to get back home
    he’s very likable when he tried his best to kill even when he’s super nervous
    you really can tell he doesn’t want to
    I thought ML’s power is teleportation for a second ahaha
    can he just hide away in his secret dimension, and not go back out to world of zombies?

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