Oh, My Dear! Chapter 7

Author; Angelina

Translator; Jia


Chapter 7 果知的整座花园 Guo Zhi’s whole garden.


With the college entrance exam approaching, all kinds of invisible pressure came down. The weight put students at deaths door. Attempt to completely stuff very dense words into his mind, or pray that the college entrance exam can allocate good grades to students around him.

Wang Linlin does not have lofty aspirations, mixing with a third rate university to study is enough. She doesn’t care about school quality, just care about the quantity of handsome guys. And Guo Zhi cannot relax, with him is his father’s heavy expectations. He doesn’t dare look at his father’s disappointed face, so he has to study hard!

Before bedroom lights out, Cui Cheng Long and Guo Zhi sat up at their own beds reading/studying, the bell for lights out started. Cui Cheng Long took out his flashlight, got everything ready, laid in bed. Guo Zhi isn’t as hard as him, when he should learn he learns, when he should rest he rests, he will not push himself too hard.

The world suddenly became dark, Cui Cheng Long opened his flashlight, Guo Zhi lied in the dark. Tonight Cui Cheng Long’s reading/studying was not going in, he suddenly asked: “What do you think is most likely to occur at senior middle school?”

Guo Zhi thought: “Ass become larger, because often sitting.”

“I really feel powerless with your thinking! I’m talking about puppy love!” [T/N falling in love.]

“Puppy love? But the teacher said puppy love is very terrifying. It affects studies! Affects the future!”

“Even if it’s very terrifying, what if you really start to love. Will you be afraid?” Cui Cheng Long asked. Today he received a love letter from the girl in the class next door, his heart is feeling is wonderful.

“If you start to love?” Guo Zhi repeated Cui Cheng Long’s words. Shi Xi’s face without reason by chance burst into his darkness. He pulled the quilt over his head wiping, this is his habitual movement, always think that wiping can wipe away something. Guo Zhi continued to say: “I will not fall in love, the teacher said it’s not good. I will wait until the time I can like and then decide.” [T/N Guo Zhi you cannot decide when you fall in love sweetie 😫]

“Your energy for gossiping is too strong! I need to continue reading.” After Cui Cheng Long heard Guo Zhi turn over the conversation, he decided at this important period to set aside this love affair between man and woman with an equivalent point.

The next day morning self study finished, Guo Zhi went to the canteen to prepare [1]a meal and returned to the classroom intending to carry on reading/studying. He went to the back door, his eyes intentionally or unintentionally aimed to the classroom next door. There were very few people in the classroom, almost all were lying on the table replenishing sleep. Shi Xi sat in his seat reading, Guo Zhi put the lunch box down and went over, sitting next to Shi Xi.

[1]打好 packing it into a lunch box

He looked at the front cover of the book in Shi Xi’s hands: “Don’t you need to study?”

Shi Xi’s sight still remained on the book: “Learn so much, is it much use for the future?

“The use is great deal, can be admitted to undergraduate course!”

“Is undergraduate course much use?”

“Bu.But, I still want to be able to go university with you?”

“Is going university with you much use?”

“I’m very useful! I can tell you find material, I can help you remember all the manuscripts. I can be by your side at anytime to provide pen and paper. I can buy you even more books from the internet.”

“Are we familiar?” Shi Xi is always this emotionless whether it’s to the world, to people or to Guo Zhi.

In spite of this, why is it that, Guo Zhi can always feel the peerless warmth from him. He feels that Shi Xi brought him temperature that surpasses his own body temperature. In this cool early morning, Guo Zhi’s heart is hot.

“Can be familiar. I’m Guo Zhi, if you drink you will be happy.” [T/N his name Guo is 果 which means fruit.]

“I don’t like sweet things.”

“I’m not a sweet Guo Zhi.’ Guo Zhi thick skinned said, he conveniently turned Shi Xi’s other books on the table, he opened the book which had a withered flower tucked inside. In spite of it being already shrivelled it was well preserved.

“It’s beautiful!” Anything in regards to Shi Xi, only gets praised by Guo Zhi.

“Take it. Don’t bother me.” Shi Xi turned over a book, and his expression became serious and inversely proportional is Guo Zhi. He was so surprised that he stammered: “What, what. Such a beautiful flower, you, you want to give it to me?” as if Shi Xi was giving him a piece if gold.

“You’re certain you want to give it to me? You’re really going to give it to me?” Guo Zhi asked not believing it.

Shi Xi gritted his teeth: “Take it and disappear.”

Guo Zhi ran back to his classroom, took out the literature book and carefully transferred the flowers into his own book. Then hugged the book into his arms: “This is what you said. I won’t give it to you when you make me.”

Shi Xi stared at him, Guo Zhi tactfully withdrew. The next classes class monitor and Guo Zhi staggered over. The class monitor went in front of Shi Xi and impatiently said: “Hey, the teacher told me to remind you. You should fill in the college entrance exam application.”

“Not necessary, I’m not going to college.”

Shi Xi’s words was afferent in Guo Zhi’s ears. He was surprised, he looked back, gazing at Shi Xi. He’s not going college? Why isn’t he going to college? If he doesn’t go college, what can he do? Where is he going? He has a lot of questions and a lot of disappointment. If he doesn’t go college, then how does he achieve the ideas of wanting to help him find material, helping him remember all manuscripts, wanting to be beside him at anytime to provide paper and pen and wanting to buy more books for him from the internet? He can briefly know Shi Xi then separate forever?


Guo Zhi, this is the affirmative answer, don’t not know whether it’s selfless to want to help Shi Xi’s future, or selfish to satisfy himself.

He knows if he does not have any reason to make Shi Xi go to college, then to achieve this is through just one result, it is scolding. Sunday, he hurried home, his father has not come back yet and his mother went grocery shopping. Therefore, he secretly opened the computer, this move requires a lot of courage, his heart was touching his chest, ears noted if the door had any sound of movement at any time.

When his father returned home, Guo Zhi had already hidden the clues to his crime, to help the youths deprived of education this kind of achievement has far exceeded the guilt of concealing from parents. [2]After dinner he then ran back to school. He went to the renting apartment and knocked on the door there was no one[3] he went to the classroom also no one. Guo Zhi doesn’t know where Shi Xi is, hence he waited outside the school gates. He does not need to deliberately pay attention to every person passing by, because if Shi Xi appeared, one glance is enough.

[2] I think it means the achievement of helping people is greater than the guilt he has from hiding it from his parents.

[3] he’s looking for Shi xi at his rented apartment

Sure enough not long after, Shi Xi appeared. Guo Zhi dashed forward, he always does as he says, running into Shi Xi’s world. Guo Zhi got out a brief introduction on university from his and handed it to Shi Xi: “Look at this university, it is very good.”

“No need.” Shi Xi surmounted [4] Guo Zhi, along with his good looks all surmounting Guo Zhi. Guo Zhi did not want to be surmounted, he caught up with Shi Xi again: “All these universities are good. There are men and woman copulating [5] everywhere, weird people of colour,[6] corrupt teachers.”

[4] conquered/conquering/crossed/crossing

[5] mating/having sexual intercourse

[6]怪异的人种 please do not take offence I’m just translating what I read and know.

Shi Xi moved forward, Guo Zhi moved forward.

“I heard last year a girl jumped into a river because her boyfriend abandoned her, fortunately she was rescued.”

“I heard in the bedroom a thief would appear.”

“I heard two men fought until black and blue at a sports field to grab a girlfriend.”

“I heard there was a eccentric [7] running naked on campus.”

[7] crazy person

“I heard in the girls bedrooms their lingerie was stolen.”

“And many more. Shi Xi, if you don’t go to university, you will miss out.”

He stuffed the beautiful school’s brief introduction into Shi Xi’s pocket: “Would you consider it?”

Guo Zhi collected all evil, just to make this beautiful stay by his side.

He looked up at Shi Xi. Shi Xi looked down at Guo Zhi who forced the school’s brief introduction into his clothes pocket. His face always brought a smile, as if it’s his only expression. Suddenly Shi Xi’s hand reached out, to hold Guo Zhi’s face, rubbing, but the strength is not heavy. His voice initially sounds slightly unabated[8]: “Can your face cry?”

[8] without any reduction in intensity is strength.

“It can, but tears are left for others, smiles are left for you.” His pinched mouth spoke vague words. In spite of face already deformed, Guo Zhi still smiled uglily.

For a moment, Shi Xi controlled his emotion’s countless nerves, smacking his lips, unable to control it, separating it.

He pushed Guo Zhi’s face: “Indeed a idiot.”

When attending class, Shi Xi opened his language textbook, on the textbook he opened other books. His hand fished out the university propaganda brief introduction, spreading it out, his expression had no variety.

At this side, Guo Zhi opened his language textbook, saw the flower Shi Xi gave Guo Zhi, and that mere flower has turned Guo Zhi’s World into a whole garden.


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