Oh, My Dear! Chapter 9

Author: Angelina

Translator: Jia


Chapter 9 Shi Xi’s brief hobbies


They just came out from the clinic, they see the man kneeling on the ground kowtowing from just now, across a small restaurant holding a IPhone taking a selfie. They simultaneously saw that man, Shi Xi from the corner of his eye observed Guo Zhi’s change in expression, this is a situation worth watching.

Guo Zhi’s expression was maybe dim for two seconds, maybe even less. He moved his eyes away, looking ahead at the dull, normal landscape, stretching his waist: “Tooth doesn’t hurt, really great.” In fact Guo Zhi is a very good material, but Shi Xi didn’t want to write about him, as for why, maybe in the future, Shi Xi will find an answer.

“Oh right, university. How is your consideration?”

“Not much.”

They went together side by side, Guo Zhi walked at the side of the road, a car roared past next to him. He only turned his head to talk to Shi Xi, Shi Xi reminded him “Watch the cars, do not look at me.”

“Why need to watch the cars? I feel that the driver will not hit me.” Guo Zhi rather puzzled.

Shi Xi really wanted to press Guo Zhi’s puzzled face under a tire, he roughly pulled Guo Zhi over, they change positions. Shi Xi walked on that side of the street.

[T/N hubby is taking care of wifey!]

This is just a small move. In front of them a man suddenly held flowers, one leg kneeling on the ground, to propose to his girlfriend in front. They both cried, hugging each other. But Guo Zhi’s heart towards this scene was already helplessly handing out even more feelings, although that couples love is very imposing, Guo Zhi could only be immersed in this small move.

[T/N this small move is Shi Ci changing places with Guo Zhi when walking since he didn’t want him to get run over]

After knowing Shi Xi for more than a month, Guo Zhi discovered that Shi Xi always used his phone to watch anime from morning classes to night classes, watching without stopping. In the past Guo Zhi thought Shi Xi just like to read books, knowing that he also watched anime this user friendly hobby, he felt surprised. But this surprise didn’t last long, a few days later, Shi Xi was looking at a music sheet; Guo Zhi was too late to praise, Shi Xi already set aside the music sheet, went to the basketball court even continued to play a few days of basketball, then it was games.

He will very quickly invest in certain things, then it will very quickly die out, drop out.

To put it nicely it’s called a wide interest, to put it unpleasantly it’s called no patience.

Guo Zhi used a months time to determine this thing, he finally understood.

Shi Xi has many hobbies, but their life is very short.

He was unable to produce a lasting feeling towards so many things.

Guo Zhi was a little disturbed, maybe not just a little, he sat at his seat on the furthest row, turning the book unable to calm down. Shi Xi passed the back door, Guo Zhi like a ghost put his hand outside to grab Shi Xi’s clothes.

Shi Xi looked down glancing at that hand, and continued to go forward. Guo Zhi tightly grabbed on, the result is Guo Zhi falling down together with the stool/chair. His upper body fell onto the corridor outside the classroom, still tightly grabbing Shi Xi.

“Shi Xi, I don’t want to become your hobby.” He said looking up.

Words are actually baffling, Shi Xi could not help but lightly creased his good looking eyebrow: “What on earth are you saying?”

“Nothing much, I also don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Then climb up from the ground.”

Guo Zhi obediently stood up, he stared at Shi Xi using an unspeakable expression: ‘Is there a way? To make your heat even longer, 4 minutes, 5 minutes, one hour, one day, one year, a lifetime” Guo Zhi said a more and more longer day, after listening to the mouth saying these time, he actually started ridiculing himself, going back into the classroom.

Shi Xi’s likes are too short, even if he can get part of this like in the future, it is also short. This is Guo Zhi’s source of anxiety, but he himself doesn’t know. He met with this sudden agitation and disruption in his train of thought, he used strength to rub his head, hair rubbed into a complete mess, looking up, scaring Wang Linlin to jump beside: “What are you doing?”

“Nothing, Ai~” Guo Zhi turned a page in the book.

Guo Zhi was actually sighing, incompatible with his body shape. Wang Linlin is scared, holding her arm: “What’s wrong? Is the sky falling down? Don’t scare me!”

“It’s nothing, Ai~”

“Then why are you sighing?!”

“I’m sighing? I feel that my mood is very good ah, Ai~”

Wang Linlin covered her mouth, exaggerated voice sharpened: “Humanity is going to perish!”

Guo Zhi rolled his eyes, ignoring her, continued to read but the words in the book were dense forcing his brain to refuse entry. How did that happen? What kind of spell did Shi Xi put his brain under! He rubbed his head again, indelible, this distasteful feeling is indelible. Have to lie on the table to skew. Hua Gu Yu came over to find Guo Zhi to borrow the review questions answers to copy. The reason why they’re already familiar is due to their character belonging to the careless type.

“Guo Zhi, give me the review questions.”

Guo Zhi lifted his head, casually groped in the drawer then gave it to Hua Gu Yu. This is how Hua Gu Yu saw Guo Zhi’s expression, big beautiful eyes, alert looking around: “I. Do I. Is something unexpected going to happen?”

“You’re really weird today, Hua Gu Yu, Ai~” he continued to lie on the table,

There isn’t even Hua’er this call/name, Hua Gu Yu looked at Guo Zhi, then looked at Guo Zhi’s review questions in his hand, he shrugged: “Help you once, in the future take revenge.”

“What language are you speaking, I don’t understand.” Guo Zhi lied on the table melancholy saying.

Hua Gu Yu did not answer him, just went to the next class, Shi Xi stood in the corridor, indifferent looked at the people around. Hua Gu Yu quietly stood at Shi Xi’s side, bitterly said: “I will not admit that you are handsomer than me! I still hate you!”

“I don’t have an opinion.” Shi Xi’s cold tone.

Hua Gu Yu held his hands: “This time around Guo Zhi was rather unusual, what on earth did you do, it’s almost time for the college exam if this continues, he will be in danger.”

“It’s none of my business?”

“Why is its none of your business?!” Hua Gu Yu increased the volume, he discovered that there were students watching him, he restored a princes norm, waiting for when no one noticed, he turned his head, looking at Shi Xi. Hua Gu Yu’s face is so calm, so natural: “Of course it’s your business, doesn’t Guo Zhi like you?”


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