Oh, My Dear! Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 perfect match


Hua Gu Yu’s sudden question already surprised people, didn’t think that Shi Xi’s answer surprised people even more. He lightly opened his mouth: “I know.” As it turns out only Guo Zhi doesn’t know himself.

“Then you?” Hua Gu Yu often saw the two of them together, he from Guo Zhi’s look saw Guo Zhi’s heart. Guo Zhi is a person who is very easy to understand, his likes are all piled on his face. Originally thought that their feelings are very slow so didn’t discover that little bit of drilled out mood, as it turns out Shi Xi had already noticed Guo Zhi’s likes but pretended not to know.

The bell rang for class, students worried, hurried back to the classroom. Shi Xi’s voice even mixed in with the ear piercing ring, and in this way easy to identify. He went to the classroom, without looking, left an realistic answer: “Liking this shallow thing, usually starts from looks. If I didn’t have this face, would he like?”

[T/N of course hehe ;)]

Hua Gu Yu did not expect Shi Xi would answer like this, in his perception, noticing and knowing a male student likes himself, there is only three types of reactions: disgust, rejection and acceptance. But often the first reaction scale to account for is very high, the second reaction is just not liking the other person, the third reaction’s probability vs the first reaction is appearing rather sad.

“Because he is a male student?” He persistently asked.

This time Shi Xi looked back, but still couldn’t see his expression: “I have no opinion regarding sex, I only have an opinion towards like.”

Hua Gu Yu froze in place, Shi Xi is emotionless, his pupil sees through human nature, does not accept and is not against, just watch, does not take a step into the abyss of feelings.

And Guo Zhi possesses too much emotion, his clean eyes can see humanity’s fineness, seized into his arms, he smiles to find amusement in the abyss of feelings.

These two are a perfect match!

This side’s Guo Zhi twitched his mouth, started to do maths questions, he simply does not know what he just did wrong. Like this Word he has not thought about, just thought that Shi Xi is really good, just felt that no one is good compared to Shi Xi.

Although they live under the same night, they are separated between a wall, across the desk, across the students, across male students this identity, through secular, they are separated by many things between them, so that, even if they want to narrow the distance between, already unable to stride a leg.

When will this love be like an ordinary love no longer special?

He comforted himself that day is inevitable to come at the same time, he also mocked himself.

God is not good, God will not satisfy everyone’s wishes.

Night. Guo Zhi lying in bed suddenly sat up: “The college entrance exam is soon, I can’t be confused in mind!” He patted his own cheek: Think of something better, quickly think of something better.” Guo Zhi hypnotised himself, he fell back into the bed pulling the coversover his head. he tightly closed his eyes to lookback on something better.

Then in his mind, Shi Xi appeared. He was at the stairwell taking away Shi Xi’s cap. He sat in the classroom looking at Shi Xi’s appearance. He looked at Shi Xi from across the lake in the small garden, everything is about Shi Xi. His irritation faded, but was suddenly rushed to be more turbulent. Why is it like this? This strange feeling, Guo Zhi can not explain, just think that he could be ill.

Guo Zhi did not sleep well all night, wore black eye circles to the classroom.

“So sleepy.”

“What did you do last night?”

“Thinking about something.” Guo Zhi said it like this, Wang Linlin suddenly watched the books eyes move onto Guo Zhi’s face.

“What did you think about?”

Guo Zhi lifted his face and seriously asked her: “What do you know, when I thought of the past I felt quite happy, thinking of it now I feel annoyed, this here is depressed.” Guo Zhi pointed at his own heart.

Wang Linlin holding hands with a very understanding look nodded: “I also had this feeling, every time the teacher says it’s holiday time, I feel quite happy but every time the teacher says it’s time for examination I feel annoyed, heart also feels depressed. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. This feeling will along with time disappear.” She patted Guo Zhi’s shoulder imparting her experience. Speaking of, where on earth did you [1]come from, a person who has had the experience.

[1] 您 is used. It means you but in a respective form to address someone.

“So it’s like this.” Guo Zhi’s asking the wrong target, then received the wrong answer. He is wrong to think time can consume his sentiments. He doesn’t know, that only Shi Xi can increase and consume his sentiments.

Shi Xi passed next doors classroom’s back door many times[2] to see Guo Zhi laid on the table sleeping.

The many times[2], Shi Xi was just passing through.

[2] 这是第几次了 there’s no English translation of this.

He shouldn’t bother, this is Guo Zhi’s own business, his bad mood has nothing to do with him, him failing to to get into university is his own thing. It’s his own business. Guo Zhi this person has never bothered with his, Shi Xi’s business.

Night slf study, the classroom is very quiet. Guo Zhi put his book bag in his arms, carrying it while thinking about why Shi Xi isn’t helping him. Suddenly he felt a force making him lean backwards. Shi Xi’s hand dragged the back of Guo Zhi’s seat, Even dragged the seat with Guo Zhi on outside.

He was too late to make any response, Shi Xi stood in front of Guo Zhi. His right hand crossed Guo Zhi’s left side on the back of the chair, he leaned close to Guo Zhi who was sitting down. Guo Zhi looked up, his sight was deprived of freedom by Shi Xi’s face.

“Listen clearly for me, I have many short hobbies. Although I always abandon, but, writing fiction, is always kept back in my life.” Maybe other people don’t understand this sentence, but Guo Zhi understood. Those discarded maybes are not really real likes, the ones left are.

Guo Zhi used strength to nod his head, so hard, that his heart’s irritation subsided too quick.

His eyes in the orange light flashes, his smile was even more stronger than the orange light. His warm fingers caught Shi Xi’s cold left hand hanging on his side, tightly: “Shi Xi, I feel, one day, I will become your fiction.”

Shi Xi who is used to being cold was suddenly raided by a Guo Zhi’s warmth, body’s reflex resisted, he withdrew that hand, turning around to go. Guo Zhi stood up from the chair, rushed downstairs to save at Shi Xi: “Goodbye, thank you. Shi Xi, you are always so warm.”

Shi Xi’s voice very small: “Who on earth is warm!” This sentence is maybe more like what he said to himself, so Guo Zhi didn’t hear. He already jotted his buttocks taking his own chair back to the classroom, passing Hua Gu Yu, patting his head: “Hua’er, you need to study well.”

“Fool, don’t mess my hairstyle!”

“It’s okay, even if it’s messy you’re still handsome.”

Hearing the praise, Hua Gu Yu grace Guo Zhi an eye roll: “It seems, you’ve already restored.”

‘Don’t understand what you are saying, I’m always like this.”

Guo Zhi returned to his seat, he looked carefully at Wang Linlin and suddenly said: “I find that you are very beautiful today.”

“Really?” Wang Linlin immediately took out a mirror to shine at her own face, a smile bloomed: “Then do you think Hua Gu Yu will like me?’

“Yes, everyone will like you.”

He turned the book again, using strength to oat his own face making his mind even more sober. Now, study well.

Indifferent Shi Xi indeed brought Guo Zhi even more enthusiasm.

Love is really rotten to the core, it brings all emotions no one can escape, even if it’s optimistic Guo Zhi.

Shi Xi who returned to the apartment opened the room door, he stood in the darkness suddenly lifting his left hand. There, came the warmth from Guo Zhi still refusing to let go, remaining in his left hand.

“Indeed I shouldn’t have bothered.” Shi Xi closed the door.


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