Oh, My Dear! Chapter 11

Author; Angelina


Translator; Jia


Chapter 11 The world is no big deal

Time is unable to be retained, it is in people’s sobs, laughter, the rapid flow of dreams and in the time of endless sighs of youth, already old in the blink of an eye.

Three days before the University entrance exam they had time off. When the university entrance exam is approaching, the students gradually had some panic, it seems there was a lot of questions that they didn’t remember and understand; some had low self-esteem and thought how much they score is just how much they score. In the classroom Guo Zhi packed his stuff, his back had a backpack, hands also helped roommate Cui Chenglong hold two big bags.

No sooner than just walking out of the classroom, he hit into Shi Xi, Guo Zhi smiled, like a child suddenly seeing candy: “Shi Xi.”

Shi Xi stared at the big bags and small bags on Guo Zhi’s body: “What, do you need to go to the western paradise[1] to study?”

[1]temple for buddhists I think

“Got to go of course must prepare well. Do you need me to help you move books?”

“No need, sold to the waste collection.”

“What?! Books need to be collected well, isn’t it better to be treated as a high school memories.”

“Not necessary.” Shi Xi walked to the stairs. Guo Zhi laboriously carried the books following behind him:”It’s okay, no need to help me carry, I can do it by myself.” The other person does not have the meaning to help you. His forehead leached fine sweat. Shi Xi took the bag full of books. Guo Zhi was happily prepared to speak out his heart’s countless praises, Shi Xi spoke first: “Don’t say anything.”

“But I want to praise you.”

“But I don’t want to be praised by you.”

Shi Xi dragged the bag downstairs, books collided each step, making a sound. Guo Zhi did not prevent. The him just now clamoured that he needed to cherish the book also studied Shi Xi’s appearance dragging the books down the steps. They went out of this dull school building. The sun shone. Guo Zhi’s face bear down on the sunlight, he squinted, he bent his mouth with happiness: “Finally going to graduate.”

Shi Xi avoided the sunlight, he has no feeling towards graduating. This is an experience everyone will repeat in life, studying, graduating, studying again, graduating again then working and then life.

They separated in the bedroom downstairs. What else did Guo Zhi still want to say. Shi Xi already left. Cui Chenglong already took the bedroom’s things down. His parents will collect them in a moment then help send Guo Zhi home.

Guo Zhi just looked at the gate, Cui Chenglong stood by his side: “You will not be nostalgic for this broken school right?”

”I also want to nostalgic school but I have an even more nostalgic.”

“What?” Cui Chenglong just casually asked.

“Boy.” Guo Zhi’s answer almost made Cui Chenglong terribly scared. He stared big eyed looking at Guo Zhi.

“I said I was comparing school, boys are more nostalgic.” He really repeated the words again.

“Guo Zhi, have you ever thought about the meaning of this sentence?”

“No.” Guo Zhi honestly answered.

“Then do not casually say it! Fortunately I understand your character. In the future do not say such words that lead to misunderstanding outside.”


Cui Chenglong’s parents car came. He softly said: “No reason. There are many things this world cannot explain. Really. Guo Zhi, this character of yours will be hurt in the future. As your roommate for three years, i’ll provide you with a solution, find someone to protect you.

“But I don’t need anyone’s protection, i want to protect others.”

Cui Chenglong squinted sizing up Guo Zhi: “Just you? Protect others?”

“What is that look of contempt for.”

Father Cui opened the trunk: “Quickly move your things in. Guo Zhi long time no see.”

Guo Zhi very polite: “Hello Auntie, Uncle“

They sent Guo Zhi home. Guo Yun Yong was already waiting downstairs. Both fathers shook hands then gave cigarettes. Guo Yun Yong looked at Guo Zhi: “Did you thank uncle?”

“He did. He did. Guo Zhi has always been very obedient. Still you have educated him well, my son is out of the question.

Being praised, GuoYun Yong’s face concealed his pride but he remained the same waving his hand: “He still needs to be disciplined, children cannot be disregarded now.” Both of them in a heated chat for a period and bid farewell. Guo Zhi moved things home, heart always felt something is missing. He looked at his baggage and suddenly said: “Dad, I’m making a trip back to school, forgot something important.”

“Did I not remind you to do things carefully. The University entrance exam in in a few days. You’re so sloppy, if you don’t pass the test watch how I will put you in order. You can afford to lose face, but I cannot. Guo Yun Yong started to seriously teach Guo Zhi, Guo Zhi just obediently nodded his head, then Guo Yun Yong waved: “Quickly go, be careful on the road.”


Guo Zhi returned. What exactly is the important thing? To be able to suffer scolding from his father and to be able to sit on the bus back regardless of exhaustion. Of course, it’s Shi Xi.

He came to the apartment but his heart’s Shi Xi was already gone. He gently knocked on the door: “Shi Xi, are you here?”

Guo Zhi didn’t know whether Shi Xi will go to university, he even didn’t know whether Shi Xi will take the exam. Shi Xi will not care about a diploma this type of thing. If he leaves like this

He at last used strength to knock on the door: “Shi Xi, Shi Xi. Shi Xi!”

No one answered inside, Guo Zhi remembered that in movies, people often use strength to break down the door sideways. He learnt the movies appearance, went back two steps and used force to go hit the door. The result is that the door had no reaction. Guo Zhi’s arm became numb from the pain. He tightened his brows touching his arm.

“You idiot what are you doing.” Shi Xi’s voice came from behind. Guo Zhi looked back surprised. He saw that behind him was Shi Xi’s rear. The pain in his arm reduced, his heart fell back into the correct position in the body: “Shi Xi!” His voice mixed with obvious excitement.

Shi Xi opened the door, Guo Zhi went into the room and discovered that inside the room was not packed: “You don’t need to go home?”

“Not necessary, it’s the same everywhere.”

“You parents will worry?”

Shi Xi opened the laptop, his expression left no traces: “They aren’t here.”

Guo Zhi stared at Shi Xi’s beautiful neck, did not think, he didn’t know why he did this but he wanted to do this. He fluttered over, fluttered to Shi Xi, used strength: “Sorry. Sorry, I shouldn’t have asked. I didn’t know your parents already passed away.”

Shi Xi gnawed his teeth pushing away guilty Guo Zhi: “Lao Zi said they weren’t at home, not that they were dead.”

This in turn, distressed GuoZhi like a child who has done something wrong. He tidied Shi XI’s clothes that were wrinkled by him: “I. I.” he was guilty drowned. He suddenly,fluttered on Shi Xi’s bed: “I actually said that. I deserve to die.” This, isn’t it a bit too serious.

Shi Xi watched GuoZhi lie on the bed: “You came here just to let me experience how idiotic you are?”

“Oh right.” Guo Zhi sat up: “I want your phone number.”

“Not necessary.”

Guo Zhi fluttered back onto the bed, left Shi Xi the back of his head. His face buried in the quilt issued a muffled sound: “Did provoke you to be angry just now so you don’t agree but I didn’t do it intentionally.” Listening to these words it sounds a bit like he’s complaining about Shi Xi

“I don’t have a phone number.”

“Lair, find a better reason to reject.” Guo Zhi didn’t believe him.

“Guo Zhi, I want to beat you right now.”

“It’s enough you don’t give me your phone number, you also want to hit me. You aren’t human!” Guo Zhi was actually losing his temper. He was just praised as a very well mannered child, he was now shameless on Shi Xi’s bed. Guo Zhi who Guo Yun Yong spent so many years to strictly discipline, urgh.

“Last time I obviously saw you using your phone to watch anime/cartoon.”

“I said I have no phone number, notno phone.”

“You don’t have a card? What to do if someone wants to find you?”

“No one will find me.” Shi Xi’s sentence was so easily spoken. Guo Zhi got up from the bed: “But now, I will find you.”

“I do not need others.”

“But i’m not the others, I am Guo Zhi.” Guo Zhi stood up, he went to the window to draw the curtains. The sunlight entered half the room, lighting up the heap of books and DVD in the corner, the cover of various colours appeared warm under the sunlight. Guo Zhi looked out the window: “In fact, Shi Xi this world no big deal, sunbathing in the sun, reading, buying things we like and eating our favourite foods. People live happily, they won’t have loss.

Out the window a barbershop sounded brisk singing, drilling in.

[Do not love constant disturbance,

Your love is not in the embrace;

Receive hands do not need,

Anxious to have cannot get.


You might as well laugh,

Life doesn’t need too many notes (money),

Too many will bring obsession,

Live with a heavy backpack,

Live with degrees irritation.

Don’t need anything,

Call together,

No troubles,

Apart from breathing others aren’t important,

Apart from now forget everything,

Thoughts like feathers more floating more free and unfretted.


What are troubles,

Apart from heartbeats it’s no big deal.

People shouldn’t envy birds,

The world is big compared to my narrow self,

Treat oneself as fleas,

No one is be worth arrogance,

Humans suffer abc,

Flowers blossom abc,

Who does not compare,

Who does not quarrel.]

[T/N I roughly translated it so it’s not accurate. Try listening to it, it sounds catchy]



Guo Zhi stood under the sunlight staring at Shi Xi.

Shi Xi sat in the shadow, back facing Gu Zhi.

Music between them fled.


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