Oh, My Dear! Chapter 16

Author; Angelina

Translator; Jia


这爱可以有美好的一面吗?(下)Can this love have a beautiful side? (3/3)

Wounds were infected accompanied by a high fever. Guo Zhi laid on the bed, frowned, closed both eyes and tightly caught the quilt.

He was having a nightmare, he was having many nightmares. In the dream he was being mocked by everyone, pointed at by everyone, called a pervert, called a dead[1] gay. People were holding canes to hit him, Guo Zhi cried, shouted, it hurts ah, stop hitting but no one cared about him, no one cared about his feelings. Their eyes only had disgust, they hope he disappeared. No matter where Guo Zhi ran, he could now escape. Where could he run to Ah, this is their world and their world could not tolerate him.

[1] a way to insult

God, why do you have to give me this special part? Is it to severely torture him? Is it to make him hate himself?

Guo Zhi awakened from his nightmare, a move was accompanied by pain. He stared at the ceiling , he knew even though he woke up from the dream, dreams will never end.

What is the matter with different this lonely compared to other people, like the world has abandoned (him). Why isn’t others like this ne? Unless no one is like himself?

Zhou Hui worriedly took some anti-inflammatory medicine and antipyretic [2]medicine walking in: “Guo Zhi, you scared mother. Are you better?”

[2] to reduce fever,

“Mother, no need to worry about me. I’m very good.” Guo Zhi smiled, that is his smile.

“Of course i’m worried, your dad was too heavy.” Zhou Hui could not help but complain, she immediately looked at Guo Zhi: “But I also just cannot not understand your dad’s mood. Guo Zhi, you are our family’s only son, we cannot see you make mistakes.”

“I know.”

“Forget this. You’re still young, you don’t understand what you are saying right now. Wait until you’re older, you will understand why your father was so angry.”

“Okay, I will completely forget!” Guo Zhi committed to Zhou Hui.

Guo Yun Yong was also worried but only stood outside the door, he reduced to go in. He thought this was the punishment Guo Zhi deserved, he hoped Guo Zhi recognised his mistake.

Guo Zhi lied down on the bed for a week, at last he could go to school. He was no different from normally just hide his scar and hide himself. He placed his special part in the bottom of his heart’s deepest place not touching it again.

The Guo Zhi now, looked at himself in the mirror in front of him. He who has burst into tears, as it turns out some things no matter hidden deep, it’ll always be in your body. He took of his clothes revealing a section of a ugly scar.

So he made a mistake again? Does he like Shi Xi? He ultimately still likes boys? The scar on his body started to ache dully again. Will Shi Xi have the same reaction as father and mother? Will Shi Xi hate him?

So many questions tightened Guo Zhi. Mother, why do I still not understand now that I’m older?

He should not have come, had he known he should not have come

He should not have lifted Shi Xi’s hat, should not have knew Shi Xi. He should not have been good to him but could he do it? He is Shi Xi ah.

His fingers on his wound trembled, wrong, wrong again to father’s promise, to mother’s promise. As a result he is wrong again, maybe he already noticed just did not dare to think, didn’t dare to recognise so he made the same mistake again.

This is a boy’s body, the same body as Shi Xi. This is a simple reason but it’s the biggest obstruction.

He suddenly saw Shi Xi from the mirror, he stood at the door not a word or movement  staring at him. He did not wear a hat now, his good looking face versus his ugly scar placed in the same mirror. Guo Zhi grabbed his own clothes blocking his wound, shook his head: “Don’t look, don’t look at me.”

[3] 不动声色 an idiom meaning that he is remaining calm and collected not batting an eyelid

Guo Zhi wanted to run, he didn’t want to see Shi Xi. He already saw that look (from) his parents. If that look appeared on Shi Xi’s face, what would he do?

Shi Xi didn’t speak, went near. Guo Zhi stepped back, continued to speak, continued to cry. He didn’t know as it turns out tears can flow in this way for a long time: “Sorry, I shouldn’t have hit you. Sorry, I shouldn’t like you. I didn’t know I couldn’t. Sorry, Shi Xi I’m gay. Sorry, really sorry.

Until he was unable to step back again, Shi Xi’s figure from the shadow to the light. He stood in front of Guo Zhi, caught Guo Zhi’s chin forcing him to stare at himself, coldly interior Guo Zhi’s non-stop apologies: “Shut up.”

Guo Zhi did not make a sound again, Shi Xi’s eyes is trapped deeply falling down, that is death; his voice is a wonderful rhythm, listen. That is rebirth: “Guo Zhi, no one should apologise to (someone) he likes.”

“Even if I like you?”

“Even if you like me.”

“But, it’s not like that. You won’t understand. This scar is to make me forget about liking boys but I…” Guo Zhi’s words choked unable to continue.

Shi Xi caught open Guo Zhi’s hand that blocked his scars using his clothes, his other hand reached towards Guo Zhi, fingers caress to from a wound’s front-end to its back-end. His voice tender (which) it has never been: “This scar is unable to make toy forget, it will only make you remember.”

“Now you know Shi Xi. You know, will you hate me like others do?” Guo Zhi suddenly squat down covering his face, tears from his fingers slid.

“I won’t.”

“Don’t lie to me, my dad said I’m very humiliating, I’m a pervert so you also hate me right?”

“I don’t.”

“I don’t believe it. You’re only comforting me.”

“I do not need to comfort you.”

“Can you prove it? Smile at me.”

“That’s not possible.” Shi Xi followed his squat.

“Then you hate me right?” Guo Zhi forcibly covered his own face tightly but could not cover his tears.

Shi Xi grabbed Guo Zhi’s hands open, Shi Xi Very suddenly moved close up bringing his breath, his lips covered Guo Zhi’s lips lightly, dropping this heavy mark. In this blistering hot season, Shi Xi’s temperature made people cozy. Guo Zhi widened his eyes, tears stopped, his heart ah so warm, so warm.

Shi Xi stood up, he looked at Guo Zhi: “Can this be proof?”

Guo Zhi stared without a word.

Can this love have a beautiful side? It can, it has now.



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