Idiot, I Love You! Chapter 1


Author: Kui Hua Zi

Translator: Jia


Chapter 1 你什么时候来上班啊!What time do you come to work!


“Dad! Quickly go don’t worry about me!” Xia Ningyu said to Dad Xia who was still in the fire.

“I’m sorry… Little Yu quickly go take care of your mother and your grandma that is enough!”

“Dad!…Dad no!” Xia Ningyu watched his own dad submerge in to a sea of fire as he emotionally called out.

Due to too much emotion Xia Ningyu woke up from this nightmare.

“Hu…![1] I dreamt this dream again…”

[1] 呼 Hu means to call out. He was shocked so he made a noise when he awoke. So well you guys have a bad dream and you make that scared noise and it sounds like hu

Xia Ningyu sat on the side of the bed thinking about that fire back then, his own dad was burned to death in front of his eyes. Saying that it isn’t hard is definitely fake.

“Dig dig dig dig excavator, dig dig dig excavator~”

“FML scared me!” Xia Ningyu was scared by his ringtone. He looked at his phone to find that it was his boss who likes to gossip to death.

“Friend Xia~ what time are you planning to go to work!”

“Hey old woman you’re very annoying! I’m going now..” Xia Ningyu’s helpless road.

“Ah come soon! There are new materials again!! That’s not right.. who’s an old woman! Do you believe that this old woman won’t deduct your salary!” People on the other side of the phone are very excited.

“Hey do not I still need to support the family! I’m coming.” His tone was very helpless then he chatted to the person on the phone for a while before hanging up.

Xia Ningyu accepted his fate as he got up from the bed to wash his face and change his clothes. He is a reporter and also, the company has many people who recognise him. Casual hot news item[2] can have tens of thousands.

[2] 猛料 means awesome or hot news item

Because he has to hurry Xia Ningyu went to the back alleys. The back alleys are divided in to two roads and he walked the road on the left. At this time a gun sound came from the right side’s road. Being a reporter he is very much curious so Xia Ningyu took out his camera from his backpack and sneakily went onto the right hand alley.

“Fuck you Gu Shaoming!”

“You said you would hand the goods over to me!” A hoarse voice mixed with anger yelled.

“Tut it’s you being unco-operative.”

“Also, it was you who striked first.”

This voice should be Gu Shaoming’s right?!


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