Idiot, I Love You! Chapter 3

Author: Kui Hua Zi

Translator: Jia


Chapter 3 你叫什么名字。What is your name?


“What is your name?” Gu Shaoming said looking at Xia Ningyu.

“You’re asking me?” Xia Ningyu asked the question like he was stupid.

Gu Shaoming didn’t speak and fiercely looked at him as if looking at a fool.

“I, I’m called Xia Ningyu. Xia is Summer, Ning is Ning (rather), Yu is Language.”

“Ok, Gu Shaoming.” Gu Shaoming took a look at Xia Ningyu, this is ultimately equal to speaking nonesense..! Tut stupid.

“Get in the car.”

“Hey, hey what do you want!”

Gu Shaoming glared at him again. Really disobeident.

The pitiful Xia Ningyu could only obediently get in the car.

“Where’s your company?” Gu Shaoming asked.

“Well.. next to big b.”

“That one… that one!” Gu Shaoming raised his eyebrow at him.

“Call me Gu Shaoming.”

Gu Shaoming other than his family has never allowed others to do freely call his full name. If it was Gu Shaoming’s men called him like this Gu Shaoming would gave them a slap in the face and if it was Xia Ningyu…tut tut tut, this is eccentric!

“Gu..Gu Shaoming!”

“I still haven’t eaten breakfast yet QAQ” [1] Xia Ningyu felt very wronged.

[1] it’s a sad face QAQ (do you see it?)

“Pu” Gu Shaoming indicated that Xia Ningyu is so stupid.

“Then let’s go eat something, what do you want to eat?” Don’t know when Gu Shaoming’s tone change to become gentle.

“Well.. I want to eat the company’s canteen’s chicken!” Tut tut tut indeed stupid he will only eat good food.

“Okay, wait.” It acutally did not matter to Gu Shaoming.



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