Oh, My Dear! Chapter 17

Author; Angelina

Translator; Jia


Chapter 17 才没有在脸红 I’m not blushing


That night Guo Zhi slept very heavily, his head was on the pillow and his dropping eyelashes were somewhat moist. His breath was rather heavy after because he cried. Shi Xi sat on the edge of the bed watching Guo Zhi until he was sure that Guo Zhi was already asleep, he left the room softly shutting the door.

The next day, Guo Zhi confusedly opened his eyes, both eyes were so red that he was unable to open them. Holding the quilt, he flipped his body and stuck out one foot. What to do now? He knows that he likes Shi Xi and also knows that Shi Xi doesn’t like him because he and him are not the same but he did not lose because even though Shi Xi knows he did not hate him. He is a very easily satisfied person, just this was already his biggest satisfaction.

And Guo Zhi still needs some time to sort out and accept that he likes men.

He doesn’t want to escape.

Guo Zhi stood up from the bed stretching his lazy waist, his recovery capability is like an animal. After a good scrubbing he went to Shi Xi’s door. Shi Xi frowned opening the door to see Guo Zhi’s smiling face accompanied by double swollen eyes, very uncoordinated. He turned to the bed and continued to sleep. Guo Zhi softly closed the door, he sat on the window studying Shi Xi’s posture, cross-legged on the computer typing a few words looks authentic then held up the paper from the side, bit the pen cap to correct words.

Last night, Shi Xi watched Guo Zhi sleep.

This morning, Guo Zhi watched Shi Xi sleep.

After a long time, Shi Xi woke up. Guo Zhi happily out loud: “Where are we going today? Or are we staying

Shi Xi looked at Guo Zhi, his happiness is not fake. He thought that he would be depressed, he thought that he would continue to cry but he seemed even stronger than he thought.

Shi Xi didn’t speak and went to the bathroom to wash. After he came out he pulled open the door: “Let’s go.”


They went downstairs, Guo Zhi’s appearance made many people give a sidelong glance. It’s no wonder, his eyes were like it was punched twice by a Shaolin monk. Guo Zhi did not mind. Shi Xi brought local tourist brochures. Their first day is at an ancient town, [1] narrow bending alley full of people. Both sides were stores that sold snacks and crafts, some stores had people who dressed weirdly stood outside to attract business. Guo Zhi curiously watched, his hand already held many snacks.

[1] 古镇 Gu Zhen = ancient town

“Shi Xi, quickly look over there.”

“Shi Xi, quickly look at this side.”

Around was Guo Zhi’s cries, Shi Xi just followed behind Guo Zhi: “You look yourself, don’t keep calling me.”

“But I want to call you.”

Guo Zhi chose strange styled clothing in a store and compared it on his body: “Shi Xi how do you think this colour suits me?” [2]

[2] I couldn’t find a better way to phrase the original in english but its similar.

“Suits your double eye bags.”

“I didn’t ask that.” Guo Zhi’s mouth twitched, he rubbed his own eyes that were still somewhat in pain then, the top of his head was covered. Guo Zhi looked up to discover Shi Xi placed a ding mao on top of his head. Although the style was very strange, the brim covered the light easing the pain from his eyes.

Shi Xi brought this ding mao [3] despite that it was rather funny being worn on Guo Zhi’s head, Guo Zhi was like a baby with it on top of his head. They continued to roam about in Gu Zhen .

[3] a cap that officials wore in the Qing Dynasty

In front was a stall, the stall exhibited BB guns and behind was covered with small balloons. Next to it was a sign hanging with blood-red words: pop 20 balloons to obtain doll, pop 10….

Guo Zhi came with interest, he paid the boss to lift the gun but his eyes made him aim power seriously decline. The first shot didn’t break the balloon it touched the fat boss’s tightly covered lower body standing not far away, he painfully grinned: “Xiao Xiongdi [4], you have to break the balloons to get prize. Breaking my egg [5] has no reward.” The boss is someone who can do business, humorously joking with Guo Zhi. Guo Zhi was quickly bowing to apologise: “Sorry, sorry.”

[4] Little brother

[5] His balls were shot instead of the balloon LOL

“Moron.” Shi Xi stood at the side coldly said.

Guo Zhi was preparing to continue the next shot, the boss with the fastest speed stood behind Guo Zhi. After the shooting 20 shots, the boss gave thumbs up: “Your shooting technique is accurate, didn’t get even get one, try again ba.”

Guo Zhi’s eyes regrettably stared at the prize station, he shook his head. Shi Xi readily picked up a gun. He lifted it, closed one eye. Guo Zhi watched Shi Xi, this person, actually even a general action is like a movie. Shi Xi’s other hand slightly raised the brim of his cap, one shot accompanied by a broken balloon. Not only did the boss’s eggs hurt, his heart also hurt.

This side’s Guo Zhi is a enthusiastic audience, not stopping issuing onomatopoeia: “Wow!!”




“Shut up.” Shi Xi said whilst pulling the trigger.

Guo Zhi didn’t speak until twenty shots ended

The boss still smiling: “Broke 20, you can pick any of the dolls on top.” The Boss pointed to human sized doll bt Guo Zhi pointed to a notebook in an inconspicuous corner: “I want that one.”

The boss distracted, heart is seeking but failing to get but still asked: “But this”

Guo Zhi interrupted the boss’s words: “It’s okay, I want that one.”

Guo Zhi got the notebook, he put it into his own backpack: “In the future find me when you need paper.”

“Your life is this useful?”

“Yeah, im your living young secretary.”

“I won’t give you wages.”

“It’s okay, I am free.”

Watching Guo Zhi’s moron face, Shi Xi could not help but tease: “Including body?” hearing these words Guo Zhi thought for awhile, he seriously said: “That needs money but if it’s you, can pay half.”

“But I don’t want to pay.”

“It’s already half! Stingy scoundrel! That is very painful!”

“You know?” Even people who hasn’t seen actually knows this.

“Do you think i’m a moron? Giving you my body then you hit me to vent your emotions, of course it’ll hurt.”So both of them was not talking about the same thing all along.

“Calling you a moron is an insult to all other morons.” Shi Xi went forward, Guo Zhi followed behind: “Why are you suddenly scolding me.”

They come out from Gu Zhen, Guo Zhi was already carrying a lot of things, the bags in his hand were shaking issuing friction rustles. They sat on a crowded bus, Guo Zhi’s huge hat was knocked to reel right and left in the crowd. He grasped on to the hat, hands full from carrying things and attending his hat, his whole person was very bus on the bus.

“In fact take the hat off, it can reduce your ridiculous extent.”

“I don’t want to.”

A brake, Guo Zhi lost his balance and sprang forward. When he almost flew into middle-aged woman’s arms, he was suddenly dragged back by Shi Xi with his elbow. He took the bag in Guo Zhi’s hand: “Hold the handrail.”

Guo Zhi was preparing to hold but who knew the bus stopped. A crowd of people swarmed from the front door pushing Guo Zhi. Guo Zhi staggered and was his hand was grabbed by Shi Xi putting his hand on the armrest and Shi Xi’s hand did not leave.

Overlapping fingers together, Guo Zhi’s face was of a red hot temperature, he lowered his head. Regardless of his body or brain, all he could think of was his hands, his heart slightly beating feeling even if the car was crowded, he could still clearly feel it.

“You do not need to be shy to this degree.” Shi XI suddenly said.

“I, I am not.”Guo Zhi used his other hand to desperately rub his face.

Shi Xi suddenly reached out placing his hand on the brim of Guo Zhi’s hat firmly pressing it down. The hat that covered Guo Zhi, how could it also be unable to erase his bright red face.





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