The world is a bit sweet v2 ch 8

Author: Angelina

Translator: Jia


原来可以喜欢你 I can like you all along (It can also be translated to; As it turns out I can like you)

“You, did you drink too much?” Mo Ka didn’t have any emotions, his brain and eyes were blank. He could not understand the sentence that Chen Ge just said. He even doubted whether there was someone else speaking just now around them. This pitch-black alley didn’t even have a ghost.

“You, you who are you replying to?” Mo Ka didn’t dare to believe, he couldn’t believe.

Chen Ge reached out his slender and pretty index finger to poke Mo Ka’s eyebrows, just light strength but Mo Ka’s body was shaking. So cunning, he was obviously grinning but his eyes were surprisingly serious. Mo Ka could sense a bad time, he watched Chen Ge confused as if he was hallucinating. This really was a huge joke, his heart jumped to his adam’s apple: “Then your mood is not good, you kick me?”


“Give me a break, I already told you that I cannot take jokes. I will take it seriously.” Mo Ka desperately waved, Chen Ge reached out to grab that hand of Mo Ka’s dragging him into his arms using his hands to loop around him. Mo Ka’s head fell into the place where Chen Ge’s heart was beating, he was unable to breathe again.

“Then take it seriously.” Chen Ge’s voice was too gentle shocking Mo Ka’s feelings.

“But I….”

“Na, I want you Mo Ka.” He whispered into his ear. At last, a name compared to usually made people touched when called.

“What? But…”

“No one asked your opinion, this is a command.”

“If you dare play me, I will hate you.” Mo Ka bit Chen Ge’s clothes.

He calmed down like this staying in Chen Ge’s arms. He sneakily reached out to pinch his own thigh, very painful. As it turns out, this isn’t a dream but he was truly in Chen Ge’s arms. Even dreaming wouldn’t be this beautiful.

Just let it be like now ba please let this world stop, he doesn’t want to miss one second.

He—–Chen Ge, how did he fall for him? The world is indeed wonderful.

What did Mo Ka want to think, suddenly he broke out from Chen Ge’s arms to grope out his phone from his pocket then opened the screen light aiming it at Chen Ge’s face: “What are you doing.”

“I want to confirm whether you are Chen Ge or not, it indeed is you.” Mo Ka shined his own face with the phone: “Look, i’m Mo Ka. Don’t get it wrong.”

Chen Ge held the phone to the top of Mo Ka’s head gently knocking: “You indeed are big headed.”

“This is just in case, I’m making sure.”

“Want to make sure, right?” Chen Ge held up MoKa’s face leaning into kiss him. The kiss is not so short like the two before. Sometimes gently bite and rub sometimes extend tongue to lick his lips. The warm and lingering kiss made the blood in Mo Ka’s brain rush, he tightly grabbed Chen Ge’s clothes.

Quite a while later, Chen Ge let go of Mo Ka: “Have you made sure.”

Mo Ka’s hand leaned on the wall to be able to stand, he is a man he really doesn’t have much to offer. He actually became like this from a kiss, if this gets out he’ll simply have no face to go back home to see his elders. Chen Ge’s breath and warmth still lingered in his mouth, he swallowed the saliva with difficulty.

“Is the shop done?”

“It should be about done.”

“Then I’ll send you home.”

“But my house is very close to here. Hey, wait for me. How are you sending me home, it’s obviously you’re leaving alone.” So strange, he and Chen Ge are considered sweethearts now, he always felt that it wasn’t too real. Mo Ka could hear his and Chen Ge’s footsteps, Chen Ge walked in front, his shadow just stretched to pour below his own foot.

“Chen Ge.”


“If I didn’t confess to you, would you really find other girls?”

“That, only said it to probe you.”

“What?! You mean you, you already knew I liked you?” Mo Ka felt that he usually hid it quite well.

“Everyone knows, all day long your whole face be in heat.” [1]

[1] the word used is 发情 oestrus

“Who’s in heat? Since you knew I liked you and if I, If I’m not wrong you should also like me, right? Then why didn’t you directly confess to me causing me to say so many ridiculous words.” Remembering the look, he just had it was no different from crying out, he really wanted to find a field to dig a hole and go in on the spot.

“I will not do this humiliating confession.” Chen Ge’s matter of fact sentence was like a boulder falling on Mo Ka’s head. Very, very unacceptable.

“You’re really a big pervert!!” Mo Ka crazily shouted.

“Control the volume, it’s the middle of the night.’

“Whose fault do you think it is.” He actually fell into Chen Ge’s scheme. In the past he obviously mended what others say, how is it his Feng Shui has rotated after encountering Chen Ge?

But it doesn’t matter how Mo Ka curses Chen Ge, his heart’s joy is very powerful along with time elapsing. He slowly recovered from just being startled a little, he and Chen Ge together is a fact, enveloping the whole night. The thing he had expected all along it turns out that it’s this type of feeling, his chest is going to burst open.

“Arrived.” Mo Ka stood at his own floor, he absolutely did not want to separate.

Chen Ge reached out to rub Mo Ka’s hair: “Hair has grown again.”

“I explained [2] that the new replaces the old fast.”

[2] 说明 explained/said

“Quickly go up.”

“What about you?”

“What, want me to kiss?”

Mo Ka felt that the Chen Ge now was tender despite it not being like the tender he is towards other people but now he made people’s heart move even more. That good looking da w stared at his own, Mo Ka blushed saying: “Who wants you to kiss, I’m going up la.” After speaking not returning rushed upstairs.

After washing, Mo Ka laid on the bed again, there still wasn’t a way to enter the normal sleeping pattern. Are you kidding me, when we wasn’t together it’s no wonder I couldn’t sleep, being together he’s excited so he can’t sleep. Why is it he always cannot sleep? Mo Ka picked up severely punching a few, it’s all your fault Chen Ge, that evil guy.

[T/N it doesn’t say what he picked up]

What to do next?

After knowing Chen Ge it seems he has something to look forward to everyday, to anticipate tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, look forward to all of the days in the future.

Mo Ka took out his phone pulling out that familiar, almost memorised number. He wanted to change the name of it but did not know what to change it to. Sweetheart? Nauseating. Goosebumps rose in Mo Ka’s body; Chen Ge? It seems very ordinary, doesn’t display out a bit of ‘special’; Xiao Ge? Even more nauseating, if he saw it he’ll be ripped on the street; thinking for half the day and he still couldn’t think of a suitable name. Mo Ka felt sleepy whilst thinking, a few seconds ago before his eyes closed, he squinted changing the name from ‘Don’t call him’ to ‘Most favourite.’

Wu Qu Yang complained and complained: “You call me again to be a driver in the middle of the night, unacceptable. Be careful I’ll break off relations with you.” Wu Qu Yang already break off relations with Chen Ge countless times.

“Call Kuang Li to eat food.”

“At least you have a bit of conscience, still know to reward me. I temporarily won’t break off relations with you.” Wu Qu Yang drove the car and from time to time he would glance towards Chen Ge’s direction: “I say your mood seems very good today.”

According to usually, Wu Qu Yang estimate that he will get a similar answer to ‘it’s my business why do you care about it so much.’


“Absolutely! Is there anything?”

“Never mind, together with Mo Ka le.” Chen Ge’s words did not contain any emotions and Wu Qu Yang almost did not hit the fire hydrant, he exclaimed in his car completely losing his elegance: “What?!! What do you mean together?”

“What other meaning is there.”

Wu Qu Yang thought for a long time. At last, one hand holding the steering wheel, one hand holding his stomach laughing. Tears almost came out: “You have to be kidding me, you’re killing me [3]. I remember you used to be a small straight in the past, how did you become a small bent now? I want to quickly let Kuang Li know, ha ha ha. It seems you Chen Ge also have a difficult threshold. My heart is momentarily balanced.”

[3] he’s saying it’s so funny he could die.

Chen Ge’s fist flew past quickly to Wu Qu Yang. If Wu Qu Yang did not retreat quickly, his baby would’ve died: “Do you not believe that I can flatten you.”

“Don’t. I believe, say how do I dare not to believe. What is with you two.”

“People who know too much usually do not have a good fate.”

“Then you tell me, what do you see in Mo Ka?”

“None of your business.”

“Then do I need to call him DiMei?” [4]

[4] 弟妹 younger brother’s wife

Chen Ge coldly glanced at Wu Qu Yang making Wu Qu Yang sweeping hairs stand. After a long time, Chen Ge said: “Need to call sister-in-law.” [5]

[5] 嫂子 sister-in-law


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