The World is a bit sweet v2 ch 10

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谈恋爱这种事啊?!Falling in love this kind of thing?!


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[1]河蟹 literal translation is river crab but it’s an internet slang for a pun on “harmonious” which is blocked by the great firewall of China

After washing, Mo Ka weakly and without strength climbed onto the bed. What is shame? Shame is falling in love for not even 24 hours and he was slept by someone. Mo Ka threw the pillow towards Chen Ge who was sat on the bed drying his wet hair: “I blame you, compensate for my first time la.”

“It was obviously you who threw yourself into my arms.”

“I obviously discouraged this behaviour of yours, it was you who forced me to sleep with you. Don’t provoke me I’ll let the police uncle arrest you if you provoke me. You are a rapist.”

Chen Ge pulled off the towel on his head, Mo Ka was surprised. In the end does this man have moments when he unsightly? Chen Ge threw the towel onto Mo Ka’s head putting his energy into rubbing: “It hurts, it’s so painful. What are you doing?”

“Hair is wet don’t lie on the bed, goto one side.”

“Hey hey to someone who you just slept with your attitude is very bad.” Mo Ka sat up, he sat on the edge of the bed using the still damp towel Chen Ge used to continue to wipe.”

“Don’t dilly dally, put you coat on after you finish wiping.”

“I know la.”

Mo Ka very slowly put on his clothes: “Then I’ll go back first.”

“Your ass is okay right?”

“Why ask so directly!!”

“What are you shy for?”

“I am not, besides are you joking? People will lose their big tooth if it is said that I as a man not is not able to endure this bit of pain. Really! (interj. of annoyance or frustration) don’t compare me with those small and weak women okay, women break their hymen on their first time I don’t have a hymen where can it be painful hahaha~~~.” What on earth is there to be proud of??

“So it’s like this.”

“Of course it is, don’t talk about walking back I can jump back.” after speaking, Mo Ka really bounced away. Chen Ge expressionlessly watched Mo Ka leave, why on earth did he like such an idiot? His jumping method will only make it more critical.

Mo Ka was very calm all the way regardless of being on the bus, staircase, amidst the congestion and collision of crowds up to returning home closing the door in a split second, Mo Ka stood by the door slowly sliding down, kneeling on the floor, head very low for a long time. Finally Mo Ka’s heart-rendering sound arrived, it simply echoed to the clouds: “Your uncle, why is it so painful!!” His ass was burning like was going split apart.

“Your uncle, your uncle, your uncle, your uncle.” Mo Ka’s pain could only be relieved using curses.

This afternoon Gong Rong was in luck playing mahjong so at night she played another round, it was already eleven when she arrived home. She opened the door, the room was stretched pitch black. What’s wrong? That Mo Ka  doesn’t know to open/switch on the light. Gong Rong wanted to touch for the lamp, her foot continuing to step, that foot that just stepped on Mo Ka’s ass woke Mo Ka up from a coma and he strenuously turned his head: “You, you, you…”

“I what ah? Do you want to scare people to death lying on the floor like a corpse, quickly get up.”

Mo Ka had no choice at all but to stand up like a snake sliding on the floor, he climbed to his room.

As the ancients saying goes: the evil we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear[2]

[2]自作孽不可活 or 不作死就不会死 or 不作不死 means No zuo no die why you try. Basically “one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it”

This sentence projecting on Mo Ka’s body was appropriate.

More than ten days after that matter, school follows suit. Although the year has passed, the weather is still cold. Mo Ka was not clear about the concept of love. After doing it, the two did not meet. Mo Ka felt that he and rather than being in love with Chen Ge it is better to say one night stand/one night of love is more accurate

If he doesn’t call that guy, that guy won’t call him.

Everything seems to have not changed as the female students that like Chen Ge are still revolving round his side. He still gives people that just perfect feeling. Occasionally he saw that Chen Ge was attended by a crowd on the railing. Mo Ka’s emotions are very delicate, isn’t it already satisfying that he and him are together? But he still unconsciously went to eat some vinegar. [3] Liking a person who everyone else likes really, don’t know if he is lucky or unfortunate.

[3] he was jealous

Speaking off!!! What kind of falling in love is this called? There is no completely no difference from the past. He was obviously upstairs whilst he was downstairs but Mo Ka was stubbornly determined to not find Chen Ge.

Noon,  Mo Ka did not intend to return to eat as there were some classroom priorities that needed to be sorted out, he went directly to the supermarket to buy instant noodles and left it at that. Mo Ka anxiously brought 桶康师傅 [5] then ran back in a hurry. By an unfortunate chance [4] he encountered Wu Qu Yang and Chen Ge with some other people. He always has so many around him, so many people. He is always a lonely person, being an upright person has come to nothing it’s better to not stare that way. Do not cause trouble for Chen Ge and (for people to find out that CG is) in love with a male student like him. If other people find out it will reduce Chen Ge’s social status.

[4] 好死不死



Chen Ge called for Mo Ka who planned to sneak away: “Hey over there, come over”

What is called over there? Mo Ka’s eyes widened but seeing that flock of people, he was deflated again.

Although Mo Ka moved over there a few steps he still kept a suitable distance. Chen Ge went over and took the instant noodles from Mo Ka’s arms and threw it into the rubbish: “Who let you eat this.”

“But i’m in a hurry.”

“Even if you’re anxious to die you’re not allowed to eat.”

This, people nearby were dumbfounded. Is this the Chen Ge who is always kind and gets along with people? It feels like the person has changed. Wu Qu Yang pushed the crowd from behind: “Go away, go away, what is there to see.”

After the crowd left  Mo Ka breathed a sigh of relief: “Throwing away is very wasteful. Don’t you understand to save food? We are still a developing country we don’t have much prosperity.”

“Let’s go.”

“Hey, to the end did you hear what I said? Where are we going?”


“But, there’s no problem eating with me?”

“What nonsense are you saying, quickly.”

Mo Ka followed Chen Ge from behind, maybe he thought too much. Who will misunderstand him and Chen Ge?

It is his first time eating in a canteen like this, spasmodically looks were cast around making Mo Ka feel uncomfortable: “How about we change a place? It feel like a lot of people are looking this way.”

“It’s good you’re used to it.”

“Who is used to it? Being looked at in such a way I cannot eat.” Mo Ka who was consistently ignored by others could not withstand this scene.

“If you’re unable to eat just stuff.” Chen Ge clipped a bulk of food to Mo Ka’s mouth, Mo Ka’s face was red as he was choked by the food. He drank big mouthfuls of water to fetch his breath: “What are you doing? Someone saw.”

“So what.”

“What, what? I am also a man, is it not the less people that know the bteer it is? Besides, have a look at your position in school, suppose I destroy it I’m going to be extremely ashamed and uneasy.” It’s hard to come by, what Mo Ka has said today is quite straightforward.

Chen Ge used his hand to support his face, with his head tilted to the side: “You care about this kind of thing?”

“It’s strange if I don’t care, if you became me you would think like this. You look at this appearance of mine, the figure, the achievement, the physical strength, and the hobby, the more I say the more I feel useless. Cast aside I am a man, I won’t say this point, if others know that you and this kind of person are associated you will lose face.”

“If I think i’m losing face, then it’s because you are a moron.”

“How am I a moron? Don’t call me that, even if I’m not a moron I’ll become a moron because you called me it.”

Wu Qu Yang this light bulb also came over: “Yo let’s eat together. ” After speaking he sat down, a goes without saying manner.

“Mo Ka, have you done it?” He was asking really directly.

The rice in Mo Ka’s mouth sprayed out, Chen Ge who sat across dodged. Mo Ka blushed waing his chopsticks: “We haven’t” But undoubtedly his face had an already ‘done it’ expression.

Wu Qu Yang laughed, the one who laughs is called evil infuriating Mo Ka.

“The fuck are you laughing at, so what if we done it? It’s still the first time. Laugh ah, laugh your fill.”

Wu Qu Yang was stunned for a few seconds and then laughed even louder. To Mo Ka, this is completely a strike. Wu Qu Yang stopped laughing after quite a while: “Who is laughing at you? I’m laughing at Chen. What? You didn’t discover that it is actually also Chen’s fir…”Wu Qu Yang’s words were not finished as he was grasped by the neck and pulled out by Chen Ge. He (CG) didn’t walk a few steps yet and turned around: “Finish eating then go to the classroom, don’t roam about outside.”

“Who’s roaming about? I’m not a child.” Mo Ka retorted, Chen He is still so heartless to him.

“Chen, I, I’m about to become breathless let, let go I will die.”

Wu Qu Yang’s voice was drifting further away.

“You asked for it.”

Mo Ka watched Chen Ge and Wu Qu Yang’s figures leave, he could not help but laugh. Oh right what on earth did Wu Qu Yang want to say? It’s also Chen’s fir…? What fir? What the heck, anyways nothing good comes out of Wu Qu Yang’s mouth.

Falling in love this kind of thing?! He was obviously lonely for the past few days because he didn’t see him but now that he has seen him, that emptiness was filled to the full.

This kind of mood changes all the time, Mo Ka was rather overwhelmed.


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