Liu Li Loves Jun

Title: Liu Li Loves Jun (琉璃戀君)
Author: 洛冰凌
Genre and Tags: xianxia, supernatural, romance, 1V1, HE


An Junyue, a modern-day cultivator who got thrust into another world when the time-space fabric ripped during a duel between his Shifu and Shibo.

Liu Li, a thousand year old fox who wanders the world searching for his lost sister.

One is a handsome and elegant youth with a gentle appearance like that of jade, but whose personality is actually reserved and composed.

The other is a beautiful and seductive fox demon with a fiery temper that can bring down cities.

With no previous connection between them, their fates intertwine when they decide to raise a toddler together.

A corrupt monk, a fake Taoist, a carefree prince, a warm-hearted rabbit demon.… Every incident binds the two of them together, unable to unravel the thread.

How does the love-struck Liu Li ensnare the slow and unwary An Junyue?

Volume 1

Chapter 1 – Junyue Arrives
Chapter 2 – Meeting Liu Li
Chapter 3 – According to Qingran
Chapter 4 – Temporary Stay at Beiquan
Chapter 5 – Monk Zhiguang
Chapter 6 – Liu Li Bids Farewell
Chapter 7 – Junyue to the Rescue
Chapter 8 – Scarlet Seduction
Chapter 9 – Complicated Feelings
Chapter 10 – On the Way
Chapter 11 – Permanent Stay in the Capital
Chapter 12 – Nosy Doctor
Chapter 13 –
Chapter 14 –
Chapter 15 –
Chapter 16 –
Chapter 17 –
Chapter 18 –
Chapter 19 –
Chapter 20 –

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