Idiot, I Love You! Chapter 6

Author: Kui Hua Zi

Translator: Jia


Chapter 6 宝贝我是你老公呀:)Baby I’m your husband 🙂


Xia Ningyu told her everything and his face showed no love. “Oh, so it’s like this!” Xie Qi patted her thighs. “Hey hey hey hero to the rescue!”

“Pray! Big! Aunt!” Xia Ningyu felt helpless facing his rotten female boss.

“Old woman (I) will kill you!” Xie Qi also angry.

Suddenly a message alert came from Xia Ningyu’s phone and both of them became instantly silent. “Keke you go look at your text message~” Xie Qi broke the awkward atmosphere. “….Okay.”

Once he turned on the phone Xia Ningyu was so scared that he almost threw the phone.

Gu Shaoming: Baby~
Gu Shaoming: I’m afraid that you’ll forget me QAQ

Xie Qi’s eyes were curious, both of them in that moment was scared. FML gangsters using this tone of voice, isn’t it simply sorry to his identity!?

Xia Ningyu: Phone thief your family will die! Speak! Where is the evildoer!

Gu Shaoming replied one sentence.

Gu Shaoming: Baby I’m your husband 🙂

Beside him was Xie Qi laughing she grabbed Xia Ningyu’s phone to enter a few words then sent it out. Xia Ningyu quickly snatched away the phone but its already too late.

Xia Ningyu: Husband mua~(*/ω\*)
Gu Shaoming: Little Yu you’re so cute I really want to take you home.
Xia Ningyu: Cute your uncle! [1] I did not write that sentence!
Gu Shaoming: ….shy?

Xia Ningyu so angry he did not want to speak he was ready to stand up to leave. Xie Qi quickly kept the person from exiting. “Little Yu don’t go! Let’s go back to talking business~”

“This mission needs you to investigate the Mafia boss, that is Gu Shaoming’s trip.” Xie Qi saw Xia Ningyu sit down again and continued to talk. “I refuse!” Xia Ningyu about to die from anger. “When the mission ends, double your wages, also you can rest for two months~” Xie Qi already guessed that he would respond like this. “To succeed!!” Xia Ningyu returned to smiling, but what he doesn’t know is its all a routine and he himself is like a little rabbit innocently walking in to the trap of two cunning wolves.

At this time in another company Fang Yidian sat in the office shouting. “The ones that have been hired are a group of useless guys! Tell them to get out! Hire new people.” After speaking he threw the files from the side onto that person. In fact that person can dodge but he can not imagine what would happen if he dodged as he is very clear on his boss’s violent temper.

After a few hours. “President Fang, here are some suitable candidates please have a look.”

“Okay, put it down.” Fang Jidian said coldly.


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