Idiot, I Love You! Chapter 7

Author; 葵花砸 Kui Hua Za

Translator: Jia

Chapter 7 长的挺好看的 you’ve grown to be very pretty

After Fang Yidian finished all the work in his hands he intended to look for candidates. He has a headache and so he rubbed his forehead. Qi Zijun. Okay… you’ve grown to be very pretty.

Called what…Qi Zijun? Zijun..very good.

“he was abandoned by his family in an alley at 12 years old, a couple took him home that man abused Qi Zijun everyday. He escaped when he was 14 years old and went onto the street to work moving things. That household has looked at the fact that he worked in their shop for 2 years already so they took him in. Qi Zijun saved money every year and at 18 he rented a cheap house finding a job. Until a few days ago he got bullied by colleagues and he couldn’t stand it so he resigned.

This child is pitiful. Fang Jidian who was usually cold on any matter actually thought this. Tut unless he is in love with him? Obviously just seem a picture, nothing more! Fang Jidian, your are really casual…damn. Although cursing himself like this in his mind, his face was showing an obvious smile, eyes filled with tenderness.

A few days later.

The chosen ones have come for an interview, of course including Qi Zijun and Qi Zijun’s every move was under Fang Yidian’s surveillance from the beginning of when he stepped in to the company.

Then the interview began. “Come in.”

“Hello, I’m Qing Yidian[1]” the persons speaking has very thick eyebrows, thick lips, big face. If you want a self record then certainly take up two thirds of the screen. “Sit down.” Fang Jidian is face obsessed, looking at this face…cannot help but frown. “Introduce yourself.”

[1] what a name haha 庆一淀 – be gentle 😂😂😂

“I graduated at b uni….” Qing Yidian kept talking with excitement. “Okay you can go.” Fang Jidian thought the name Qing Yidian is too erotic. “President Zong, your not going to think about it?! Qing Yidian emotionally said. “Go!” President Zong’s expression do not not hinder me looking at my wife.[2]

[2] 脑婆 is used here. When pronouncing 老婆 it sounds like 脑婆 which is wife. So I’m not sure who’s talking here but they might be our third cp? I’ll see how it goes.

That person was scared he flew out the door (after) pickling up his bag. At the door, Qi Zijun clearly heard the people inside were fierce. He had a kind of feeling to run, unfortunately, it’s already too late.

“Come in.” Fang Jidian’s voice unwelcome, mixed with a trace of excitement. “I’m I’m called pray chrysanthemum (QiZi Ju)[3] …no no no it’s Qi Zijun…!” Qi Zijun started to stammer. “Ah don’t be so nervous, sit down first.”

[3] 祈子菊 he called himself 菊 chrysanthemum which means anus in Chinese slang lol

“It’s time to eat, let’s go eat together.” This sentence is not an ask but a command.

“No..Not okay.” Qi Zijun thinks Fang Yidian wants to play him. “That..that please don’t play me!” Qi Zijun spoke.

Fang Jidian smiled intending to reach out and touch his head but Qi Zijun escaped and the whole person was so scared that he stood trembling. Fang Jidian touched his nose, is he so horrible. “Pu..pu he’s going to hit me! Qi Zijun was too nervous, the sentence incomplete pu. “Silly child I won’t hit you.” Fang Jidian dumbfounded. “Let’s go eat.”

Both of them going out of the office together, pass by employees expression are my eyes blurry, President Fang hates having physical contact with others but today, President Fang however hugged the little boy that came for an interview?! Qi Zijun felt the people’s strange eyes on him, struggling a bit. Fang Jidian felt very unsatisfied with Qi Zijun’s struggling but still he put down the hand that was around his shoulder, not forgetting people were staring.

Both of them did not say anything on the way, the bully became embarrassed. They went to use the elevator that was dedicated to the president. Fang Jidian said a something to break the awkward atmosphere. “We don’t need to go to the staff canteen, we can go to a good restaurant outside.”

“Ok..ok all right.” Qi Zijun shrunk himself to the little corner.

“Qi Zijun… come here.” Tone abit unnatural.

Naive Qi Zijun obediently went over. Suddenly, Qi Zijun was put in the kabedon position[4]. Qi Zijun closed his eyes quickly after he saw the other person raising his hand thinking that Fang Jidian was going to hit him. After a while, he found that there is no pain on his body and opened his eyes. Fang Jidian was taller than Qi Zijun so when Qi Zijun opened his eyes he saw Fang Jidian’s chest. One hand on top of Qi Zijun’s head. Fang Jidian touched Qi Zijun’s head, heart expressing ‘ah ah ah ah ah wife’s hair is so soft, so cute ah ah ah!’ flattering Qi Zijun.

[4] so the word here is 壁咚 which translates to kabedon which is that move or situation that people pull as in putting a hand slamming it next to them on the wall and trapping them. I’m bad at descriptions so here’s a picture. You can search it up yourselfs too.

 You can search it up yourselfs too

“That… look at me.” Fang Jidian used a  husky voice to speak, it sounds very sexy. “Ah..ah? Oh!” Qi Zijun’s eyes  widen. “Baby, youneed to..ventilate oh~”

“! You bastard!..shameless! Oh!” Blocking the kiss again.

Fang Jidian bowed and kissed Qi Zijun.  Constantly released to let Qi Zijun breathe enough. Seeing that he’s  used to it, Fang Jidian probed extending his tongue out. Qi Zijun was  frightened, quickly pushed him away. Seeing that he couldn’t push him  away, he used his fist to hit his chest. Of course, this standard (of  hits) doesn’t hurt at all. Fang Jidian only let him go when he saw that  he was about to cry. Qi Zijun saw that he let him go, struggled, pushing  him.

“Sh, shameless! Is it fun to bully me. Your  really a brutal Sven scum !” Qi Zijun has the strength to fiercely hit  Fang Jidian’s face. “Ss..Zijun sorry I did not mean to.” Fang Jidian who  wore an brutal Sven scum label doesn’t care that he got slapped,  hurried to coax Qi Zijun. “Come~give me a hug~” Fang Jidian sold  cuteness to seek Qi Zijun’s forgiveness. “You, you don’t come over! I’m  not doing the interview! You, you also don’t touch me, that’s it!” Qi  Zijun was really afraid Fang Jidian was going to get angry.

“Ding—-” the elevator arrived.

Qi Zijun quickly rushed out leaving Fang  Jidian alone. Fang Jidian wronged, touched his face. Although became  cheap he was playing a bit hard. He really used his strength to hit, it  really hurts QAQ all because he was too impatient. Qi Zijun cant really  be too much because he was bullied when he was younger, need to dote on  him (then it’ll work). Why is he scared every time (anyways) unless Qi  Zijun saw him curse people and smash things. Is he really that scary.  Weep.


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